Chapter One – The Letter

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October 1st

Raven let out a low sigh in front of one of the large living room windows. She had recently become fond of gazing at the scenic view that the window gave, especially when she needed to think or relax without the desire to meditate. The window portrayed a breathtaking view of the sea; it was an especially beautiful view at this time of day. The sun was hitting the water at just the right angle, making it shimmer and sparkle. It was a magical sight to behold. The corners of her mouth titled upward just a little bit; a small smile.

It was only a half a second later that the alarm sounded and her smile faded. She gave a low inaudible sigh. The other titans who had previously been elsewhere in the tower gathered in the room. The monitor showed the crime they were going to stop: one of their regular foes: Control Freak. Raven mentally frowned; she hated fighting this couch potato villain. He was not only gross in appearance but, battles with him often were annoying and a quick waste of time. They had even entered the world of television because of him at one time, and it was not an experience she wanted to relive.

"Titans, let's get over there fast!" Robin yelled. And so they dashed off.

The screen had shown Control Freak threatening the mall's electronics store staff and its shoppers with his infamous remote, a new one obviously since Robin had the old one locked away. Someone had probably insulted his tastes in movies or something equally frivolous. Raven levitated over to the scene with the others. Cyborg took the T-car, Robin the R-cycle, while Starfire and Beast Boy flew by her side.

Robin and Cyborg practically drove into the mall, narrowly missing a few pedestrians as they screeched to a halt just outside the main entrance. The crime fighting teens ran inside, Robin leading them exactly towards the site of their nemesis. There he was, in all of his lame couch potato ugliness. He waved around his remote and lectured to the fearful shoppers on how the movie "The Lion King" Was just a crappy copy of some Japanese anime called "Kimba the White Lion". Adding how Disney was evil and they should all be watching something like Cartoon Network instead.

"Titans Go!" Robin called to his team. They dispersed.

Raven levitated the unsuspecting villains remote out of his hand, only to have him pull out an extra(of course a couch potato would have one) out of his belt. Starfire hit him with her Star Bolts, to which he flinched, but then sent the stores mp3 players after her, flying in her way and taking the hits along with overcrowding her. Robin tried punching him but, his huge gut seemed to absorb most of the blows, while he sent the cell phones after Cyborg and Beast Boy. Raven did what she had done many times they had fought this nerd. She made the water pipes burst and the fire sprinklers go off. This stopped all electronics who were quickly fried, ruined both remotes and left the big fat couch potato wet and surprised, which to Raven made her think even less of him. Why hadn't he anticipated the water? That had to be about the fifth time she had done it, and it was getting old. Muttering to herself she walked out of the store leaving Robin and Cyborg to tie him up. Beast Boy began to follow her with Starfire at his side. Robin spoke with the police and they made their exit, fans all applauding around them.

"Man! That was easy!" Beast Boy cheered.

"Yes it was most glorious!" Starfire agreed.

"Yeah, good job Raven," Robin smiled, although his compliment was dismissed with a mere grunt from its object.

"Hey guys, I'll meet you back at the tower. Now's a good a time as any to collect the fan mail from the P.O. Box," Cyborg informed them.

"Alright, drive safely," Robin nodded.

"Sure thing couldn't get a scratch on my baby," Cyborg replied, taking care to run the hood of his car in a loving way.

"Can we just go home now?" Raven asked impatiently.

"Yeah, we'll go," Robin agreed. The team dispersed and as Raven levitated away, farther into the air she glanced down, a moving shadow catching the corner of her eye. She turned to see what it was but, nothing was there. And so she dismissed it as just been a trick of the eye.

Back at the tower the titans sat on the couch awaiting Cyborg's return. Starfire and Beast Boy talked animatedly about the snowball fight they'd have if the grey clouds in the sky remained and blessed them with snow, despite the fact that it was October and likely not going to happen. Still they were optimistic. Robin was thinking silently about something, more than likely some villain he wanted to capture next. Raven had a book in her lap and her eyes scanned the pages quickly, absorbing the story.

Cyborg burst into the tower after what seemed like a relatively short period of time, armed with a huge bag of mail. He almost looked like Santa Claus.

"Booya! Look at all this fan mail!" he grinned "Most of its probably for me," he added with a bigger smile.

"You mean me, right?" Beast Boy responded.

"No grass stain, I meant me!" Cyborg yelled.

"Let's just get it sorted," Robin chimed in, trying to prevent them from restarting the same fight that happened every time they got the mail. It was always about who was the most popular. They were almost even though so the fighting was pointless. Robin took the bag and began to sort it in five piles. Starfire had the biggest pile, Robin second, Beast Boy and Cyborg were equal for third and then there was Raven. Her pile was much smaller than the other members of her teams. But she didn't mind, because while they spent hours answering their hundreds of letters she relished in the fact that she had to only respond to fifty sometimes, at other times less than ten. Today she had only one. It was in a black envelope, her name was written on it with their fan mail address in bright red ink. She smiled inwardly, this was somewhat her taste. Most of her fans tried to use some kind of dark stationary or font hoping to get noticed, but this was probably the nicest attempted she'd seen in a while. Black envelopes were common, but the hand writing was beautiful. She looked at the envelopes front a little more carefully. It featured a little red raven on it flying near the address; she also noted there was no return address. Curiously she opened the letter. In fine clean script and ink that was almost the color of fresh blood the hand written message lay, waiting to be read.

My Dearest Raven,

How I await the look on your face when you receive this letter, which I dare to say is the beginning of our long and wonderful life together. But perhaps I am getting a bit ahead of myself. You do not even know my name yet. How terribly rude of me.

My name is Norf. I cannot really tell you much more than that about myself at present. Mostly because I fear you will try and find me before the time is right. We aren't quite fated to meet yet. There are some precautions and steps that I must take first to ensure our happiness together. Don't worry. I'll take care of everything.

I can tell you at least of my affection for you though. I remember the first time I saw you. I had been walking home. It was a late afternoon. You were in the park with the other Titans. Fighting another villain, tyrant of society. The sun was hitting your face at such a favorable angle. I've tried, but I cannot put your beauty in words. At first sight of you I stopped dead in my tracks. I did not move even thirty minutes after the villain had been captured and you were gone. From then on, I knew the reason I had been placed on this earth, was to be with you.



She could scarcely hide her surprise by the letter. She didn't know what to make of it. She had to re-read it twice before deciding it was a strange joke. And not a very funny one. Sighing to herself she threw the letter away. She wasn't going to keep the stupid thing.

Dismissing herself from the rest of the team, she left to go read. Although she found that task a bit troublesome. Her thoughts kept sweeping back towards the letter. Who had written such a thing? And what had they meant by it? Was it all a joke for laughs? Yes that had to be it. She would have even pinned the thing on Beast Boy had she even believed him capable of writing so neatly.