Chapter 6 : Training & The Invasion Thickens

Naruto had awoke early that day heading towards the tower to continue his talk with the sandaime, Sarutobi Hiruzen or Jiji to naruto , looking up naruto saw the hokage monument and the faces of the previous hokages, smiling naruto walked into the tower where he met the receptionist.

"Hello, Sandaime-sama summoned me, is he busy right now?"asked naruto bowing politly.

"Ah Uzumaki-sama please come with me ill take you to him" replied the receptionist with a small smile as she watched him bow in thanks and lead the young prodigy to the hokage, after knocking on the door and given the command to enter the receptionist opened the door and led naruto in.

"Hokage-sama Uzumaki-sama is here as summoned" and with that she smiled to naruto before walking out of the room and closing the door.

"Ah naruto, how are you today?" asked Hiruzen while watching naruto smiled and sit in the chair just infront of Hiruzen.

"I am well thanks Hiruzen-jiji, what is you needed me for ?" asked naruto unsure on why he was summoned to meet him so early.

before sarutobi could respond one of his advisors decided to cut to the chase, the person was Kohaku.

"Uzumaki-san, we were told that you had obtained the sharingan during this mission via the mission report and that you also unlocked the mangekyou sharingan, Now we would like you to explain how you got the sharingan and who you killed to activate the mangekyou."

Now naruto had manners but when people accused him of something that was when they crossed the line in his books, looking towards sarutobi who also looked to be angry at his advisors.

"Well Honorable Advisors , i had the sharingan because if you looked into my records you would see my name states, Uzumaki-Uchiha Naruto, Now i know for fact you just accused me of killing someone close to me to awaken the new sharingan but i assure you i did neither." responed naruto spitting Honorable out with venom, sarutobi was smirking at naruto's wording of his answer it left it so they couldnt question it unless they wanted to break the clan law's.

"Uzumaki-san need i remind you that i am not as stupid as you may seem to think, i know you were adopted into the clan recently by uchiha sasuke but there is still no way you could have the sharingan so please refrain from lying to me" replied Homura this time much to naruto's increasing anger.

unaware that mikoto was now in the room listening in, naruto's sharingan blasted into life before forming his mangekyou sharingan infront of the advisors, danzo and sarutobi.


"That is enough naruto, i agree with you on that these three have over stepped there boundries to far and accused you of something that did not happen. As for you three we will be having words after this am i clear!" sarutobi responded unleashing his full killing intent on them, forcing the three to nod before shutting up.

"Now naruto as i was going to say before my folish advisors spoke out of line, could you enlighten us on how your sharingan evolved to its new form" asked sarutobi to which naruto nodded affirmative.

"Basically you need to experience greif, for me i had major greif when i watched haku get stabbed through the chest after standing up, the scene awoke the latent power and pushed me beyond my limits and it awoke as you can see in my eyes" repsonded naruto to which sarutobi nodded and look at his two advisors and danzo and they agreed what naruto had said was true. Just as sarutobi was about to allow naruto to leave to meet his team danzo interviened with a question of his own.

"Ah yes, Boy tell me have you been researching the uchiha massacare? and if you have why?" asked Danzo causing naruto to growl low and dangerously.

"And how would you know i had been researching about it and why would you care? unless you had something to do with this danzo?" naruto slowly turned his head back to danzo sharingan spining while looking at him.

"No but i find it strange that you of all people would investigate it? why not Uchiha-sama himself?" responded danzo his grin slowly growing unaware that sarutobi was on the brink of having his arrest and killed for trying to frame naruto for it.

"Why shouldn't I investigate it? Surely you dont have something to hide danzo maybe that arm of yours is more than you let on?" and with that danzo fell quiet already sure naruto knew to much and planing on silenceing him.

"If that is all hokage-sama i must leave to meet my team." and with that naruto left via shunshin.

"Danzo, if you dare try a thing like that again ill kill you myself do you understand me!"spoke the Sandaime with vemon and Killing intent causing said person to nod before leaving still planing to kill the demon container, following danzo's lead the two advisors also left.

