Author's scribbles:

Hey everyone, just wanted to say thank you so much for the awesome reviews as well as the constructive criticism. I truly appreciate all responses I've gotten from this story.

Upon re-reading it, I realize that yes it did have quite an abrupt end. I will write the vengeance part of the story, but as a new story as this one is already well over 30,000 words. This will be posted within the next week. I feel it's necessary to as I left a lot up in the air. With writing finals and papers, I suppose I just threw in the towel at the end which I now realize wasn't the best idea.

In one of the reviews I was told there were too many sex scenes. I would agree and apologize for that. Because I usually write one chapter every few days or so, I often forget what I've written, or don't realize that it's too much until the very end. I apologize for the over-use of sexuality. I do enjoy a good sex scene, don't get me wrong, but understand it can become redundant.

As for my grammatical skills – to be honest, because it's not a paper for school or anything, it's really not something I care too much on, hence why I rarely edit what I write. If it becomes difficult to understand or read, please let me know and I will definitely start editing more thoroughly!

The length- ok, so I'm long winded apparently, lol. I just don't like writing short pieces, usually. If I have a story in my head, I need to expand on it. I'm not into stories with lack of description or dialogue. So, if it's too long for you…well, don't read it, lol.

Thanks again everyone for reading. More Kahlan and Richard will be coming up. Keep up with the reviews and criticism as I do truly appreciate it. If nothing else, it'll make me a stronger writer. Thanks to all!