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It was cold and gray in the square of Grimmauld Place that summer night. One little girl in number thirteen could swear she heard a small crash beyond her wall. But there was no way, she had the outermost bedroom. On the other side of her wall was number eleven. They never made any noise. She shrugged and returned to her book.

Unknown to the little muggle girl there had indeed been a crash but not in number eleven. "FRED AND GEORGE WEASLEY YOU CANNOT THROW THINGS OVER THE BANISTER! YOU ONLY BARELY MISSED YOUR SISTER! WHAT WOULD WE DO HAD IT HIT HER!" The screams of Mrs. Weasley reverberated through the halls of twelve Grimmauld Place.

Fred winced at his mother voice as she went on. Soon joined by the sounds of, "MUDBLOODS AND FILTH DIRTYING THE HOUSE OF MY FATHERS!" from the portrait of Mrs. Black.

"Think she's almost done?" George asked his brother quietly over the sound of his mum.

"Give another two minutes." Fred said.

"Really? I was thinking three." George said thoughtfully.

"Bet you a sickle it's two." Fred said.

"Done." George agreed.

Three minutes later Mrs. Weasley red in the face, dismissed her boys to their room.

"Dang. Here's your sickle." Fred sighed.

George grinned and accepted the coin. "Never doubt me brother."

"I'll be sure to remember that." Fred said sarcastically as he flopped onto his bed. "So what should we do now that mum's done yelling?"

"We could work on the fever fudge." George suggested.

Fred rolled his eyes. "Oh please. You know we are no nearer to getting that right then dad is to becoming minister."

"If only we had someone who could tell us what to do for pranks." George said, "I've been out of ideas for ages."

"Me too." Fred sighed. "I bet the Marauders never had these problems."

"I wouldn't know because I still don't know who they are because the teachers are meanies."

"That they are. But you know the order is comprised of a lot of adults." Fred said suggestively.

"And one of them may just know about the marauders…" George said starting to grin catching his brothers brainwave.

"We should ask around! None of them have reason to not tell us! What do they care whether we pull a prank or two?" Fred said excitedly.

"Let's do it." George said and the two of them sped down the stairs to see who was in the kitchen.

The boys skidded into the nearly empty kitchen with merely one inhabitant, Nymphadora Tonks. She was currently at the table, it looked like she wanted to burn a hole in the parchment she was using, her glare was so intense. Her quill was between her teeth and she was thinking intensely.

"Hiya!" Fred said sliding into the seat next to her.

Tonks jumped a mile and spilled her ink. "Oh my gosh! You scared me!" She exclaimed siphoning off the spilled ink from her parchment. "Do you want something?"

"Actually, yes." George said sliding in on her other side. "We were wondering if you had ever heard of a group called the Marauders?"

"Marauders?" Tonks said creasing her brow, "it rings a bell."

"What sort of bell?" Fred urged her.

"I heard that name a couple of times when I was little, from my mum I think. Don't remember why though." She said still thinking.

"Nothing?" George said disappointed.

"No sorry. Why do you ask?" She asked suddenly.

"Oh well in first year we found this-" Fred began but was cut off by a shout.

"PADFOOT! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?" echoed from above. Suddenly a certain mass murderer by the name of Sirius Black jumped into the room and hid behind Tonks.

"Sorry but Moony won't hurt a girl." Sirius said as he used her as a sort of shield.

"PADFOOT! Why are all my books completely blank except for the words, 'entertain Sirius?" Remus asked threateningly as he stormed into the kitchen.

"Good question. I really wouldn't know." Sirius said still hiding behind his cousin.

"You know perfectly well and I want you to change them back. NOW!"

"Keep your pants on." Sirius sighed and pulled out his wand. He stood a little straighter and his head was visible from behind Tonks. He muttered a quick spell. "You've always been such a funsucker Remmy. Don't you think he's sucking my fun?" Sirius asked turning to the twins.

The twins however were simply staring open mouthed at the two men.

"Can I help you?" Remus asked a little uncomfortable in the staring.

"You- you called him Padfoot." George ogled stuttering a bit.

"And then he called you mo- Moony." Fred added still staring.

"Yeah they were nicknames we had in school." Sirius said looking oddly at the gaping twins.

"But those are the name of the Marauders." Fred whispered barely daring to believe they were in the presence of some of the greatest pranksters ever.

"How do you know of the marauders?" Remus asked raising his eyebrows.

"In first year we stole a map they made from Filch." Fred answered.

"Oh well at least it wasn't confiscated for nothing." Sirius shrugged.

"So you two really are Marauders?" George asked in awe.

"At your service!" Sirius said with a grin.

"Wow." Both twin sighed together.

"That's amazing. How did you do all that stuff when you were younger?"

"Why does Snape hate you?'

"Why does McGonagall flinch when she hears about you?"

"Who are the other Marauders?"

"How did you get so many detentions?"

"What was your favorite prank?"

"How did-"

"Whoa stop!" Remus said cutting off one of the twins. Until then they had been ping-ponging questions between themselves and it was nearly impossible to see who was talking. "One question at a time!'

"Who are Wormtail and Prongs?" Fred asked quickly.

"Wormtail was Peter Pettigrew. But not anymore." Sirius said darkly.

"Why not?" George asked.

"He betrayed Prongs." Remus said quietly.

"So then Prongs was…" Fred trailed off.

"Yeah. James was Prongs." Sirius nodded answering the unspoken question.

"We've got to tell Harry!" George exclaimed jumping up.

"Oh he knows already. We told him Ron and Hermione in their third year." Remus said casually.

"WHAT!" The twins exclaimed.

"He's known for two years and didn't tell us?" George fumed.

"And we gave him the map!" Fred cried outraged.

"I wondered where he'd gotten it." Remus muttered.

"Hey guys!" Harry said brightly as he walked into the kitchen. He quailed under the look the twins gave him. "Did I do something?"

"Why didn't you tell us who the Marauders are!" Fred and George yelled in unison.

"I thought Ron did! He said he was going to!" Harry said frightened by the glares that were scorching into him.

"Well you could have made sure we found out!" George said less angrily.

"Sorry." Harry said relived that they were less angry.

"Harry did you see where my…" Ron asked poking his head in and trailing off when he saw his brothers murderous glares.

"If I were you Ron I'd run." Harry said quickly. Ron didn't hesitate he hightailed it out of there.

"We'll talk to you later," Fred said to Remus and Sirius. "RONNIEKINS GET BACK HERE!" He yelled and he and George raced from the room.

"That was interesting." Tonks said as she heard a crash from above. "I knew I had heard of the Marauders."

"Obviously Andy told you about me." Sirius shrugged.

"Well I'm glad I'm not Ron." Remus said sitting down. As they heard, "No guys don't! GET That AWAY FROM ME!" from above.

"So you have the map?" Sirius asked turning to Harry.

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