Here's the sequel to Where I'm from, hope everyone enjoys it. I'm watching the Chimera episode (my fav) I don't know just thought I'd throw that out there. Anyways sorry it took so long and I hope you enjoy.

Two weeks had passed since that night in the bull-pin when they had all learned of Abby's pregnancy and they had all been asked their own final request by their brother, son, best friend, and in the case of Abigail Scuito; their lover.


"Hey Abbs," Gibbs said to her as he walked into her unusually quite lab

"Hi Gibbs," she said never taking her eyes off her computer. This had become the new "normal" for Abby. Very rarely did she ask questions or even say anything unless they asked her opinion. Needless to say they had all started to worry about her and her baby. He had become used to her new routine now seeing as how she had stayed with Jen and himself since the whole thing had happened.

He walked over to her and sat her drink in front of her hand, he noticed the tears in her eyes as he leaned over and kissed her forehead. "It's okay Abby." He said as he hugged her; this was the first time he'd seen her cry in a week, but he knew he should have seen it coming, with her coming back to work and the hormones that come with the baby.

"I don't know if I can do this without him?"

"Abby, just because he's not here, doesn't mean that were not hear for you, we love you, you know that. You're Not Alone Abby." He made each word perfectly clear. They were interrupted by the sound of her lab doors opining.

"Oh Gibbs, I'm sorry, I did not realize you were down here." Ziva said as she stepped into the lab. "I just wanted to see if Abby wanted to go to lunch?"

"Go Abbs it might make you feel a little better to get out of here." He said as he kissed her head and walked her to the door.


Gibbs walked up the steps running a hand through his short silver hair, debating what he needed to do now. As he walked into the office of the one he needed most, the one that he loved. As he walked through her office, he nodded to her secretary sitting there looking at him with questioning eyes. She would be the first to say that since the loss of one of his agents he hasn't been as much like himself, seeing as how the director's door was still intact. "Go on in Agent Gibbs." She said to him as he walked on through and opened to door to see her sitting at her desk, glasses perched on the end of her nose, reading case reports as if her life depended on them.

"Hey Jen," he walked over to her chair and began to massage her shoulders as she finally put down the papers she had been reading all morning.

"Jethro," she waited before asking her question, "How's she doing?"

"I don't know Jen, I don't know if she was really ready to come back to work or not. She broke down in the lab, Ziva took her to lunch, and I'm hoping it will help her to get out. I'm hoping that she can really do this without him. I mean I know that she can, but I'm hoping that she knows that she can do this without him. I mean..." Jen put a finger to his lips quieting him for at least a minute.

"Jethro, we know that she can, and as long as we keep thinking that she's going to be okay. You know I'm wondering if I should start worrying when you start rambling like she does." She laughed as she saw him smile. "I thought I might see if Jackie will bring Anna over this weekend; Abby always loved to take her out, thought maybe it might help."

"It's worth a try." He said as he kissed her lips and walked towards the door, "Love you Jen."

"Love you too, Jethro." She laughed to herself as she watched her 'boyfriend' jog out of her office,

"What do I tell him?" she asked herself before looking back down at her papers, but letting her mind wonder somewhere else.


"Hey Abbs, your back soon."

"Wasn't very hungry, I'm sorry Gibbs."

"Abby, you have nothing to apologies for.

"I shouldn't have said what I said earlier, I know that I have all of you all behind me, I know how much you all love me and this baby. I also know how much you loved Tim, I know you'll take care of us." She said finished and wrapped her arms around him.

"We do love you Abby."

"I know Gibbs thank you. So I don't have anything yet but I will soon. Tony just brought me the samples a few minutes ago and…." He put a hand over her mouth to silence her;

"Chill Abbs; how would you like to take Anna out this weekend?"

"Aww a day with the little director sounds awesome, and maybe just what I need. Thanks Gibbs."

"Thank Jen." He kissed her cheek before walking out, things were as close to 'normal' as they were ever going to get around here, and there wasn't anything he was willing to change about it…well maybe one thing.


Next chapter up next week; let's see what Abby's does on her day off with the 'little director'??? And what does Jenny have to tell Gibbs that's so important???

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