~Outside office Hallway~

Danzo was walking along with Homura and Kohaku not far behind talking and plotting on what to do now, unknown to them naruto was spying on them.

"It seems we must deal with the container now before we plot how to kill sarutobi, he has become to soft in his old age and cannot see that his way of thinking is what allowed us to lose control over the uchiha and forced us to massacare them, such a shame really they were brilliant tools."responded Danzo as Kohaku nodded and continued

"Also we must find some way to get the Uchiha-sama to stay loyal to the village while also keeping it unaware of sarutobi, i believe a Council meeting should be held but only with those that support us" to this both Danzo and Homura noded before Homura continued

"Yes then we must decide on a new hokage for the village one that will follow of orders and also listen to what we need in the village, unlike sarutobi we must turn the demon child into our weapon and shorten our leash on him. I also wonder how he managed to aquire the sharingan as we know all eyes were given to you for your project Danzo which i must ask how is it going along?" to which danzo noded and answered.

"it is fine my arm is sealed to hide the sharingans inplanted in it from Sarutobi and my right eye is now replaced with Shisui's eye. Foolish itachi dosen't even know that this was all as we planned silly child." smiling to himself, they entered the elders room before naruto faded away and appeared back int he hokage's office.

~Hokage office ~

Currently Mikoto Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha were reporting in with Sarutobi when Naruto appaered in the room looking rather pale and shocked.

"Whats wrong naruto?" asked Mikoto after seen his face, all naruto did in return was blink and look at sarutobi once more.


Now Hiruzen had never seen naruto this disturbed or troubled so he asked for naruto to carm his nerves and answer them to which naruto did.

"i was following danzo and the elder after they left the room.. i over heard some stuff you all will not like. " getting a nod from sarutobi naruto began to retell the things he heard.

"well its like this...they plan to assassinate me for knowing to much about the massacare and also the three of them are plotting to have you killed for been to soft in your old age and not seeing that its your way of thinking that lost them the control they had over the uchiha and made them force you into massacaring them But the worst bit and the thing thats making me really feel ill is the fact that the eyes from the bodies that had the sharingan activated have been inplanted from what i heard into danzo'z arm and sealed to hide them from everyone and also behidn that right bandaged eye is Shisui's eye....they called Itachi-niisan foolish as it was all planned..." finished naruto his face pale once more as he remembered there face's.

the room was silent as the information washed over them, it was planned all along and they all played into it and now naruto's life was on the line.

"Naruto, are you sure that was what they said?" asked Hiruzen to which naruto cast Tsukuyomi on them allowing them to watch the scene themselves.

"well it seems you were correct naruto, hmm with chunin exams coming up and with them ploting something they will proberly buy in outside help instead of dirtying there own hands like they did with itachi there, so i can assume they will either use a missing nin from konoha or use enermy nations against us." responded Hiruzen.

"Jiji, i might have a plan but ill need you, mikoto and itachi to tell me if its any good as im just a genin" smiled Naruto as Hiruzen nodded to go ahead,

"well if they plan to use the Chunin exams as there base for say an invasion then we will work around this, First we must think of the worst case scenario for example a Kage level ninja is the enermy, From here we think of where he could attack us during the exam and who will be examiners of the exam. Secondly we put a undercover agent into the genin teams and make him look for people who are acting out of character for what they should be. Someone who is skilled but not noticeable by the genin themselves, his other job will be to find out the secondary objectives of the people who attack, Finally we change our defence plans but keep it to ourselves till near the date of the chunin exams itself from there on the last stage of the exams as i am to assume it will be one on one then we will have six guards stationed around you at all time, under a powerful genjutsu perhaps something similar to Tsukuyomi. " once naruto had finished he had just shown he was a prodigy of his own right.

"Well Otouto that certainly sounds like a well thought out plan to me" replied itachi as he smiled and ruffled naruto's hair.

"i dont see anything wrong with it naruto, though for the agent why not be that person yourself and leave another genin with your team" responded mikoto with her idea's.

"yes i quite agree with mikoto and itachi that is a rather well planned idea naruto and some of the things you suggested will work to our advantage, very well Uzumaki Naruto, you are form this moment removed from team 7 and placed under a new code name and will be trained with a select group of three people in the fields you need most to inprove on." replied Hiruzen to which naruto nodded and though long and hard on his areas of weakness and his strengths.

