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Ginny walked into Ron's room. Harry had already gotten there and Hedwig was sitting perched on a bar in her cage. "Why hello there, Hedwig." Ginny murmured to the owl. Hedwig hooted softly. "Yes, I know. Harry has been acting strange. Do you think something is wrong with him?" Ginny asked the owl. Hedwig hooted thoughtfully. Ginny sighed. Walking over she grabbed a chair and pulled it beside the cage. "Hedwig, do you think Harry misses Sirius still?" Ginny asked the owl. Hedwig looked at her. Softly she hooted.

Ginny laughed. She had changed the conversation to the awkwardness of Hermione and Ron's relationship. "You think he's ever going to get around to actually telling her, Hedwig?" Ginny asked the bird. Hedwig turned her head back and forth as if to say 'Nope, never.'. Ginny sighed. "I wonder where they are." Hedwig looked at her curiously. "Yep, Hedwig. They went to Hogwarts' ." Ginny joked. Hedwig, however did not take that lightly. She started to flap her wings furiously, ruffling her feathers.

"Hedwig! You can't honestly think that Harry would leave you!" Ginny exclaimed. Hedwig turned to look at her. In Ginny's opinion it looked like the snowy bird was glaring at her.

"Hedwig! Stop glaring at Ginny!" Ginny jumped up. She turned around. "Ohh, Harry it's just you." Ginny sighed. She walked over to where Harry stood on the doorway. "How long have you been standing there?" Ginny asked the raven-haired boy. "I don't know. Since 'Yep, Hedwig. They went Hogwarts' .' I hope you know Ginny, that Hedwig holds grudges." Harry chuckled.

Ginny looked at him. She smacked his arm playfully. "Oww! What was that for!?" Harry said faking hurt. "That," Ginny said, pointing at his arm where she had smacked him, "Was for scaring me a few minutes ago, and doing a bad impression of my beautiful voice."

Harry smirked. "Beautiful," he murmured under his breath. "Yeah right. More like gorgeous." he finished. Ginny looked at him. She grinned. "Hey Harry?" she asked him. "Yeah, Gin?" he looked up. "Come here." Harry walked forward to her. "Happy birthday." she mumbled. He looked at her confused.

Ginny looked pointedly at the digital clock on the beside table. Harry followed her gaze and nodded. It was 12:oo a.m. The twenty-first of July. Harry was now officially seventeen. He could do magic outside of school grounds. Harry looked down at Ginny. She looked up. He placed a quick, chaste, kiss on her lips and mumbled, "Thank you." She nodded, turning a Weasley red. Grabbing his hand, she pulled him out of the room and down the hall to the kitchen where she could make him some hot chocolate.

"Go ahead and meet me down there." she told him. Harry nodded and Ginny went back to his room.

Ginny looked around the room. Hedwig, was still sitting on her bar. Ginny smiled at the bird. "Thanks, Hedwig." Ginny murmured. She turned around and stepped carefully out of f the room and down to the kitchen to Harry.

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