Star Trek: Odyssey: Distant Stars

Captain's Log: Stardate: 58168.6. The Alexandria is still in orbit above Earth but is getting ready to depart for Deep Space Nine along with the Luna class USS Syracuse. The crew is returning to the ship getting ready for departure. The ship is to rendezvous with the Tenth, Ninth and Eighth Fleets and we're going to go into enemy territory to gain more ground.

Alex Merriell walked down the corridor of the Alexandria. He passed multiple crew members including a Caitian female named M'Ress. M'Ress had golden fur and caramel colored mane with yellow eyes. Her uniform was tailored to accommodate her Caitian physique such as her tail and cat like legs. He nodded to her as they passed.

"Commander Merriell." She said in her almost purr like voice.

M'Ress was a Lieutenant Commander in rank and would replace Hoshi Sato at her station on the bridge if she wasn't there. Alex found it a bit funny that the two officers on the ship who were out of the past were the same rank and position not to mention both from an older Enterprise. Hoshi was from Jonathan Archer's NX-01 Enterprise while M'Ress was from James Kirk's 1701 Enterprise. M'Ress was stuck in a time loop and ended up here in the future about a year or so before the start of the war with the Dominion.

He turned a corner and stopped a pair of doors. The name on the doors said Michelle Trinn.

He pressed the button on the panel to alert Trinn of his presence at her door. Her voice came through the intercom on the panel telling him to come in. He stepped forward as the doors opened. He walked through the threshold and didn't see Michelle immediately but then realized that she was up against the wall doing a hand stand.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"It's a thing that my previous host Adrias did while he dated a girl at the University of Mississippi by the name Emony Dax. She did this thing where she would do a hand stand like this to collect her thoughts. She then left Adrias and went after a doctor by the name of McCoy."

"I see." Alex said nodding.

Trinn got down from her hand stand and stood up right. "What can I do for you?"

"Well, I have a bit situation. As you've heard Counselor Nycz is pregnant and as it turns out, I'm the father."

Trinn's eyes widened.

"Only I'm not the father, my mirror counterpart is but I feel that I should take responsibility. Because it would just get too confusing for the child and…I don't even know."

"Come and sit down." Trinn said.

The two friends sat down next to each other on the couch in Trinn's quarters.

"I want to father the child because it is technically mine. I would normally talk to Counselor Nycz about it but because she is involved I can't talk to her. I need an objective point of view."

"Have you talked to the other counselors?"

"No. I came to you because we're so close and I wanted your insight."

"Well, my only advice would be to tell the counselor what you want to do. She does need to know either way. She can't fault you for you not wanting to father the child because it technically isn't yours. Just go and talk to her about it."

Alex nodded. "I'll do that. Thanks for the advice."

"That's what I'm here for." The Trill said.

Alex got up and left her quarters still a bit unsure of what he should do. Then he remembered that he could talk to his brother. His brother David was the captain of the USS Syracuse that they just so happen to be in orbit with. Merriell stepped into the turbolift.

"Transporter room." He called into the air.

The doors shut and the car began moving.

Captain David Merriell sat in his ready room of the USS Syracuse reading over the details of their upcoming mission. He was about four years older than his brother and obtained the rank of captain because his former captain was assimilated by the Borg during the Battle of Sector 001. He was able to fight off the other Borg drones and unfortunately had to kill his captain. Admiral Paris gave him a promotion shortly thereafter. The chime of his door interrupted his reading.

"Come in." He said.

The doors separated and Commander Merriell stepped into the room. Captain Merriell was a bit surprised to see his brother but at the same time he wasn't because they were in orbit with the Alexandria. David stood up, walked around the desk and gave his brother a hug.

"Congratulations on your promotion. Even though it's a bit late." David said.

"Thanks, bro. I mean, sir." Alex said. David waved off the formality. "I was first officer temporarily until Commander Sparhawk came back to active duty. I'm back at Ops now but I still retain the rank."

"So I guess we're heading to Deep Space Nine to meet up with Eighth, Ninth and Tenth fleets before we head into the Mirror Universe." David said.

"Those are our orders." Alex said. He paused for a few moments before saying what he came to say. "I came over to ask about something."

"What is it?"

"Well, Counselor Nycz was abducted and taken to the other side. She was tortured for information and even raped. Well, she's pregnant and the child belongs to my counterpart."

David's eyes widened.

"I feel as if the child is mine even though it isn't. I want to raise the child but I'm kinda scared. I've talked to Lieutenant Trinn about it but I also need a second opinion. She thinks I should just talk to her. What do you think?"

"I think the same thing. You should just sit down and talk with Counselor Nycz. Tell her what you feel and what you want to do. I'm sure she'll be willing to accept your help since it is but isn't your child."

Alex nodded his head, thinking. A few moments had passed before Captain Merriell spoke up.

"It's almost fourteen hundred hours and we are departing soon. You better get back to the Alexandria."

Alex nodded. "Yeah, I should do that. Thanks, Captain Brother." Alex said with a grin.

David smiled at the name. "Hey, Alex." Commander Merriell stopped in the doorway and looked back to his higher ranking brother. "Let's get together and do something after we come back from this mission."

Alex smiled and nodded before leaving his brother's ready room.