"Jiji, any chance i can learn Kenjutsu? and for weakness Genjutsu and Taijutsu are my main area's, stealth needs work ... Ninjutsu is proberly my best area... and control over my chakra." answered naruto to which itachi and Hiruzen smiled at how naruto was able to name his weakness and strong points.

"well them i will ask two anbu's i know to train you on Kenjutsu and Taijutsu and as for control and genjutsu ill ask mikoto to train you on them when she isnt busy with her mission." responded Hiruzen outlining naruto's new training plan.

"Hai" answered the three infront.

"Now as to itachi you may leave scrolls for naruto to read that can help him but try to do it as little as possible as to not raise suspissions in the organisation you infiltrated ok?" to which Itachi nodded and bowed.

Mikoto looking around noticed Itachi nod to her and left via shunshin.

"Right naruto how about we go get you some new cloths ne?, ill also buy a blade for you to use but you must look after it do you understand me!" said mikoto making naruto go wide eye and smile brightly at been told he was been allowed to get some better cloths.

"Thanks Mikoto-chan"shouted naruto while hugging mikoto tightly.

after they broke the hug they both bid sarutobi good day and left to buy naruto the stuff he would need. They first entered a shop mikoto used to use alot to get cloths for itachi and took him over to an area near the back the uchiha always used.

"Go ahead naruto pick what you want ill pay for it" mikoto then smiled behind her mask as naruto beemed with happiness and ran around like a little kid looking at all the cloths.

stopping at the long slevees section of tops, there were two styles naruto liked alot one was similar to the black ops top the the mesh undershirt and black over top, the other was a an open top haori black in colour, reaching forward he grabbed the haori and then started to look for other things to complete the look he had in his mind, spotting some dark black anbu pants with several pockets for extra scrolls looking around for some boots and gloves naruto spotted a pair of black ninja sandles similar to anbu black ops style taking a pair of them and some gloves similar to them he walked over to the changing rooms to put on said items.

Mikoto watched him enter the changing rooms with several items, wondering how he would look she waited till he came out and her eyes widened ast the sight, looking him over he looked like a mini yondaime crossed with itachi.

As naruto stepped out his looked himself over and noticed something was missing to the cloths something important, he needed some sort of belt, looking around the store again he noticed a white cloth belt that would fit nicely with his new uniform gently grabing it and wraping it around himself before tieing it at the side he looked over to mikoto to see her evaluation of it and was shocked to see her staring at him wide-eyed behind her mask.

"does it look ok mikoto-chan?"asked naruto not quite sure on how it was, his only response was a nod before mikoto finally snapped out of her stupor and smiled.

"Yes naruto it looks great nice choice on the cloths and haori is a nice touch with the long slevee's" after paying for the cloths naruto walked out with them on followed by mikoto towards the weapons store that tenten's father owns.

entering the store naruto saw many weapons smiling to himself naruto ventured around the store looked mainly at the katana's and wakazahi's.

"Naruto what type of Kenjutsu do you want to specialise in " asked mikoto before watching naruto think about it.

"I think speed and agility over strength though strength is important its more an art than brute strength" replied naruto to which mikoto smiled and nodded.

"Then you want a Wakazashi naruto, you can use speed and cause its smaller to a Katana you have more flexability but due to this they are not as durable as katana's so you cannot use them to over power someone with brute strength least you expect to break your sword." Mikoto then moved over to the Other Wakazashi's and showed them to naruto.

"Look through these and ill talk to Arashi for a minute or two ok" to which naruto nodded and looked at the swords.

"Good to see you Anbu-san i noticed you are helping naruto out with his equipment" smiled Arashi as you watched naruto handle the blades testing there grips.

"Yes Arashi-san he has an important mission and must be prepared" replied Mikoto in standard anbu protcoil to which Arashi smiled and nodded he understood.

"Well what does he need exactly and ill get them while he looks over the swords" asked Arashi to which mikoto though on it and answered.

