Title: Dragster
Rating: T
Genre: Action/Humor, One-shot
Transformer and Inuyasha Crossover
Pairing: Sideswipe and Kagome
Summary: She was tired of the past, sick of the present, so Kagome Higurashi decided to live for the moment. Too bad that silver Corvette had to be such a jerk.
Note: Trying to get my brain working as I finish up other stories and I randomly came up with this weird crossover. Please pardon the grammar errors and the slaughter of the english language.
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Kagome Higurashi squinted her sapphire eyes against the setting sun. The warmth of the sun made her pale skin glow as she sighed and let her eyelids fully drop. There was something about the California sun; it always felt so much warmer than the sunrise in Tokyo. She didn't question it, but equated it to the lack of giant buildings and pollution that clouded her homelands skies. She wasn't saying California was any less polluted, but living on the outskirts of Los Angeles in a small subdivision of Tranquility helped avoid the pollution.

"Are ya almost finished with that bike?"

Her eyes snapped opened and she turned to stare at the chubby aged man standing out of the sun's rays. She had been within the country on a visa for six months and had managed to acquire a job. It wasn't anything she had ever imagined doing, a mechanic. She was Kagome Higurashi, Priestess of the Shikon no Tama, a war hero, a time traveling priestess, a survivor to her husband's death.

Yet, she was working in Tranquility as a mechanic. The skills were easy to acquire, she took on an apprenticeship working with Mikaela Banes. The girl's clothing reminded Kagome much of her old uniform, but she knew her way around a garage. Kagome had gotten a quick crash course on repairs when Mikaela went gallivanting off to beat her boyfriend who missed a webcam date. The girl had come back with a little toy.

Mikaela had claimed that Wheelie was Japanese, of course, Kagome was Japanese and she knew what was in her country. Staring at the small machine with crimson optics, Kagome decided something.

"There's no way you're Japanese," Kagome muttered in English.

"Ya got a problem with that?"

The head mechanic, her boss, Mikaela's father rolled his eyes at the small machine and let it bother her. Mikaela was currently with Sam on a date today, the small thing known as Wheelie liked to stalk her.

Kagome ignored the small bot and moved back over to the bike.

"The faster you finish the faster you get to take your present for a spin."

Kagome grinned as she picked up screwdriver and finished connecting the seat to the bike. Mikaela and her father had thought it a wonderful idea to give her an American gift since she had gotten her license. They had gotten her the parts and form to build her own motorcycle. Kagome grinned as she got up from the ground and pocketed the tool. It didn't faze her that her American gift was actually Japanese.

"That's a little toy, Sailor Moon," Wheelie muttered as he stared at a bike that looked like a cross between a Harley and Suzuki. Colors of sapphire, gold and silver shaded the speed bike.

"Stop calling me that!" Kagome hissed at the bot as she raised a fist to him.

Ever since the pest had gone through her computer files he had found files of her in the old school uniform. He had then researched anime and found her nickname. It was based off her uniform and nothing to do with her looks.

The small bot snorted and shook his head.

"Go have some fun Kagome!"

Kagome grinned at the Mr. Banes and swung her leg over her bike. The seat was a perfect curve. She would have to lean forward to grip the handlebars. She felt a tapping at her leg and glanced down to see Wheelie offering her a helmet.

"For a little jerk, you're awfully sweet," Kagome cooed at him.

Wheelie spat and stated, "Don't want ya' to ruin that pretty face."

Kagome grinned as she slipped the helmet over her head. The sun was fully set and pink and purple painted the sky. Kagome put the key in the ignition and turned. The engine purred beautifully and she was grateful for the upgrade working. Kagome tested the brakes and grinned underneath the helmet. Her work uniform was a bit more conservative than Mikaela's because she wanted safety over sexy. Black combat boots, tight dark denim jeans, and a simple white tank top was her work uniform. Another tap at her leg hand her looking down at Wheelie again.

"Don't forget your blasted coat!"

Kagome couldn't help the laughter that escaped as she took the leather jacket and slipped it on. She wouldn't want to risk skinning herself. She did leave it unzipped though. Kagome gave a pat to the bot's head before she sped off.

Wheelie couldn't be Japanese.


Kagome Higurashi loved the sea. She had always loved the sea and being able to stand on the beach was something she was grateful for. The party crowd was starting to come out and the sound of music from local clubs filled the air. She threw her leather jacket behind her and leaned forward on her bike. Kagome stretched her hands out slightly and allowed a bit of energy to flow into her fingertips. A soft pink light illuminated her fingertips in the dusk. Sighing softly, she extinguished the energy as she heard a low whistle.

