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I woke to the sound of pounding on my door, groaning I stiffly moved to sit up, the couch may have been comfortable to rest on, but spending the night and…apparently most of the next day on it wasn't such a bright idea. Then again it wasn't as if I'd chosen to do so.

The pounding didn't let up, nor did the frantic voice calling out to me, "Bella…Bella! Open this door right now or I'm breaking it down!"

Again. I mentally added. If I put the face to the voice right then well, it would just by the fifth time Jacob Black broke my door. "Jake just hold on!" I shouted, hoping he heard my over…well over his own noise really, last thing I wanted was another broken door. Sure Jake would fix it but that would take time and I really didn't want to explain this to my landlord…again. At least with my shout he'd stopped abusing my poor, poor door.

I was up and staggering across the living room in seconds, unlatching the lock that I knew would be easily broken if someone really wanted in my apartment, and I wasn't even talking about the supernatural beings I knew.

Clearly waiting for me, Jacob stood there in all his glory arms crossed over his massive chest, glaring at me as best he could. Thankfully I knew Jacob could never really be angry at me, especially not now, not with what he knew. "I'm sorry Jake." I commented, doing my best to look just that, sorry, glancing down and not meeting his gaze. He melted, I knew it.

A sigh escaped and I knew I had him as he nudged me back and allowed himself to enter before shutting the door behind himself, "Bella you had me….I've got the pack running half way across the state looking for you ya know." I smiled a little, Jacob had done a lot of growing up, he'd taken his place as Alpha and Sam had gladly stepped aside. The older male had done what was needed to lead the pack, but he was much better suited as a Beta. I was glad that awkward summer was over. There had been so much tension between those two before they both realized they wanted essentially the same thing.

"I'm sorry." I apologized again, moving back to my couch, waiting as Jacob followed and sat down beside me, sitting in the same spot that-

"Bella." I knew that growl, of course he knew, I'm surprised he hadn't smelt it earlier.

I squirmed, much as I wanted to lie and say I was just shifting, it was definitely a squirm, "Jake it's alright it was-"

"A Cullen." He supplied, well I had thought that would ease his anger, it wasn't a hostile vampire that had entered my apartment. Clearly he wasn't as comforted as I had been, "Was it-"

"No." I cut him off, hey he had done it first, besides, we didn't speak his name. I didn't want to remember him, didn't want to think about him. Crap. When did he become him? No, no, no! He was that certain someone, that person. Genderless, faceless, nameless, that was the way he ought to stay. Argh! I said he again!

"Who was it?" Jake broke me from my thoughts and I couldn't help the sigh that escaped. Jacob and I had been friends now for years, he knew just about everything that had gone on between me and the Cullens, just as I knew all of his wolf related secrets. He had told me before that the reason the treaty ever came about was because the Cullens smelled different to his ancestors, still smelled different from other vampires.

He'd described it to me before, most vampires smelt of death, decay, they were vile and reeked of blood. The Cullens, according to Jacob, still stank but didn't smell as bad. They didn't smell of death, of murder, and while they did carry the scent of blood it wasn't human and since the wolves consumed raw food on more than one occasion it wasn't an entirely appalling smell. According to Jacob anyway. Similarly I knew that the Cullens hadn't been around long after the wolves started appearing, thus none of Jacob's packmates could tell the difference between each Cullen's individual scent.

"Jasper." I answered, having procrastinated as long as possible. As I mentioned, we'd shared just about everything, I could see him tensing up-I really didn't want to have to get a new couch because he wolfed out. "Jacob it's okay!"

"Bella he tried to kill you!" He argued, though it was an old argument, one we hadn't had for years, it seemed the reappearance of the involved party had brought it back up.

"It's okay Jake, he was fine. I mean I hugged him and he wasn't even affected." I wasn't sure after I mentioned that whether Jacob would be consoled, or angrier at my action.