"Several packs of Kunai and Shurikens and a package of Senbon, some weights and strap for the wakazashi hes selecting, some anbu armor, two black kunai holsters and finally two hip pouches." after noting down the list of stuff needed Arashi left the front of the store to collect the items from the back shop while naruto finally decided on his wakazashi, it was unnamed, the handle was black with three red circles similar to the sharingan at three places in the handle the sheath was jet black, the blade itself was white similar to his flames.

"Mikoto-chan can i have this wakazashi but i wanna see if he can put something on the sheath for me" asked naruto to which mikoto nodded and asked

"What is it you want on the sheath and ill let him know when he comes back in"

naruto looked back to mikoto smiling " I wanna put the uchiha emblem on the sheath just once near the top and also have the kanji for Shiroi Kitsune(1) on the blade" mikoto for her part was stunned he would want the uchiha emblem on his weapon but didnt argue as she knew he held some attachment to her.

"Ok Naruto" gently taking the wakazashi from naruto she handed it to Arashi who had just returned in time to hear naruto's request and said it would be done in 15 minutes.

while waiting naruto looked over the items mikoto had ordered for him and was shocked to see a huge list of items, looking back at mikoto he wondered how he would afford all this sure he got an A Rank mission pay but surely this wasnt enough for all this so he mentioned it to mikoto who smiled and replied.

"Its fine naruto, you got loads to spare yet and besides who said your paying for these items? there a present from me"

Smiling naruto couldn't believe he was getting so much stuff, but just as he was about to ask another question the kyuubi decided to ask his host a question.

' kit, i noticed some weights on the counter, these will be good for helping increase your speed but we will have to push you beyond your limits daily if we are to get to that speed we need for the exams in acouple months from now.' getting a mental nod from obito and naruto kyuubi continued

'i have also come to a conclusion that i will teach you the Rasengan, while i did not create this technique, after been hit by it from the Yondaime before he sealed me i have come to a conclusion on how its made and can now teach you one of your inheritance moves.' again naruto nodded and smiled at kyuubi before said fox continued.

'now i know you want to learn kenjutsu and i believe with enough training on this you could become deadly and i see you like the name I have chosen as your title.' before naruto thanked kyuubi for his compliment and closed the connection.

Arashi by this time had returned in store with the wakazashi that now had the kanji for Shiroi Kitsune on the blade in blue and the Sheath had the uchiha emblem on the top, smiling and noding to mikoto showing his liking of the blade said person smiled and paid for the items.

as they left the store they ordered some take out dango and returned to the sandaime's office to talk but not before dropping off the equipment at naruto's apartment. and allowing him to put on his holsters and pouches and then strap his wakazashi to his back horizontally for easy access from his right hand.

~Hokage's office~

in the room were Kakashi, and two anbu officers talking about what was heard today by naruto , Kakashi couldn't believe the elders were planing to kill him it just wasn't real.

"Ah here they are now" spoke Hiruzen as sure enough the door opened and in walked the newly dressed Naruto with mikoto with her anbu uniform.

"Hokage-sama we have returned from getting naruto his equipment" answered mikoto before getting a nod and bidding naruto good day before vanishing to continue her mission.

Looking around the room naruto noticed kakashi was here with two anbu one was female with long violet hair and had purple eyes that shined with affection, she was dressed in anbu standard uniform, the other anbu he noticed was male but he looked to be wearing slightly diffrent anbu uniform proberly of captin or higher up officer in anbu.

"Ah naruto-kun, those two people are the two anbu who will help you in your training for the mission, you will be training with them at Anbu HQ 24/7 so you will be moving into there barracks, I know this is sudden but it will also offer some protection from danzo's men." commanded Hiruzen to which naruto noded and looked to kakashi.

"Kakashi, sorry i left the team not exactly my idea but its safer for them if i stay away till this is dealt with." Kakashi who had heard everything agreed with naruto and just eye smiled to show he believed it best also.

Sarutobi Hiruzen watched this with a smile till he saw the blade naruto had behind him smiling he looked at it closer and saw what he believed was the uchiha crest.

