Serena called them in the morning to invite them down the breakfast. Alex had called the concierge earlier and sent them to a store down the street to get them extra clothes.

Alex walked up behind Olivia who was looking at herself in the mirror. "You look hot."

Olivia glanced down at her jeans and black v-neck, "I'm in jeans and a tee-shirt."

"I know," Alex kissed her. When she pulled away, she ran her fingers through Olivia's hair, "C'mon let's go eat."

Olivia watched Alex walk to the front door in jeans and long sleeved blue shirt. She had to admit there was something innately sexy when Alex wasn't dressed in her usual wardrobe.

Serena and Abbie were already at the table when they got downstairs.

"How was your night?" Alex asked as they sat down.

Abbie grinned, "Fantastic."

"Did you two have fun?" Serena asked.

Alex looked at Olivia who looked back and then nodded. "We did."

"How did your parents get along?" Alex asked.

Serena picked up her mimosa and took a sip before answering, "We'll find out in about half an hour when they meet us down here for breakfast."

"We wanted you two to come down here and relax with us before we both have panic attacks and jump out the window," Abbie answered, sliding her arm around Serena's waist.

Serena leaned into Abbie and rested her head on Abbie's shoulder.

"I'm sure it'll be okay," Alex offered.

Serena signaled the waiter for another round of mimosas for the table. "I hope so."

"Is there a problem?" Olivia asked, "Between your families?"

"No," Abbie shook her head, "They actually got along really well last night."

Serena sighed, "It's just that my family has it stuck in their stuck up brains that we need some kind of nuptial agreement."

Alex stared at the table for a moment before looking at Serena, "Is anyone else in your family an attorney?"

Serena shook her head, "They're all CEOs and business people."

"Then you could fake it," Alex shrugged, "Fill the contract so full of legalese it takes ten law professors six days to decide it means absolutely nothing."

"That's not the point," Serena shook her head, "The point is that they don't trust me enough to make my own decisions and they won't accept the woman I'm in love with until she signs a piece of paper."

"It might be worth it. Just for now," Abbie offered quietly to Serena.

Serena bit her lip, "I don't like lying to them." She paused and held Abbie's eyes, "And they'd think it was real, meaning that I don't trust you."

Alex's heart went out to the couple. She took Olivia's hand under the table and took a deep breath. Olivia gently squeezed her hand and offered a reassuring smile.

Serena leaned into Abbie, "If it would be easier for you and you want to then I'll go to the business center and type it up right now."

Abbie could tell that Serena didn't want to do it. She thought it over. It would be easier just to fake it, but she didn't want to do something Serena thought was a bad idea. "Baby, it's really up to you. They're your family."

"I don't want to do it," Serena sat up straight to look at Abbie, "I want them to know I'm not just playing around. I want you to know I'm not playing around."

Abbie smiled and kissed Serena briefly, "I know you're not playing around. You've proven that to me."

Serena finally let out a small smile, "I'm glad you think so because I love you."

"I love you too, "Abbie kissed Serena again.

"So, we're going to face them head on without a legal document?" Serena asked.

Abbie nodded, "I'll be right hereā€¦behind you."

Serena laughed and turned back to Alex and Olivia, "Thanks for the idea, but we're going to head into this battle without fake legal protection."

Alex smiled, "Good for you."

Abbie's parents arrived first, both dressed as well as they were the night before. "How are you girls?"

"Great," Abbie grinned and hugged her father. Then Mr. Carmichael hugged Serena.

They sat on opposite sides of the long rectangular table next to Abbie and Alex.

The conversation flowed easily, but Serena kept glancing at the door, waiting for her mother and brother to arrive. When Abbie noticed, she'd subtly try to comfort her with a kiss to the cheek or a hand on her back.

"So," Mrs. Carmichael looked at Alex and Olivia, "What about you two? Tying the knot anytime soon?"

Olivia looked to Alex who let out an easy smile, "We haven't discussed it. Right now, we're having a good time." She glanced at Olivia and her smile grew, "But when the time comes, we'll know it."

The detective grinned and took Alex's hand.

When Serena's family arrived more conversations spawned at the table. Everyone found someone to talk to in their own section of the table.

Serena was relieved when neither her mother nor brother brought up any kind of legal contract of any kind. Breakfast was served and Mr. Carmichael insisted on paying for it.

"How much longer are you going to be in town?" Alex asked the Carmichaels as the group walked back to the elevators together.

"A couple days," Mrs. Carmichael answered, "We're going to see a few shows while we're here."

"Well," Alex smiled, "If you get tired of this hotel, my guestroom is open."

Mrs. Carmichael smiled, "You're so sweet. We'll let you know if we decide to come see you, but we'll definitely have to have lunch sometime this week."

"I'd love to," Alex replied.

As they rode up in the elevator, everyone got off except Abbie, Serena, Alex, and Olivia because their rooms were higher up.

"Thank you two so much for coming," Abbie hugged both of them.

Serena nodded, "You're the best."

"It was no problem," Olivia assured them, "If you need anything else just let us know."

Alex agreed and held the door open for Olivia when the elevator got to their floor.

"How long do we have this room?" Olivia asked when they got inside.

"Until Monday at eleven," Alex kicked off her shoes, "I was scared I'd have a hangover and sleep past checkout."

Olivia grinned and turned Alex around so they were facing each other, "I keep waiting to meet someone in the world that you're can't completely charm, but I haven't met anyone yet."

Alex rested her arms on Olivia's shoulders, "Well, I try."

"I doubt that," Olivia tilted her head toward Alex's, "I think it's natural."

The blonde closed the gap between them, drawing out a sensual kiss, "Maybe." She turned them around and backed Olivia up to the bed. With one last push, they tumbled onto the bed and out of their clothes.