Epilogue: Restoration


200 years later


"Farore! How did you get up there..." He paused. "I don't want to guess. Come down - no. I'll get you."
"You know that's not going to work."
"Yeah, but, Oni..."
"Putting about five I's in my name is not going to convince me otherwise. Wait there."

A group of the Lynna townsfolk watched the newcomers from a distance. None of them could believe that the strange young man who had arrived two weeks ago was all he claimed to be, or just what he claimed to be. Sometimes, he could seem to be nothing but a caring guardian to the three children known to be his younger sisters - although the family resemblance was only slight, nothing but their Hylian ears in a community where few had them. But others... Most people in the small city had their suspicions. How could somebody like that be just a big brother? A warrior who had arrived in full armour, with glowing eyes and a strangely marked face, carrying weapons that some of them didn't recognise...
It was impossible to reconcile that image with that of the figure they were watching trying to rescue his little sister from a precarious cliff face, where city met mountains in the north.
They weren't expecting his next move. As they watched, he seemed to flicker out of existence, and reappear behind the youngster. "Let's go home, Farrie," he remarked.
"Okay," she replied, holding onto his hand, before the pair vanished.


They walked along the lightly wooded path towards the home they had only recently made. For their first days in Labrynna, the three sisters had been looked after by an elderly lady while they waited for their brother to find them somewhere more permanent. Now, though, this place to the northeast of the town suited their needs. "You know you're not supposed to use your powers where everyone can see, Farore. I don't want them asking questions."
"They do anyway. And you did, just then..."
"It was that or leave you in danger..." For a moment, he was silent.
"What's up?"
"Sorry. I'm just thinking."

He had a lot to think about. Two hundred years had done little to diminish his feelings towards Din, Farore and Nayru - and had done just as little to dim his memories of his first love. Not since the day he had left Alena in Termina had he referred to himself by the name she had, the name of the Hero of Time she had come to love. Somehow, it seemed only respectful, or only appropriate.
As far as Oni'kara was concerned, Link was long dead. Occasionally, the Sheikah phrase for Fierce Deity had turned up in his travels, but the words 'Link-Aderan' were a title and not a name. He had still yet to determine whether it was more than sheer coincidence - and as any of his mortal family had long since died, there was no chance he would ever do so.

Not that it mattered. He had more to worry about with his immortal relatives. It had been a sudden transition from the wanderer and warrior he was by nature, to what he had to be now. His memory had never betrayed him - and seeing the smiling faces of his sisters for the first time in two centuries had reminded him of the task ahead. Around three quarters of their combined powers still remained with him - too great a burden to bear much longer, and too great a risk.

"I did it right though, didn't I?" Farore interrupted his thoughts.
"Huh? Sorry. I was - in another world. What did you do right?"
"The warp. I got it..."
"Yes. You did. Just - not in the middle of town next time..." Farore's Wind. A good sign. Even if she had no memory of the name.


Inside, two children talked, as if afraid to be overheard.
"My mother's gonna kill me if she finds out I'm here talking to you, Nayru..."
"Don't be silly, Ralph!"
"It's not you. It's... uh... it's your big brother. He's..."
"Scary?" Ralph nodded assent. "I know he looks it. But he's got a good heart."
"It's just those eyes of his, he - creeps me out - whenever he looks at me... "
"I'm sure. But it's okay. " Even though they had only known each other a short time, they had already become firm friends. Nayru felt she could trust him. "It's 'cause we've all got these special powers, he says, in our family... he's trying to teach us, but I can't get the hang of it yet. I don't know that I really oughta be telling you..."