"Naruto-kun is that the Wakazashi you brought with the anbu from earlier, i noticed there is the Uchiha crest on the sheath" nodding to Hiruzen naruto slowly turned so his back was to them and they all saw the crest on the blade sheath and what he did next shocked them as he pulled of the blade it slowly came from its sheath to reveal the kanji for Shiroi Kitsune on the blade itself in blue.

"This blade is Shiroi Kitsune, named it myself after the Shirohonoo and the fact that i have Kyuubi within me" said naruto smiling shocking Hiruzen more with his next bit

"I am Konoha's Shiroi Kitsune, i was named this from Kyuubi himself" smiling more at the memory of kyuubi marveling at the white fire techinque used by naruto.

"Hmm well i wont go against that name if the kyuubi himself named you it, though i must say the blade is really impressive the white metal makes it look majestic and the fact that you have the black handle with the red circles leads to believe its the sharingan and the sheath has the uchiha emblem is a nice touch to the end, I also think the choice in clothing is a nice selection,a black haori with black anbu black ops pants and boots with customised black ops gloves and a white cloth wrap belt to finish the uniform and give it some diffrence, i also notice the haori at the top has a small uchiha emblem on it very nice." commented Hiruzen impressed his adopted grandson was happy and cloth to look like a true ninja.

"Now im sure Neko and Kurohyou will help you get your stuff to anbu and ill talk with kakashi about getting some control exersises and jutsu scrolls written for you which im sure you wont mind doing right kakashi?" to which said person noded while the anbu and naruto bowed before leaving in shunshin to naruto's apartment.

~Naruto's apartment~

After the leaves finished floating to the ground the trio appeared and walked in side with naruto, looking around they noticed the room apartment was fitted with the basic stuff and only what was needed was there, Neko noticing how close this looked to her apartment smiled.

"I'll start finding all my scrolls i need and some of the stratage books , once im done there shouldnt be much more to get except the bags there on my bed that holds my new cloths and items."said naruto before leaving the room, as he re-entered the room he placed the books and scrolls into the bags and then sealed the bags into blank storage scrolls.

"Well im ready i think ....yep" smiling to the anbu he looked around the building before putting the scroll into his right hip pouch.

" Ok Naruto-sama we will shunshin you to anbu barracks at hq and from there we will take you to your room and then show you to a training ground to begin training." spoke Kurohyou in his commanding voice.

Neko walked over to naruto and placed a hand on his shoulder before noding to her superiour and shunshin to the barracks.

~Anbu HQ Barracks~

looking around the barracks when he arrived he noticed several anbu stop what they were doing and saw neko looking at there sotaicho Kurohyou who just appeared next to naruto.

"Today Uzumaki-Uchiha-sama is been allowed to move into the anbu barracks to protect his life from three people in konoha who had decided he knows to much on a subject even i cannot tell you due to the sandaime's orders but know this should any harm come to him i will personally hurt that person is that understood?" there was a chorus of 'Hai'

"Good now Uzumaki-Uchiha-sama will be also training under me and Neko here so when you see us busy training him you are not to interupt us, we are training him for a S Rank mission that is to happen in several months time and while he is strong for his level he is still only chunin at max and he must reach low anbu by that time so we will not be taking it easy, there will be times you will each spar with him to help him gain experience needed to advance his strategies ." once again every nodded in understanding before Kurohyou and Neko lead naruto to his quarters.

Opening the doors neko slowly lead naruto in and showed him the different facilities before bidding him a good day.

"Boy this is going to take a lot to get used to." spoke naruto truly exhausted from today's events.

~Time skip 2 weeks~

It had been a tiring two weeks and naruto had been training mainly on speed and agillity along with control of his chakra, now in 2 weeks he had also shown great improvement on those area's mainly due to the training regime he was under, to put it short he was pushing his limits and more most of the time just to keep on track.

During these two weeks naruto had gotten to know Neko some and learned that she was called Uzuki Yuugao and had been in anbu for several years now, she was in a relationship with Hayate Gekkou who was konoha's Kenjutsu master, She introduced them and the two became immediate friends sparing and training together most of the time, She was also extremely kind but if you annoyed her she could show you hell.

