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Author's Note: This story is set several years after Edward leaves Bella in New Moon. AU from there. I hope to show here as more well adjusted and matured, having at some point gotten over Edward as best she can. Not beta'd.

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By day I'm known as…well I'm not really known at all, my penname is though, Black Swan; the author of the most popular up and coming book series since Harry Potter. What can I say, I have a wild imagination and girls ages 12 to 24 just soak up stories of werewolves and their epic battle to vanish their not so mortal enemies, vampires.

By night I'm Bella Swan, 24, mild manner part time employee of a simple video rental store in Seattle. I know, I've got the Superman complex backwards but what can I say? I'm not normal.

No, I take that back. I'm completely normal. If it wasn't for the company I still keep I'd have long ago assumed my 'wild imagination' was just that, make believe. Unfortunately the once a month visits from a certain wolf made it impossible to forget. It was fun seeing how quickly I could make Jacob lose control, it didn't take much to make him hulk out, even after all these years.

Still, whether as a wolf or man he always stares at me with those sad eyes, the same sad eyes Charlie had, Renee had-even Phil. It was the reason I limited the number of visits I allowed him, the reason why I'd moved out, lived here, away from them all. I could only take so much pity.

"Hey Bells, I'm going to run for food, you want anything?" James, my coworker questioned. It had only taken Jacob Black saying my nickname once for everyone at the store to pick it up. Especially James. Of course the fact that he was annoying was the only thing that reminded me of a certain vampire of the same name.

"Bell-a." I sounded out, as if speaking with a child. "Two syllables, five letters, is it really so impossible for you to learn?" I questioned, half joking, half serious, it bugged me, but I wasn't really upset-there were far worse things I could be called.

A flashed smirk was his first reply, "Naw, you know, if you didn't let it get to you, we wouldn't use it." He had a good point there, perhaps I ought to pretend it didn't bother me, maybe they'd get bored with it. "You never answered my question Bells."

Gritting my teeth I mentally counted to five while James continued to grin-one day that brunette was going to get it. "Yeah.." Once he told me where he was going I didn't waste any time writing down my order, I was hungry after all. Soon after James was out the door and for the twenty or so minutes it would take him to reach the nearest burger joint, I was manning the store alone…or was it womaning? Would personing be politically correct? Bah. I was a woman and the term didn't bother me so manning it was.

So my mind wanders a little bit, so what? I'm a writer, it's supposed to wander.

Thankfully Murphy didn't rear his ugly head, the store wasn't busy at all while I was short a worker, James arrived back long before our evening rush would set in though I couldn't help but question the almost bewildered expression on his features. "What is it?" I expected some ridiculous response-this was James after all.

"Who's driving the Lambo?" And a ridiculous response I received.

"What is a Lambo? And how does one drive it?" I asked for clarification, only half interested, after all I had a 5 guys petite burger to devour, and by petite I mean a quarter pounds-I don't know how anyone finished the regular sized burgers.

"Lamborghini." He elaborated as if I were some heathen, "The car? You know, expensive, Italian made?" He pointed out one of the several large pane glass windows towards the back of the parking lot. We weren't a huge store, so there was only parking for twenty or so cars, which meant I didn't have to squint to see what he was talking about. If nothing else I recognized the car for it's unusual shape compared to American models, and the fact that it was clearly a sports car. Turning around to face the store James and I started the silent game of match the customer to their car.

We spent the entire night looking but no one seemed to fit the bill, nor did anyone ever leave in the vehicle, every time we glanced over a shoulder out the window, the midnight blue car was still parked. Eventually we reasoned someone must have parked here, and walked the block or two to a heavier business area of town-still I couldn't see someone owning something that expensive and leaving it sit out in the open-neither could James.

Come closing time I left a note for the girl who was opening the store the next day, Kathryn was nice enough, but she'd have to have the sport's car towed-we weren't a parking garage after all. "Come on Bells. I'm sure the car will be gone in the morning, they're probably just out late."

"James we close at midnight…how late could they be?" I couldn't believe I was arguing with him over whether or not to let Kat know the vehicle was parked overnight and thus needed to be towed.

He gave me his best attempt at puppy dog eyes-and while he did fail, I still sighed, crumpling up the half written note and tossing it in the trash. "If it's still there tomorrow night it's getting towed either way." He smirked in victory and I shook my head at his antics.

