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This is my Second Naruto story, now this doesn't mean i am leaving my other story.

I am just writing this along side it. Anyway Next Chapter of Mizu Chronicles will be out soonish, Just recorrecting the other chapters a bit and doing some overall editing to the story of it while i am doing that i will be updating this story as much as i can. Yes this story and the general idea grew on me after watching the Kakashi Gaiden :) dam good episodes.


Chapter 1 ~ Uchiha Obito & Uzumaki Naruto

it was the 10th October and to one individual it should of been a day for happiness but that was a unreachable dream for him, you see on this day the kyuubi attack the village of konoha 5 years ago and the Yondaime hokage of konoha fought with all his might and defeated the demon but to many in the village believe that the child born on that very same night was the reincarnation of the demon and that is how we meet our young hero running for his life.

"Why, what did i ever do to you ?" asked the scared little boy named Naruto, Thats right this young boy is Uzumaki Naruto the kyuubi jinchuuriki.

The mob walked closer to the young boy , lauhging at his crying face one of the mob answered the boys question with vengeance in his voice "What did you do? Ha that's classic coming from you Demon, YOU KILLED OUR YONDAIME AND TOOK FAMILYS FROM US THATS WHAT!!!"

Grabbing stones and other objects around them they started throwing them at him, gettign up and running as fast as his feet would take him naruto ran to a place he knew the civilians would leave him alone, yes where that weird tone was.

Upon reaching the stone he sat down in front of it and just burst in to tears, unsure why he was hated and called demon, it wasn't long till exhastion took young naruto from the world and he curled up into a ball in front of the tone hoping tomorrow will be better.

But for out hero , this night he will have a chance meeting where his future will change forever, for one spirit, saw the entire thing and his paitents had finally reached its limits, how could they hurt the young child barely even 5 years old and he was been beaten for it.

"Hey little guy, what are you doing sleeping out here? don't you have any parents?" asked the spirit, Startling naruto who shot up straight looking directly at the ghostly figure of a young man with red eyes of the uchiha clan.

"please don't hurt me, what ever they said i did i didn't" naruto replied backing up again the stone more hoping he wouldn't be hurt again, Upon seen the young child backing up scared the young uchiha spirit smiled and replied in a caring tone.

"I wont hurt you Naruto, you see i've seen what they been doing, it hurts me to see them do this to my sensei's legacy. Well any how wanna know my name?"the spirit asked with a care free grin across his face reciving a nod the spirit began his introduction.

"Well my names Uchiha Obito, i am the brother to Uchiha Mikoto. Now the reason i look white or invisiblish is couse i am acturally a spirit, hehe you see i died on a mission protecting konoha, you see this stone behind you?" Reciving a nod in the negative Obito continued "well that stone is the Konoha Memorial stone, on this is all the heroes of konoha who gave there lives to protect the village and there loved ones. Did you know the Yondaime Hokage was my Sensei?"

Once again naruto nodded in the negative but this time asked the question bugging him still

"Erm Obito-nii-san, what did i do that makes the village hate me??, Ano i didn't do anything wrong, Also Yondaime defeated the Kyuubi right? so why do people call me Kyuubi?" Now naruto my not be intelligent but that dosen't mean hes dumb either been called demon and kyuubi to your face, always did wonders. Now obito was no genius either and so he did the only thing he could do to settle that question it decided to tell naruto the truth.

"Ok naruto, i'll tell you but im sure Sandaime wouldn't tell you this yet for your own protection but if i tell you, You promise me not to tell a soul and no matter what happens you never use what i tell you till Sandaime tell's you otherwise!" Obito replied awaiting on narutos answer getting a nod for yes obito took in a deep breath and began the tale of the demon fox Kyuubi's attack and the yondaime's sealing of it into young Naruto and the true Heritage to young naruto, after all was said and in the open naruto felt better.

"So then the reason im hated is because i am the container of the furball and because they are blinded by there rage, i became the substitue to it. Not that im bothered by that but at least i now know who my father was." smiling once he finished naruto showed the smile that made even the sandaime proud of the young boy.

Obito trying to think of some way to help Naruto further acidently touched narutos hand when bringing his arm up to think, unknown to Obito and naruto, this started an old and forbidern ritual that fuses two souls togther or in this case made obito a part of naruto but like with the kyuubi he became a wondering extra spirit inside naruto, but unlike the kyuubi he was free to move around and talk with naruto at all times.

Looking around for the now vanished obito, naruto heard a voice in his head calling him, After several seconds naruto fell unconsious and started to change his hair became black with blonde highlights, his kyuubi lines on his cheeks faded slightly he grew slightly, his eyes narrowed and his face overall became slight more angled, Giving an air of importance to the child.

inside the his mind while the changes where happening, naruto was wondering through sewers till he met obito stood a bit further in front of him, also sporting a similar look of confusion like naruto.

"Erm Obito-nii-san, why or were are we?" naruto asked while looking around the sewer like maze.