Hayate had taken to training naruto in the ways of his sword style Dance of the Cresent Moon, much to the suprise of those there in HQ naruto had picked the style up quickly like it was second nature, but the reality of the sistuation was that he praticed to late in the night day in and out training to perfection, naruto also had become extremely fast with pushing his bodies limits.

Naruto would rest for up to a maximum of 5 hours a day and then train non-stop till he had either become hungry or needs the rest, Hayate had come on several days and helped with his kenjutsu and they both would follow this routine training till they dropped from exhaustion and then resting till they started again, Naruto also had learned to use his sharingan much better he now only had to think it to appear and it would , the chakra usage had dropped massively and the mangekyou had become much easier to unlock also.

Naruto also had let his hair grow recently stretching down his neck to the base of his torso it was now black after he had dyed it and tied at the base of the neck, his face and body lost most of his baby fat and more muscle had shown but he still kept his lean appearance to help with speed saying that having big muscles slowed the person down instead of speeding them up.

Today was the day before the chunin exam competitors were announced to the hokage and naruto was asked to meet Hiruzen at his office later that afternoon, it was now 3pm and naruto was due to Hiruzen's office at 3:30pm so as he walked towards the door he kept his sense's on full alert incase danzo had men waiting for him. Once naruto had made it to the door he knocked and was given allowed in.

As naruto entered the room Hiruzen was just looked up from the meeting with the jonin's and some anbu, most had to look twice as he walked in the room even Hiruzen had to re-pick up his pipe after it fell, naruto's change had been quite a shock to them the anbu had known but kept quiet to surprise the sandaime with naruto.

"You summon me Hokage-sama?" asked naruto one eyebrow raised at the shocked expressions the room had at the moment he walked in.

"Ah Naruto-kun good to see you made it, now we were just going over your operation plan for the invasion we have learned about we still havent figured out who those three had hired but we still must prepare." naruto noded to the sandaime

"So hows it looking so far Hokage-jiji" asked naruto in a polite but less offical tone, causing Hiruzen to smile agian.

"its going fine naruto-kun how about you check it over and see what you can notice." causing several jonin to look at the hokage as if he was sane but notice several anbu smirking from behind there mask's.

walking over he looked over the map with the plan and how things will go, before he noticed the second exam and where it was been placed, looking closely he noticed this was the time the defence was weakest and also there was nothing inside the forest to monitor them.

"Hmm only place i see that there is a problem is the forest of death second exam. Sure its the best area to do the exam as it will make people focus on survival and teamwork but our security will be laspe in there and if something or someone managed to get in we would have a major problem. Other than that the final exam needs some security upgrades i mean come one several anbu in the crowd but only near the VIP's and none around you jiji are you insane or just stupid?" questioned naruto raising another eyebrow at Hiruzen who chuckled at the question and answered for him.

"i can't use anbu there remember the kazekage will be sat in there as well and i have to make sure he dosent feel oppressed" answered Hiruzen before noticed naruto thinking things over.

"well i think i have a solution to that problem, if the kazekage ends up been the enermy which i believe could be it as i notice no other kage agreed to come to the event even when they have genin in the exam, While im not the strongest here i can get to you faster than most could so if the invaison does start in that time period which we understand would be the best time for then i will support you till more stronger ninjas arrive and also ill watch my back in case danzo-teme and his two scrouges try to pick me off while helping you." finished naruto causing some laughter from the room at the disregard for the elders and danzo.

"Very well, now naruto for this war time operation and the fact you got the inside information of danzo and the elders treason actions you were promoted to chunin by me but as soon as the invasion begins you will be temperaily promoted to Jonin to help with the invasion and give orders. I trust you will be able to in that time find some evidence of danzo ignoring the invasion or helping it." Hiruzen then watched as naruto noded before his sharingan activated and he stored the image of the invasion plan in his head for future reference.

"if thats all hokage-jiji i must return to the barrack for training, kami only knows that dam Kurohyou will have is doubled already.. troublesome" Hiruzen smirked and noded that Naruto was dismissed as he vanished via a thuder shunshin.

