I hope you all had a good Christmas and I hope you like your belated present; Chapter 5. I hope this makes up for the super short Chapter 4. And my next belated present is the advice to go read Edward Wallbanger by feathersmmmm and Bare by stella luna sky.

Chapter Five

I managed to shut my mouth as the person behind me shoved me into the class. It was Tyler, I dimly recognized. "What the hell is wrong with you, man?" Then he glanced to where I kept staring, and grinned knowingly. "You're one lucky asshole." I stumbled forward, dropping my books on accident, but managing to make them fall onto the table instead of the ground. While sitting down, I almost fell out of my chair, great, just the impression I want to make the second time I see her; that I'm a clumsy idiot.

Taking a hopefully non-noticeable breath, I stared forward moodily at the front of the class, realizing that as happy and tongue-tied I was about seeing her, my feelings were not returned in the slightest. I was cursing myself for being an idiot, when she spoke.

"Hello, my name is Isabella," she smiled at me as I stared at her, blankly. I was tempted to look around and see if there was someone right behind me. She kept smiling at me.

"Er, hi?"

"I'm sorry for not introducing myself when we first met, I wasn't feeling well." She kept talking as though she hadn't considered of killing me when she first saw me, as though I hadn't seen her trying to transfer out of the class because I was in it. I was starting to question my belief of her hatred towards me as she smiled politely at me. Then I realized I was staring at her like an idiot, I was saved from struggling up something to say to her when the teacher passed out the lab for the day.

I pretended to study it vividly as I quickly ran through reasons of why she would suddenly be talking to me. Had I misinterpreted her reaction before? Maybe she had just been in a bad mood and sick, maybe she had acted like that with everyone. But that didn't explain why she had tried to transfer out. Maybe…she'd already had problems in the class and had decided to transfer out before. Maybe, I thought wryly, I was a dumbshit to make excuses and try to make it all into one giant coincidence.

We prepared our tools silently; "Uh, lady's first," I offered her the microscope. Then I felt like an idiot, she would probably think that I was just trying to get her to do my homework.

"Anaphase," she said after a quick look.

"Can I, uh, check?"

She smiled, and pushed the microscope gently towards him, "Go ahead." I glanced at it before pushing away. She looked at me quizzically. "Yep, anaphase." With a slight twitch of her lips she wrote it down before handing me slide two.

After as short of a look as possible, I pulled back, "Prophase."

Her lips quirked, "Mind if I check?" Fighting the sudden urge to turn red, I pushed the microscope towards her. As she reached out to grab it our fingers touched. I instinctively yanked my hand away, holy shit! her fingers were freezing. "I'm sorry," she said glancing away at the slide. "Of course, prophase," she agreed, writing it down.

We proceeded to finish the next four slides the same way, and even though we effectively did each slide twice we finished long before any other group was even close. Which left me sitting in an uncomfortable silence beside her, wondering what the conditions of our truce were. I glanced over to notice at her staring at me, frustrated. As I looked away, I pondered what I'd seen. Her brow furrowed, not exactly angry, but not content. And her eyes, they were golden, not the same flat black that they'd been when we'd first met.

Before I could mention what I'd noticed, Mr. Pofe walked towards our table. He sighed, after looking at our finished assignment. "Ms. Swan, don't you think that you should have allowed Mr. Cullen to put in some effort?" He stared over the tops of his glasses towards me, disapprovingly.

"Edward completed four out of eight actually."

He now looked at me, appraising, "You've done this lab in Phoenix."

It wasn't exactly a question, but I answered anyways, "Close enough, yes." He turned and walked away, but not before I heard him mumble about how it was a good thing Bella and I were partners.

I decided, to hell with it all, and decided to be brave. "So Isabella..."

She interrupted me, "Please, call me Bella, and yes?"

"Uh," I tried not to look directly at her, it was like looking into the sun, it could blind you. "Were you sick or something? These past weeks I mean."

"Or something, that covers it," she looked grim, staring into nothingness before she glanced at me with a wry smile. "Sucks the snow all melted, huh?" I stared at her, it was almost comical, she sounded like someone trying to fake an accent that they're not used to, completely ridiculous. Scratch that, she sounded like a little kid trying to fit in with the older children, trying to talk cool. I'd noticed that about her, the way she spoke sounded like the word choices from old movies combined with modern. It was too...proper.

She was looking at me funny, oh, shit, she'd asked a question, I racked my brain trying to remember what it was. Something about the weather, that amused me, was she forcing herself to make small talk? "Not really." I left it at that, letting her figure out how weird and abnormal I was for herself.

"You don't like snow?"

I snorted, "Don't like is understating it. Snow, wet, cold; not my kind of thing."

She started at me like I was a dimwit, "Then, forgive me for asking, why would you come to Forks? The coldest, wettest place on continental U.S.?"

I shrugged, "It's a long story."

She gestured around the class where our classmates were struggling over the assignment, "We've got plenty of time."

I gave a small hesitant laugh, shrugging, "My mom got remarried, I decided to move in with my dad, long story short"

She looked at me sympathetically, making me feel like a complete retard. "That doesn't sound too complex, you're step dad must be a real jerk, huh?"

I looked at her surprised, "No, not really. Phil's cool." I thought about it, realizing how she took my words were how most people would. She gave me a confused glance, forcing me to explain. "He's a baseball player, he travels a lot. If I was at home in Florida, then Renee couldn't go with him. "I shrugged, "So I came to Forks with Charlie." I felt completely idiotic. I was talking to the girl I'd kill for and was whining about my life. But I didn't know why I felt like this with her, sure, she was beautiful, but I'd met quite a few beautiful girls in Phoenix, and beauty didn't stop someone from being a complete bitch. But Bella seemed….nice, when I ignored the fact that she hated my guts on sight and now seemed to be forcing herself to talk to me.

She tilted her head, studying me quizzically, "You hate it here." It wasn't a question so I didn't give it an answer, I just shrugged again. Awkwardly, I drew circles on the cover of my notebook, looking anywhere besides the frustrated, gorgeous girl beside me. I risked a glance toward her in time to see her mouth open in preparation for another question when the bell ringed.

I got up as fast as possible without appearing rude. I'd been raised to be nice to girls, I'm sure leaping away from one would be insulting. Some habits are hard to get rid of. But then again, I liked this girl, why did I not want to be around her. I gave her an apologetic smile, which she returned before walking out of the class, watching my feet to make sure that I didn't trip and go sprawling. Because that sounds like something that would happen to me.

Damn it, why was I, Edward Swan, awkward around this girl?

And that's Chapter five! Hope you enjoyed it! I meant to put it up on xmas, but things got in the way. I'm kind of bothered by how this story goes off of Twilight so much. Yes, I know it's a fanfic, but I'm debating on whether to change up the course of events. Any thoughts?