"No. You shouldn't." They span round. His jaw dropped. Even dressed almost casually, without his usual armour - but still carrying a weapon as always - it was still hard not to pick up a feeling of threat from where Oni stood in the doorway. Farore was there too, giving him an almost apologetic look. "But I don't blame you. Come here... Ralph, was it?" He nodded, and a little uncertainly, walked over. "You've been told a great secret here. I need your promise. You're not going to tell anyone else what Nayru said to you." It was a statement, not a request. He knew the boy would not disagree.
"Y-yes, sir. I'll keep it secret. You can count on me." He paused. "She's my friend. I'll do anything for her."
"It's too soon to say things like that," was the reply. But even then, he could sense something in Ralph's mind. A slight taint of what he could call destiny. Somehow, he was going to be important - but not on his own.
Oni allowed himself a rare smile. "If I'm not here, you watch out for her, right? I'll be checking..."
"I'll... I'll do that," Ralph stammered, swallowing, before making as fast an exit as he could.

"What do you mean? You're gonna be here for us, aren't you?" a shocked Nayru asked.
Her brother sighed. "I can only try. But some day - I'm going to have to leave you. Not soon. It'll be years, if I can help it, before I do." He paused. "But before that day, I'll do all I can for you."


10 years later


Princess Zelda watched from the tower, and smiled. At last. Peace. She had no need to worry for her safety, or that of the people around her. Hyrule, Holodrum, Labrynna - all could relax.
Suddenly, something caught her eye, sparkling in the night sky. What was that? A shooting star? A brilliant silver streak flared overhead and flashed away into the distance. Whatever it was, it must have been a good sign. Quietly, she made a wish. Not for herself.
I wish... Link... I hope he'll be safe, wherever he's gone off to...
The Oracles, too...


Unseen, the silver flare shot down towards Holodrum's shoreline. A closer spectator than the princess might have seen the human figure at its heart. But in the light that cloaked him, no-one could have seen his expression.
Anger. At himself.
I let them down! How could I... I watched them so long, but...
But they're safe now.
That's a strange coincidence, though. The one the Golden Power chose as their protector. I wonder - was ...he, my descendant? (I should say the Hero's? ...and Alena's?) I guess it's only appropriate...

Oni touched down silently, and took a deep breath. Normally, he hated flying like that. He'd only learned the trick recently, and didn't care to use it more than he had to. It drained his power quickly - and besides, there was no chance to see the scenery.
Still, it was the fastest way to get back here. Where the three he cared for the most were waiting.
But, for all he had cared - they had never known the truth. Not about him - or themselves.

He looked around the sandy beach. If he remembered rightly - and his memory had never let him down yet - Horon Town was just to his northeast. They'd be waiting there, he guessed. Farore would, at the very least. Probably the others, too, after what had happened recently.
For once, the Guardian of Time felt he had none to waste. He broke into a run.


"What... who's that, at this time of night?" the Oracle of Secrets mumbled, hearing a loud knock at the door. "Whoever you are, you'd better have a good reason..." She'd hardly had a chance to rest recently. Her special powers had been almost overused. The telekinetic abilities and perfect memory that she had been granted were currently giving her a headache. She'd never quite told the hero she'd been helping the full scale of her abilities - and neither had she told him her relationship to the others. As far as the young Link had been concerned, there was no tie of blood between the Oracles - and he could never have guessed from their appearances. Farore had never been sure whether that was a good or a bad thing.
The knock came again. "Okay... I'm coming..." She didn't have the time to fix her hair into its traditional style, pausing only to tie it back out of her face. "You'd better..."
She opened the door - and stopped short in surprise.
"What're you doing here? I haven't seen you in ages!" she laughed.
One of the few who could laugh on seeing Oni'kara on their doorstep.