Closing up didn't take too long, after we set the alarm and locked the doors we headed for our cars. James drove a two thousand something cobalt while I drove a ninty something geo prism. According to the running joke at work, it was a go cart. Still, it got me where I needed to go, usually, and being so small I could park it just about anywhere-in a large city like Seattle that was a huge benefit. Tossing my purse onto the passenger seat, I waved night to James before turning to start my car.

Remember Murphy I mentioned earlier? Well apparently he remembered to mess with me, so my semi reliable vehicle gave a groan when I keyed the ignition. I grimaced when the engine refused to turn over. Sighing a leaned back-I'd learned years ago that there was no point getting frustrated, at least not easily. Don't sweat the small stuff and all that. A knock on glass startled me and I glared at James, rolling down the passenger window to his laughter at my expense. "It's not funny." I all but grumbled.

"Need a ride?" It wouldn't be the first time, and I doubted the last, nodding I pulled the key from the ignition and grabbed my purse. It was at this point that I noticed the simple white envelope sitting on the passenger sit-it was slightly damaged now, thanks to my purse, but still, not supposed to be there.

As James went to get back into his car, expecting me to follow, I picked up the offending envelop and all but glared it into submission as I too relocated to the Cobalt.

"What's that?" James question, rightfully curious, the envelope didn't lay flat, as it would if there were a letter inside, but was bugled outward, clearly something was held within.

"Not sure." I mumbled, and upon prodding explained where I'd found it, knowing I'd receive teasing for it.

I wasn't wrong.

Deciding it best to end the teasing I tore an end open carefully and tilted the evelope to allow a single key to fall into my hand, there was a letter as well, and while I was preoccupied pulling it out James offered to take the random key. I wasn't entirely sure what to think, it was unusual-no that wasn't right, I know what I ought to be thinking but I gave that up years ago, logic dictated my mind, not whimsical want.

There was only one letter in the letter, as redundant as that sounded. Gauging from the size, probably size twenty or so font, making it impossible to miss, and yet in a plain font. Just an "E". I knew what it meant right away, no matter how desperately I'd been trying to deny it. Had a certain someone foreseen my car stalling? Did a certain someone feel the need to provide transportation for me out of the goodness of his unbeating heart? Or had he been made to by the first certain someone?

As I crumpled the paper out of anger James all but hyperventilated in the seat beside me. "Is… is this…"

Deciding to spare him the aneurism I spoke up, "It appears to be." Before I could glance over he was out of his seat. I'd honestly never seen him run so fast. James was across the parking lot in a heartbeat, inside the 'Lambo' in no time flat. Sighing, and not for the first time mentally counting to calm myself I too made my way across the parking lot, climbing into the passenger seat.

"It's YOURS." James rather loudly informed me, all but shoving several papers into my lap. I recognized some, proof of ownership, insurance, registration, some others I didn't. "Who the HELL gives you a Lambo?!" I knew he didn't mean it the way it sounded, just who gave someone like me, someone normal, such a gift.

"Maybe it was a mistake." I offered, not sharing his enthusiasm in the least, he probably just thought I was in shock, I wasn't.

He snorted at the explanation, "Expensive mistake." No he was dead set on believing the car was meant for me.

"Stupid gift." I countered, I parked on the street, this thing would be damaged, or stolen in a night. Seattle was a safe city, but not that safe.

He frowned at me, but clearly couldn't be calmed down by my bad mood, "Can I turn it on, please say yes Bells-Bella, Bella Swan. I will never call you Bells again." He swore and I rolled my eyes but nodded, might as well let him enjoy the toy, he'd hate me when I got rid of it. I did not need this.

He all but squealed when the engine came to life and for a moment I was upset I hadn't recorded the sound on my phone to use as blackmail later. "Just once around the block Bella, please?" He begged and a thought struck me.

"You're apartments have a parking structure right?" He nodded, clearly not seeing where I was going with this. "Why don't I drive your car, and you drive this? We'll park the Cobalt and then you can drive me home, park this thing in your garage." It may not have been the fastest plan on getting home, but at least both the sports car, and James' Cobalt would end up safe and sound in the parking structure over night. Tomorrow I could find out how to resell, or return this thing. Maybe I'd just ebay it.