"We naruto are in your mind, now i don't have clue why this place is like a sewer but normally that dosen't mean its good i think" Obito replied. Naruto for his part was enjoying his time with his new friend so didn't really care his mind was a sewer, Eventurally they came to a stop in front of a huge metal cage with a Seal holding it shut, behind the seal two red slitted eyes opened looking at the two in front of it, it began its lengthy introduction.

"Welcome Nigen, i am the great and almighty Kyuubi no Yoko, i would welcome you properly but im kinda short on space in this blasted cage, aaah i mean lovely cage yeah!" once Kyuubi finished his introduction which caused sweatdrops on naruto and obito , it deicded to answer the questions it they proberly had right now so it could once more sleep for awhile longer.

"Ok , listen up i wanna finish this so i can sleep more, but you two have just commited a real bad tabbo in the spirit laws of kami and yami. Now don't worry they won't harm you cause you two passed a test the moment you connected but there are certain things that will now happen from this moment on, First and formost, Naruto you young kit will gain the uchiha Kekkai Genkai the Sharingan, Second your body will go through changes not to big but they will show more when you are a teenager of 13 years of age, Now finally you will begin to learn and remember things that you did or never even heard of these will be the memories and feelings Obito had at one time, you will also recive flashbacks or relive times of obito's life but they will be just dreams so never be scared nothing that happens in them will happen to you, remenber kit you have me protecting you , after all i don't want my vessal hurt." Kyuubi finished before smiling and sending them out back into the world of the living once more.

slowly naruto opened his opens, blinking he noticed the white roof and the beeping of a monitoring machine used by the nurses at the hospital, then it clicked naruto was in the hospital but how he was sure he collapsed at the memorial stone.

"Ah!, i see you have awoken Uzumaki-san, just wait a moment while i remove the equipment and then i'll call the hokage for you ok?" A Nurse spoke with a motherly tone, giving a nod naruto watched as the nurse removed the machinery and then left to call the Hokage in.

it wasn't long till the hokage walked in and saw the change that happened to young naruto, Upon seen Sarutobi Hiruzen the sandaime hokage walk in naruto did the only thing he ever does when he see's his grandfarther figure, that is charge the poor old man in to a super hug.

"Sarutobi-jiji!" Naruto shouted while tackling sarutobi to the floor, Chuckling at seeing naruto's change was only psychial and his mental state was fine he smiled and spoke to naruto

" Good to see you naruto, i heard you were attacked and was worried, are you ok naruto?" again naruto nodded to Hiruzen"Thats good, now naruto can you tell me what happened to you, as i can see you changed alot, and well its quite a shock i must say" Hiruzen then waited as naruto stood and let the sandaime up crawling back into his medical bed, he looked to Hiruzen and began.

"Well Sarutobi-jiji, i was attacked again by the mod this time they kept calling me demon and "Kyuubi" "at this Hiruzen winced" but i didn't care and ran as fast as i could i made it to that Memorial stone for the heroes of konoha, i sat there till i fell asleep, but i was awoken by a really cool nii-san, his name was Uchiha Obito and he said he was a spirit who died in the Last war, he told me all about himself and his sensei was Yondaime!!"

at this point Hiruzen was getting paler if this was true then could they have done the forbidern ritual and bonded togther he hoped not

"then while we were talking he told be about what he saw and how it annoyed him that they blantently ignored his Sensei's wish for me" again Hiruzen winced this wasn't looking good" i then asked him a question of why people called me demon and "kyuubi" and he answered it with the truth, he told me i was the container that holds furball at bay and protects konoha."

Hiruzen winced again this was definatly not his day " Then he told me why i was chosen and that my father had no other option and had he still had another option he still would of done what he did as he couldn't sacrafice just any child and he wouldn't do to them what he wouldn't do himself. He was amazing ne Sarutobi-Jiji, i bet it was painful to meet me for that one day and then have to do that it must of been hell for him." Giving a Bright smile to show Hiruzen he was ok with it and reassure his jiji that everything was fine, Hiruzen for his part was please the boy was so well mannered and how he was thinking about how his father must of felt at this more than himself.

"Once he was done explaining to me, he lifted his arm and i think he touched my arm by mistake and next thing we know we are in my mindscape which is a sewer by the way "Hiruzen sweatdrops at this " then we started talking about things and walking around till we made ti to the cage that holds the furball at bay and he explained what was happening along with his slight idiotic introduction i must add, i mean why to go furball introduce ya self and then blame ya cage is to small baka fox" once more Hiruzen sweatdropped here was naruto a 5 year old dissing the strongest of bijuu's and just laughing it off as a childs joke.

"So naruto do you know what it was you both did by mistake?" Hiruzen asked clearly hoping he was wrong in this.

"Yeah we initiated a test that would clearifiy if we were allowed to undergo a ritual that bonds our souls togther of sorts and apparently we passed though it was a great risk and we didn't even know till furball explained what it did and what i gained" Naruto answered before scratching his head sheepishly.

Chuckling Hiruzen looked at naruto and decided it would be best to let him go home to rest

"Ok naruto, you can go home but i want you to keep every thing a secret which you told me and i promise i wont let anyone know about your little accident with Obito's spirit ok?" Hiruzen replied smiling at the boy as he nodded and jumped to his feet and dashed out of his room to get home for some ramen.