A/N Hey - this chapter is more of a short introduction to see if this takes. I haven't written Disney fanfiction in awhile and I saw Aaron Stone for the first time...well, this plot just JUMPED at me. Let me know what you think, please!

"Mmph." Jason let out a groan as he hit the mattress with a soft thud. He struggled, kicking his legs outwards, trying to catch one of his attackers and, if he was lucky, break the tape binding his ankles together. The thick cloth tied over the boy's eyes made his struggle even more difficult as he flailed about on the bed, unable to do much with his arms, legs or voice.

Jason pulled at his restraints a little harder as he was forced onto his stomach. He let out a strained growl as someone pushed on his upper back, holding him down while another man grabbed hold of his kicking legs, attempting to keep him still while a third man cut the tape from the boy's wrists. The second he felt the tape slice apart, Jason tried to yank his arms free, knowing that if he could have the use of just one hand, he might be able to make some progress.

His endeavor was futile, however, as a different man grabbed onto each of his wrists, dragging him into an upright sitting position on the bed while the third man continued to hold his legs steady. Jason's back was pushed up against the barred metal headboard of the double bed and the men holding his right arm pressed his wrist against one of the iron bars, securing it there with a plastic zip-tie. The man on his left side soon did the same and Jason felt his panic increase.

The men, satisfied with their restraints, let go of the boy, confidant that his arms were far enough apart that he would not be able to get his head close enough to either hand so as to remove the gag or blindfold. The third man snapped a steel cuff over Jason's left ankle, snapping the other cuff around the bed's footboard, greatly restricting his ability to kick.

Instantly, the teen began to tug at the ties on his wrists, but the plastic was sturdy and did nothing more than dig painfully into his sink as he pulled and pulled, trying frantically to get free. He moved his entire body as much as he could, trying to find a way out of his situation as fear gripped at him, cancelling out all rationality in Jason's mind.

"GGGGAARRMPH!" He cried, trying to push the thick red ball from his mouth. His tongue pressed against the slick rubber, but the ball didn't budge, the leather strapped behind his head was cinched way too tightly for Jason to succeed. So far, Jason's struggle had gotten him nothing more than a large tear in the right knee of his baggy jeans and the loss of two buttons on his short sleeved green button-down.

"Quit your screaming." Seconds after the harsh command was verbalized, it was backed up with a sharp slap to Jason's right cheek. "It's annoying." The man reached out and ripped the blindfold from Jason's eyes, letting the black fabric fall to rest around his neck. As Jason blinked several times, the man grabbed his chin, forcing Jason to look at him. "You don't want to piss me off," he growled. "Not if you want to live. Do you understand?"

Jason nodded, tears of pain, fear and confusion stinging at his eyes as the man squeezed the boy's chin. The man let go, pushing Jason's head to the side, and the boy uttered a whimper of pain as he looked down, trying to remain quiet as he ceased his struggle. He was beginning to realize that the fight was useless, but now, just sitting there, he felt completely and utterly helpless.