What if.... Bella Cullen was the dangerous, vegetarian, mind reading vampire and Edward Swan was the danger magnet, unreadable, supernatural attracting human? Edward Swan moves from Phoenix to Forks; where he meets a terrifying, intriguing female who he'd die to get to know better, one problem though: she seems to despise him on sight. Isabella Cullen moved to Forks with her family to re-take high school... for the ninetieth time. She thinks it'll be more boring years in school, when a boy's very existence threatens the life her family and herself have created. Will she have enough control to keep the boy who she might eventually come to love, safe from herself?

I'm pretty sure that this is an original idea. :] I haven't seen anything like it on my time on FanFiction. I'm debating on whether to write two stories; one like Twilight and the other like Midnight Sun [as in one from Edwards point of view and one from Bellas] or just post them every other chapter. Either Leah or some new character will take the roll as Jacob. Jake will still be in it, but Edward's not gay, so.... I'm not sure yet. But; here is the story, Enjoy!