A/n: After Cameron admitted in the Teamwork that she loved House, I started to think of when did it actually started? Then I remembered her: "you just couldn't love me" speech and I realized that she was already in love with him at that moment – back in season one. She didn't only like him, she loved him and this is exactly what this story is about.

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You knew that if anybody asked you back then – the day you met him - how was your interview with the famous doctor House you would have told that it was strange. It lasted only ten minutes and although it started quite typically with the usual set of questions asked by one of the two interviewers (dr. Wilson that was how he had introduced himself at the beginning of your short meeting) it soon changed into something, to say at least, unconventional. Boy was it understatement! Doctor House interrupted your carefully prepared answer on why you wanted to work as a part of his team with sexist and rude comment about hot women and the medical schools and how those two never were or should be combined. You shot him a death glare and assured that you actually graduated from one at the top of your class and you did it all by yourself, using your brain only. You were furious at that point so with malicious smile you asked if he thought that his boss Lisa Cuddy (who actually met with you briefly that morning before you were instructed to go to Diagnostics) who was stunning woman also slept her way to her current position! That remark was actually rewarded with a chuckle from dr. Wilson and a satisfied smirk from House. He didn't comment on that in any other way. He just looked at you with those piercing blue eyes of his and told you to be in the office on Monday at eight and to have his coffee ready in the pot. To say that you were surprised would be a major understatement. Well, it was more of a shock. You were just mute sitting there with your mouth agape and eyes wide open. You actually switched back to the reality when you heard dr. House muttering under his breath that maybe that was a mistake. You didn't want him to think that – so you stood up abruptly and said your goodbyes.

This was a beginning of the most surprising adventures of your life. Because truth to be told – working for House was more like an adventure than a job. It was exciting and incredibly fulfilling. Despite long hours, constant belittling, sarcasm and insanity of your boss that you had to deal with on a daily basis, it was worth it. And not only the job, he was worth it.

Yeah, the moment you left that interview you knew exactly that Gregory House was an interesting man – wild, bold and unpredictable – just the way you liked. He was a challenge you were willing to take. Later you realized that under this hard exterior he was a very fragile man, trying to protect himself, keeping everyone at distance, never letting to show his true thoughts, feelings, always hiding. Gregory House was a mystery. He became a puzzle that you were just compelled to solve.

So you tried. And it was infuriating because he did everything to make it more difficult. One step forward, two steps back – that was your personal dance. You were getting more and more tired of it.

Meanwhile you realized that he was as determined to solve you, as you were willing to solve him. Day by day it started to look more like a competition, a race without real rewards at the end. And right then it became obvious to you that this was not just a game for you anymore - at least not for you. You started to genuinely like him and you hoped despite everything that he might like you as well. It was during this amazing night at the Monster Truck Rally when you realized for the first time. After that outing you actually strongly believed that the two of you could be an item. God he was just perfect that night – relaxed, funny even charming and sexy – damn, he was so sexy. If he only implied as much that he would come in upstairs after dropping you off next to your building, you knew that this Friday night would have finished with a breakfast on Saturday morning. But he didn't. And you went to your bed frustrated and fall asleep knowing exactly what your dreams were going to be about.

No matter how much you wanted this thing between you and him to continue, it didn't go any further. There were still those longing looks and late night talks but nothing more. You were tired of this yearning you felt – craving his touches, his kisses and never getting any fulfillment.

When he told you straight and flat he didn't like you tried to reason with yourself, you tried to forget your desires and move on. But you couldn't. He was a drug that you were addicted to. No matter how much you wanted to forget him – you just simply couldn't change what you felt.

Right then, this whole mess with Vogler blow off in your faces and it actually gave you a chance to escape. Because that was exactly what your resignation was about. You couldn't have him, so leaving appeared to be a reasonable solution.

You cried but at the same time you knew that it was going to be OK, that the pain would finally be more bearable. When you finally accepted that this was it and regain some of your inner balance, he came to take you back. But you couldn't do it, you just couldn't come back to working for him when you knew that he wasn't even willing to give you two a chance. But he surprised you accepting your one and only condition. He agreed to take you to a dinner date. God, you were weak! You shouldn't have accept his offer even then. Maybe if you didn't you wouldn't be in this mess right now.

The date was a total disaster. You should have known it would be. After all, this guy had major issues with accepting anything that was forced on him. And no matter how much you didn't want to admit it in front of yourself – you kind of blackmail him into it. Of course he always could have said no. Despite his ranting, hiring a brand new immunologist shouldn't be this difficult. It could even be fun. Well, OK maybe not for him, for him it would be far from fun, but still – it was always an option. So if he decided to decline this possibility and got you instead – it was more than fair that you used it as a chance to get what you wanted. This was a win - win situation. Unfortunately he didn't see this that way. For him a motto for that night was slightly different: "you can't always get what you want". And he made sure that you wouldn't. When you asked him about his feelings he did what he always did in uncomfortable situations. He reversed the question and told you all that crap about how you were going out with him only because you needed another charity case. It wasn't true – you knew it, probably deep down – even he knew it. But that way it was safer for him – after all you couldn't get hurt when you didn't open yourself to someone in the first place, right? That evening he tried to make sure that would stop ponder if there were any possibility of a relationship between you two. After his little tirade you were speechless. You should have said something, you should have contradicted his word somehow. But you didn't. Later, back in your apartment, after one too many drink you realized something. He couldn't change the way you felt, actually nothing could, not even that disastrous date and his cruel words. Because, somewhere between sobs you understood one thing. You didn't like him anymore, you actually didn't like him from quite some time. What you felt was love and nothing could change that.

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