He almost returned the laugh. "Seems like only yesterday to me," he remarked truthfully.
Farore's mood changed slightly. "Where have you been..." she asked. "I thought you said..."
"I'd be there for you. I know." He paused. "I know what happened here. It was all my fault. I left you alone, when I knew that those two witches were around..."
"You knew about Twinrova? And you never said?"
"I knew they were dangerous - but I had no idea they would do what they did to you! Our kind of power is a dangerous gift. They've tried to use me, too. I'd have been there if I could, if there was any way at all... I didn't realise until it was too late."
"Thought for you and Nayru, time was just another direction."
He almost visibly flinched, but not quite. "When something's going to happen, it's going to happen. I can't change that..." He sighed. "It seems we've got a lot to talk about. How about we go over to Eyeglass Lake, and talk there? It'll be quiet. And the things I've got to say are ones I don't want overhearing."
"The lake? This time of night?"
"You don't have to play all quiet and innocent on me. I know your teleport tricks. Remember when you were little, I had to get you down from that cliff when you'd gotten up there by accident..."
She laughed. "Fine. Lake it is. Do you want a word with the others, too? They're still asleep, I think."
"...Afterwards. They've had a hard time. Best let them recover a little." Before I drop this on them.
"Fine, then."


They looked out over the lakeside, talking about the 'old days'. For six years, the Guardian of Time had been a guardian to three young children. He'd kept his promise to them, slowly restoring and training them in their power. In some ways, the life the young Oracles had lived was a more normal one than Link had ever had. Although Nayru had remained in Labrynna, where their home had been, the other two had eventually moved away to Holodrum. At that time, he'd left them, too. They could look after themselves, surely, he'd thought - even if Twinrova had proved that assumption wrong.
Then again, they'd had a second protector. Although the Triforce of Destiny had taken the form of a weapon, its sister pieces had protected their creators in just the same way.

Eventually, the conversation faded away, as his main concern pressed on his mind. "I didn't just visit to say 'hi', Farrie," he murmured almost inaudibly. "I've... I've got something to tell you. I've been keeping this secret so long... Two hundred years, I've been waiting..."
"What do you mean, 'two hundred years'? You're about, I thought about thirty - you never said..." she asked, confused.
"That's what I mean. I don't know that you're going to thank me for telling you the truth, but it's got to come out... you've got to know." His voice turned serious.
"Did you ever really stop to think what your name means?"
"Not really. I mean, of course I know who I'm named after, but... I always just thought our parents must have had a thing about legends."

There was a deep pause. "It's not that simple. Courage, power, wisdom and destiny... it wasn't that we were named for them. They are what we are. Farore - you are the goddess of courage. You always were."
She looked at him in shock. "What? You're... you're telling me, I'm..."
"I'm telling you the truth."
Farore fell silent. "I... that's impossible. You're having some sort of a joke with me, Oni."
"I've never been more serious in my life! Would I lie to you? I knew it would be hard for you to believe... but I can't change the facts of the matter..."
Their eyes met. She had always wondered about her big brother's strange appearance and powers - not that it had mattered to any of them. In a family with magical skill of their sort, the last thing on their minds was the matter of what someone's eyes looked like. But what he was telling her now was the most incredible thing she had ever heard.


You'd call me Oni'kara.
My friends called me Link - a long time ago.
But anyone else...
They know me as the Fierce Deity.

Strange, isn't it? I can see it in your eyes. In your mind. But it's the truth. You knew all the legends. All the tales I told you, from your earliest memories - the four creators, the conflicts, battles and exiles - they're all true. As far as they go.
But, at the end, during that final battle... I didn't tell you what came next.
Losing their power didn't mean losing their life. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here talking to you.
Reincarnation, rebirth - it's an immortal's curse. Destruction does not mean oblivion. For me, once, it meant a rebirth into a mortal child's body, leaving me to live my life in these physical worlds. (The plural is deliberate...) But for you, the spirit realm awaits. That's what the name 'oracle' means. Someone connected to the gods. And you don't get any more of a connection than this. That for all you've been living as human as long as you can remember, you never were


"And it's time for you to become what you were once again. For all you've forgotten it, you once had to tell me the exact same thing.
"Trust me. Farore, Goddess of Courage... it's your time. I guess this is just - just another link in the chain of fate..."

He grasped her hands gently.
The world exploded in silver and green around them.

You're going home.



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