~Chunin Exam Day~

Naruto woke early, after dressing in his cloths he headed to meet Kurohyou and Yuugao at the cafateria. When he entered he noticed Yuugao look up at him and wave him over to her and hayate who were eating next to Kurohyou who still hadn't told naruto his name.

Sitting down the other side of them next to Kurohyou, Naruto noticed Kurohyou hand him a scroll looking at Kurohyou as he accepted it Naruto wondered what was going on.

"Your Anbu Mask Shiroi Kitsune, and the White Cloak as well, you are to wear them at the finals, we will pull you out after the second exam, you will be doing them solo so if you do well the hokage has order us to promote you to jonin and if i think your good enough allow you into anbu." much to naruto's shock who accept said scroll and placed it in his left pouch.

"Thanks Kurohyou, now i must be going dont want to be late to that dam exam." and with that naruto vanished with the standard shunshin appeared outside the acadamy building.

After walking up the first flight of stairs he noticed people pushing and fighting over why they couldn't enter room '301' which was really '201' muttering his famous slogan he took from Shikamaru 'Troublesome' naruto continued on by ignoring them and walked up to the real room 301 where Kakashi was waiting.

"Yo naruto, glad you made it, now i can't stay long as team 7 will be here soon but good luck in there ok?" spoke kakashi as he took the slip from naruto who nodded and walked in the room.

Once he had entered he noticed the room he saw all contestants look at him, many eyes narrowed wondering why he was alone while several chunin smirked as they saw him already knowing he was the spy of theres to monitor the genin. Deciding to scare the Chunin wannabe's naruto flared his KI over them making many pale and return to there own brooding.

walking into the furthest cornor alone so he could monitor them all, After along while team 7 strolled in and the rookie 9 well 8 met up and were been really loud till naruto noticed someone smirk at seeing them and slowly make his way over noticing this naruto hid his presence and followed without been spotted he nested down and listened in.

"Hey Sasuke-kun where is naruto-baka?" asked ino confused as to were he is.

"he was removed from team 7 due to an injury he received saving me from death on our first a rank mission, he hasnt quit been a ninja from what the hokage said but hes still recovering but hes also made alot of progess in his training so he should be chunin by now." Sasuke answer truthly though inside he was loathing that the blonde was far stronger than him, naruto noticed this and took note.

"settle down you guys your making to much noise."said the person that naruto had been monitoring he had long grey hair and glasses with a sound headband with a genjutsu over it, noteing this down he kept listening.

"i have data on the people and also the elemental nations themselves i can share with you guys if you want" spoke kabuto after answering other questioned that were asked.

"Can you give me information on Uzumaki Naruto, Subaku no Gara and Rock lee" asked sasuke getting a nod from kabuto he pulled one of his cards from his deck and began to read

"Uzumaki-Uchiha Naruto, Genin of Konoha, currently off duty due to injury, fought against Zabuza of the mist and won, beat Zabuza apprentice and also said to have killed over 200 bandits in one attack, was named Shiroi Kitsune of Konoha after said mission. Missions done 30 D-Rank 1 C-Rank 0 B-Rank 2 A-Rank 1 S-Rank. Wow two A Rank AND a S Rank mission at Genin thats amazing" answered kabuto but unaware to him was naruto had actiavted his sharingan at that, just before summoning Kurohyou and motioning to Kabuto with anbu seals.

"hmm interestin and how did you get all that informatin Spy-san?" asked Kurohyou with his eyes glazing into kabuto's shocked ones.

"did you really think a mere genin would have that information when Uzumaki-sama has never taken the chunin exams and to also mention the missions hes completed, his title and that he was currently off duty. Fool Anbu take him" and with that said 6 anbu appeared all around Kabuto and arrested him before shunshin to Ibiki's torture room.

"Carry on Genin" and with that Kurohyou vanished with ibiki smirking at naruto for a job well done before naruto stepped forward and into view cause the rookie 8 to go wide eyed at his apperance.

"Right well everyone get to you seats and shut up im the first examiner Ibiki Morino" shouted Ibiki before all genin sat at there seats and began the first test, many genin during the exams were removed due to been caught cheating, Naruto on the other hand had used his sharingan with a genjutsu over it to make his eyes stay the same and wrote the answers from the chunin who currently had them all.