Kagome clenched her fists and closed her eyes. There was something about the male population whistling at her. Opening her eyes she snapped her head every direction hoping to find the male and promptly tell him off. She instantly calmed down when she noticed that there was no one around. There was a silver Corvette and a few Junkers sitting in the lot around her.

Huffing, she leaned back down on her bike and watched the dark blue waves roll onto the shore. That's when she tensed, her spine went rigid and fear washed over her like an arctic chill. She had never sensed anything like this; it made her own aura spark as she felt pure, untamed energy spread around her.

And then she heard a voice. It was deep, smooth and laced with promises of danger.

"A sweet thing like you shouldn't be sitting by yourself."

Kagome glanced around and her eyes landed on the silver Corvette next to her. The tinted black window was lowered enough that all she could see was a set of eyes with a few wisps of black bangs upon the speaker's forehead. His eyes, they were what captured her. They were a shade of chrome that seemed to glow in the darkness.

"Is that a threat?" Kagome questioned as she arched a brow.

The voice chuckled, deep and sensual that had her nerves tingling.

"Just concern," he calmly assured.

"There would be no need for concern if it wasn't for womanizing jerks like you," Kagome calmly informed him with a smile.

"Ouch," he replied with a wince. "I for one don't touch unless invited." At this reply he let his eyes wander her form causing her face to turn red in a mixture of embarrassment and anger.

"Listen here!" Kagome snapped as her anger quickly died as she sighed and tried to calm herself. "I just want to be left alone."

There was a momentarily pause as she looked back towards the ocean. The people gathered on the beach already they had started bomb fires. She could only watch the gray smoke curl into the night air.

"Lovely night."

She stared at the set of eyes that seemed to never lose focus from the corner of her right eye.

"What's your name?" Kagome softly asked.

"You can call me Swipe," he easily replied. "Yourself?"

"Kagome," she warily replied, not believing Swipe to be a real name.

"Kah-Go-May," he sounded out her name. "I like it."

Kagome sniffed, but didn't reply as she gazed out at the bomb fires. The silence went on and she found that her memories were starting to play. She could easily imagine her companions enjoying the beach on a night like this.

'At least they would if they weren't all dead,' she bitterly thought.

"Would you like to play a little game Kagome?" Swipe questioned before she got too lost in her memories.

"I'm not one of those…"

"You don't even know me and you're already thinking I'm like that," he laughed. "I just want to race, stretch my axels a bit."

It didn't go unnoticed how the car shifted a bit. Swipe eagerly raised his eyebrows at her. Kagome bit the corner of her lip in thought. Her bike was fast, but she wouldn't be able to take on a Corvette.

"Let's make it interesting," Kagome couldn't believe the words left her mouth. "If I win I want a real identity."

"And if I win?" Swipe purred at her.

"Nothing obscene!" She snapped at him.

"A kiss."

"What?" Kagome dryly questioned, unable to believe she heard the request.

"I want a kiss, nothing obscene, just a small peck on the lips," Swipe clarified.

"Where's the finish line?" Kagome questioned.

"You know where that club Soma is?" Swipe questioned and at her nod he finished, "It's at that corner."

Kagome pulled on the leather jacket and zipped it up before she slammed her helmet over her head. Mr. Banes had told her to have fun and she would have fun, besides she missed the thrill of adventure that she had only been able to get in the past. Kagome's eyes narrowed and she looked over at the Corvette and smirked.

"Get ready to lose Swipes."


Swipe could only watch in shock as the woman known as Kagome raced off. He couldn't believe she had the nerve to smirk, taunt him, and take a head start. He growled causing his engine to roar as he reversed and sped after her. His tires ate the street up as his headlights caught the petite girl in his beams. She swerved around a car and he had to slam on his breaks and swerve to the left to avoid a collision.

The energon in his lines sung with adrenaline.

He hadn't had a thrill like this in weeks. His scanners remained on her, watching every movement. The way her heart beat at the thrill of the chase caused him to purr as he sped up just a bit. He knew that he could beat her, easily speed past her, but he didn't want that.

Swipe at the moment felt like a predator as he chased down Kagome. He had never imagined racing a human to be so exhilarating. His ego demanded that he overcome her and show her who was the best, but something else whispered that had to show her in another way. He watched as she took a left. The bike tilted inches from the ground and his spark froze in mid pulse as he prepared for the worst. She was safe in a moment and speeding off faster than before.

He took the corner after her, pleased that she was up for a little thrill. Accelerating, he caught up to her. She glanced over at him and swerved into him causing him brake so she wouldn't slam into him.

