"will you make that yank of a chick shut up!!"

Authors note: sorry about the first chapter was kind of short wasn't it don't worry as I said it will get better trust me.

Ginger couldn't sleep neither could Rocky for that matter. Edeline wouldn't stop crying

but Ginger didn't mind,to her Edeline was a bundle of joy,but to Rocky she was just a pain in the neck that wouldn't seem to shut up. "Make her stop!!" he yelled over the wines and cries of his daughter,"I'm trying!" yelled Ginger shushing her daughter trying to get her to go to sleep,but failed. Just then Fowler came into the hut with a very grumpy look on his face "will someone shut that yank of a chick up!!!" he said, Ginger looked offended "Fowler don't say that it is making her cry even more" she said irritated by everyone that said nasty things about her pride and joy. Then Bunty,Babs and Mac all

came in they looked as grumpy as Fowler "Ginger do you know what time it is?!"asked Bunty as she looked at the little crying chick that laid in Ginger's arms. "she should go on holiday"said Babs "that will shut her up". Ginger looked nervous nearly everyone came inside her hut moaning to shut her baby up and she was running out of options so she decided to ask Mac "Mac what should I do?" Mac replied "have you fed er?","yes"

"changed er?","yes" "made er have a drink?","no","there's your answer then" replied Mac passing her some water. Just then Edeline had stopped crying and took a sip of water then snuggled down and drifted off to sleep. Everyone sighed of relief especially Ginger and Rocky who were quite embarrassed after all of this.

After a while the chickens all went to get some (if any) more sleep before dawn. "The things you do for kids" chuckled Rocky climbing into the nest Ginger chuckled at this comment and looked down at her daughter who was sleeping soundly. "she's adorable" said Ginger "she is certainly cute" said Rocky lying down trying to get some sleep "she has your eyes and my beak" Ginger said not knowing Rocky wasn't listening to what she was saying "go to sleep Ginger" said Rocky. "I know but I'm just admiring our daughter Rocky" exclaimed Ginger "well there is plenty of time to do that Ginger we'll have to put up with her until she's an adult so Just go to sleep". "There will be her first words,her first steps, she will make friends and maybe able to find love and have her own kids and we will be grandparents then and..." GINGER! I'm trying to get some sleep here please!" said Rocky getting a bit annoyed by Ginger's constant talking. "OK IM SORRY GOOD NIGHT ROCKY" she huffed "good night Ginger.

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