After a few seconds he sighed, slowly beginning to relax, "Only you Bella…would throw yourself at a vampire that tried to kill you." He'd gotten used to my quirks I guess. It was easy to see he was still upset, but seeing that I was fine, or as fine as could be expected, he couldn't really complain. "So? What did the leech want?" I had known Jacob long enough to tell there was no malice in his words, but that he wasn't entirely happy either.

Again I hesitated, though knew I couldn't escape, as my current company could track me down by scent and had reminded me of this fact on several occasions. "Apparently Victoria is close by…or on her way." After the pack had chased her off she seemed to have given up-of course them nearly tearing her apart in the process may have had something to do with it. Jacob made it a point to have members of the pack patrol the city regularly just to be sure.

One would think a monstrous wolf would stand out in Seattle, but they were surprising good at staying out of sight. Unless of course they were hungry, and honestly when weren't they; and they decided to drop in for a home cooked meal, then they were impossible to miss.

Jacob was letting this information sink in, I could tell, read him like a book. He was trying to decide whether or not to shift forms and contact the pack. I waved my cell phone in front of him to break him from his thoughts. "You could just call Sam." Yes technology. "But I don't want them all stuck watching the city for a threat that may or may not be coming."

"Bella this is your safety we're talking about." He half growled and snatched the phone from my grasp before I could decide to keep it from him.

"You're right. My safety. No one else needs to be involved with this Jacob." Another age old argument, though before, when Victoria had last been around, the situation hadn't been what it now was. It was different now, everything was different now. He only glared at me as he spoke with Sam on the other end of the line.

Sighing I moved to stand, if he was here I might as well go start dinner, it was around that time anyway and I mentally kicked myself for zoning out all night and day like that. Perhaps on a full stomach Jacob would be more reasonable. Ha. He was never full.

I was nearly done with a simple spaghetti dinner for three and a half when Jacob finally gave up my phone and moved to set the table. "You missed work." He commented, not angry or accusing, just informing.

I cursed and he smiled, I didn't do it often, I'd forgotten about work, Jake was my emergency contact number so of course he knew, it explained why he'd come looking for met at least. Jennifer was going to kill me! I was supposed to close tonight so I was only…six hours late. Groaning I turned to grab my phone, certain they'd left messages wondering where I was increasing in anger and violent threats. The stupid wolf held my phone out of reach. "Bella, you missed your shift, go in tomorrow and explain things, I'm sure they'll understand." By explain things we both knew he meant lie through my teeth and grudgingly I had to agree, calling in now would do little good. They were probably angry, worried, or a mix of both. Tomorrow things would have had a night to cool down.

We were seated and eating before too long, me mostly pushing food around on my plate and Jacob making sure nothing went to waste. "What did you tell Sam?" I was curious, even if I had tried to give him a bit of privacy.

"Don't worry about it." He answered and gave me a look that promised he'd force feed me if I didn't start eating. I did, but not without complaint.

"Jacob, so help me, if I see more wolves around here than normal I'll call animal control on you." It was an age old threat but I meant it, I didn't want them hurt, not because of me. Couldn't he see it was pointless? If not Victoria, than a car, if not a car than a disease, a stroke or-No no, no sense thinking of that right now. I was human and humans died, that was all there was to it.

He only shrugged muscled shoulders in response.

After dinner Jacob returned my phone, allowing me to make several important phone calls, family, friends and Mark too-I had hung up rather abruptly with him after all. Afterward he stuck around and I didn't have the heart to tell him to leave, didn't want to be left alone with my thoughts again so we ended up watching one of the new movies I'd brought home from work.

It was just another thing that attracted wolves to my home, I got the new movies a week before they came on dvd for the public. Being who they were, most didn't get out to the movie theatre much, so it wasn't uncommon for a few to drop by and watch a movie, with or without me. It was nice, and comforting in small doses and Jacob made sure they didn't suffocate me.

After all, I could only take so much of their pity.

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