'What a cheater,' Swipe thought with amusement.

They were a mile from the finish line. He accelerated again but his sensors went wild of the danger ahead, the danger that Kagome was heading for. It was nothing but a pothole, he could easily take it, but her tire would surely get caught and she would crash.

Her bike tire caught and he watched as she thrown from the bike. There was no hesitation as he transformed. Tires shifted to form his feet, tailpipes shifted to his arms and back. He rolled forward and easily caught her frail body in the palm of his hand. He easily threw his feet out and used his wheels to pull himself into a crouching position as he cradled the girl to his chest. A quick scan told him that she was alright, there were no injuries.

Kagome reached up and pulled the helmet off her head, letting it fall over the side of his hand. She reached up and ran her fingers through her long black hair as she groaned. Her sapphire eyes slowly opened and she focused upon the face of the car she had just racing.

Once again, she focused on the eyes. They were charged with an electric sky blue energy that she couldn't describe, but she did note that they look concerned. The shape of his face was nothing she had ever seen. His face looked alien, almost aquatic like something out her brother's Atlantian comic books. His metallic lips were stretched in a concerned frown.

"Are you alright?"

She watched the lips form the word, the voice hadn't changed. Kagome pushed herself onto her palms and leaned back as she gazed up at the mech.

"Yeah," she softly assured.

She had seen many things in her life, but giant robots? Never had she imagined such a thing, but here it was holding her gently in his hand. Kagome couldn't believe that he had saved her, after she had called him pervert mere moments ago. A gasp escaped her lips as she turned toward her wrecked bike. Parts littered the road like a murder scene causing her to sniffle, but not cry.

"Are you sure you're alright?" He questioned.

"What's your name?" Kagome suddenly questioned back.

She watched as one of those strange facial attachments above his eyes slightly rose as he arched a metallic ridge in question.

"Sideswipe," he replied.

"I won," Kagome calmly stated.

'Maybe she's defective?' Sideswipe mused.

His optics landed on the bike and suddenly widened. Her torn bike had made it across the finish line.

"That doesn't count!" He protested.

"You never crossed," Kagome slyly pointed out as she got to her feet and crossed her arms.

Sure enough, he was inches from the agreed upon finish line. Sideswipe scowled as he switched his optics to glare at her. He was hoping she would cringe at his glare, but all she did was smile. Most humans would be fearful of a giant metallic being glaring at them.

"Thanks for saving me," Kagome suddenly said as she truly smiled at him.

Sideswipe tilted his head to the side and replied, "You're welcome."

Silence consumed them and Sideswipe waited for the moment for the woman to suddenly scream. He lowered his hand to the ground allowing her to step off and stretch. Her long legs carried her over to her bike where she kicked the motor towards the seat. It was truly ruined.

"Hey Sideswipe," Kagome cautiously called.


She looked at him with dark sapphire eyes and asked, "Could I ask you for a ride home?"

Sideswipe grinned and leaned close to her so his face was a few inches from her face. If she wasn't about to scream and run away then he was going to have a bit of fun with her.

"That's a very obscene thing to ask Kagome," he roguishly stated as he winked at her. "What type of mech do you take me for?"

It was cute how her cheeks flushed pink and she sputtered.

"Of course if you want to ride that bad," he hummed as his optics traced her body. "I'm sure I can…accommodate."

Kagome's face went from crimson to purple as he purred the last word. She spun on heel away from him and covered her face. This robot was like a mechanical Miroku! Kagome screamed as she felt a large digit poke her in the back. Sideswipe's laughter filled the night air at her expense. She spun around and poked him in the nose as she fumed.

"Jerk," she muttered.

He only grinned at her response. She watched in amazement as he transformed back into the Corvette and popped the hood on his trunk.

"Throw your bike in the trunk."

Kagome sighed and kicked a few pieces away before she went over to his trunk and closed it. He hummed at her as she asked.

"Where do you want me?"

"What about the bike?" Sideswipe questioned.

"The parts aren't registered and are ruined; I'll save up to build another one."

Mikaela would kick her ass in all truth.

His driver door opened causing her to awkwardly shift on her feet. Before she got in she softly cursed under her breathe. She couldn't have a normal life. First, it's time travel, youkai, and now perverted cars.

'Damn silver Corvette jerk,' Kagome thought as she got into Sideswipe.

The seatbelt slithered across her chest and lap and gave a squeeze as it buckled. Kagome kicked the underside of the steering with a grin. Sideswipe's laughter surrounded her as he sped off.

Kagome closed her eyes and sighed.

These bots were definitely not Japanese.


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