"Ok thats enough now its time for the 10th question before i begin, there are some rules that i will now say to you, should you get this question wrong you will never be able to take the chunin exams again, Second should you not take this question your teammates also fail with you and you will be escorted out of the room, there is nothing wrong with leaving if you feel you cannot hack this question with so much riding on it" smirking as another 6 teams left leaving 24 teams remaining.

"Ok if thats all that is leaving then everyone in this room passes" Ibiki answered before hell broke loose and people screamed for an answer, just as ibiki was about to answer it naruto answered instead .

"For those in this room by entering this exam you are saying you understand what it means to be a chunin, but been a chunin isn't all about fun and games and you people need to learn this, been a ninja as you should know is about putting yours and your teammates lives on the line as a chunin you become a leader of a team of ninja and they place there lives in your hands, there will be times where you must face difficult problems or you get captured and tortured during these situations its up to you to keep that information secret at all costs so that the enermy dosent get that one information up on you. If you understood this exam properly you would of understood the hidden meaning the answer was Cheating, you were asked to test your information retreival skills by any means. hope i answered it all correctly ne?" responded naruto from his front seat making ibiki smirk before continuing for him.

"it is exactly as stated by this young man here, in your career as you progress up you will have peoples lives in your hand they will depend on the information you reteive and its vital that you get it to them." answered ibiki before he removed his bandana and showed the genin his scars from interragation, after replacing his bandana the window was broken in and landed Anko with a banner opening at the front to help with her dramatic opening.

~Forest of death~

as naruto slowly walked towards training ground 44 he noticed something was odd near some stones venturing there he noticed three dead bodies and winced he noticed them from in the exam and bolted towards anko to inform her.

Arriving just in time he noticed anko and ibiki turn towards him and both eys narrowed when they saw his sharingan spining and the fact he was searching for something.

"Gaki whats up?" asked anko clearly suprised naruto arrived here early.

"We got a major problem the grass team is dead and there faces stripped of there skin like a mask, its bad and the way it was done was almost unhuman.. somone had gotten into the forest of death as that team im guessing whoever it is knows konoha well." answered Naruto before ibiki and the anbu there all quickly got to work jumping into the forest to find him.

"Naruto the way these were done, it sounds like something He would do i want you to run to Sandaime at the tower and inform him of this information Orochimaru has return and infiltrated the exams while we are gone in search of him" replied anko before she to bolted off to action, taking some deep breaths naruto vanished via shunshin to the hokage in the tower.

currently the hokage was talking with the preliminary examiners about what to do with the amount of teams that will proberly be left, when naruto appeared sharingan blazing in mangekyou form shocking the hokage who paused all discussion.

"yes naruto-kun whats wrong" asked Hiruzen who watch naruto slowly look around the room noticing whos here and not before continuing.

"Sir , we found out who Danzo contacted and you wont like this....its Orochimaru hes returned and infiltrated the Exams using the Grass team he killed them and stole there faces as mask's for his team, several teams of anbu as well as anko and ibiki are in the forest searching for him though they will not engadge him unless you give us permission" answered naruto who watched them all pale and go wide-eyed.

" thank you naruto, this is really bad if they have ordered him to do it then that means hes could of gotten anyone to help him.." mutter Hiruzen before naruto spoke out again,

"Also i believe i know who might be helping him as what im about to say leave it to the only reason for it. Sand sent one team to the exam but the team had one person with red hair called Subaku no Gara and if im correct hes the container for Shukaku the one tailed Tanuki and from what i heard and saw from the examiners of the forest of death he looked unstable Very" replied naruto before closing his eyes once more

"this is very troubling news indeed if the country that is supporting Orochimaru in this invasion is sand then we are going to have to strengthen are defenses of the kage box knowing my older student as well as i do he will proberly come disguised as someone else, so be on guard from now on. Naruto you have permission to move to Anbu HQ and continue training or to Check on that Kabuto person it seems hes reluctent to talk perhaps you could introduce him to your methods" smirk Hiruzen as naruto noded and left to deal with kabuto.