Sooo, after like a three year hiatus, I'm back to finish the second instalment of the "Where I'm From" series. Following the lives of our favorite NCIS team and director; at this point Gibbs and Jenny have three kids and Abby has a daughter fathered by the wonderfully charming Timothy McGee who for the purposes of this story may he RIP. So after a long enough wait...onward we go.

This is dedicated to the wonderful Henri Jane, who without her this story would probably still be on hold. Thank you for the push in the right direction.

And lastly, as I said, it has been three years, so my writing style has changed some (hopefully for the better), I'm sorry if it messes with the flow of the story.

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The kids:

KJ (Caitlyn Jennifer)-Abby and Tim's daughter

Jaylen Kelly- Gibblet #1

Jaycob Timothy- Gibblet #2

Jayden Cassidy- Gibblet #3

Three years later:

Tony DiNozzo laughed as he watched the four little ones playing hide and seek around the bullpen; their laughter echoed through the building. The oldest of the four smiled at him as she ran up to his leg, pushing it out of the way as she and two of her cousins crawled under his desk.

Winking at her he looked at Jaycob and quickly slipped to the floor on his hands and knees joining the strawberry blond toddler, who looked at his uncle with an exasperated expression.

"Where'd they go buddy?" The little Gibbs simply looked at him and shrugged his shoulders, "You're so much like your father."

"That a bad thing, DiNozzo?"

Jumping up and dusting off his suite, he smiled slightly, "No, of course not boss."

Jethro Gibbs bent over, picking up the little man who had reached for him the moment he had come within his sight. He slowly walked to his senior agent's desk, squatting in the floor, and placing his son on his knee. "Hi girls,"

Two giggling voice answered him back, "Hi daddy," and his niece smiled at him.

"Come on out girls, your mom and aunt Abby will be here soon." As if on queue the elevator dinged, and the teams forensic scientist stepped off.

The young black pig-tail clad child ran up to her mother, jumping in her arms, "Momma!"

"Hello sweet angel, were you behaving for uncle Tony and uncle J?"

"Of course she was Abbs," Gibbs leaned in and kissed her cheek, before doing the same to his niece

"Wonderful. Well, I'm leaving early today, so we will meet you at your house for dinner?"

"Family cookout night!" Jaylen and Tony said in unison, fist's in the air, causing everyone to smile.

Abby smiled slightly as she watched her little girl run through all the stones, to be only three, KJ was almost too comfortable in the cemetery.

"Momma, find me." her smile widened as she saw the small black pig-tails duck behind the statue only a few feet away.

"I found you baby girl!" The small giggling, had Abby grinning from ear to ear, despite the circumstances.

Picking up her daughter, they walked till she arrived at his stone. It was covered with flowers, pictures, and a quote that read "forever our friend, always our hero". Abby gently sat KJ down next the grave.

It broke her heart to hear the young girl mumbling to the stone, "Dadda,"

"Oh Tim, we miss you, it's been three years. I know we visit you every week, but nothing's harder than today. It's so hard being without you; not only with KJ but with the Gibblets, the team, work, everything. They say things will get easier with each day and some day's they are, but nothings going to make it go away. I need you." She wiped away the tears that she couldn't hold back.

The weight of her daughters body, shook her from her trance, "No cry momma, no cry." she patted her face in a three year old attempt to wipe away her tears. Her little heart so full of gold, just like her daddies.

Grabbing her hand and kissing it lightly, "I'm sorry baby,"

"Momma miss Dada?"

"Yeah beautiful, I miss your daddy. He would have loved you so much...he does love you."

"KJ wove dada." her pudgy hand blew a kiss over her shoulder before grabbing her mothers face between her hands; "KJ wove momma"

Hugging her daughter close, she allowed herself to cry a few more tears. It had been there years to the day since he had passed away, leaving a family, a job, a girlfriend, and a daughter behind. Nothing had been the same, the team had learned how to cope, though she often saw the looks cast in the direction of his desk when things got particularly hard.

She struggled every day, though each a little less, but the hurt would never go away completely. After about a year and a half, the music had come back on in the lab, and she was back to her short skirts and boots. And with the help of her family, her genuine smile and laugh had returned not long after the birth of their daughter. Caitlyn had been a new light in her life, and as many would agree, she never would have made it without her.

She was her father inside and out, she definitely has an attitude like her mother, but her heart, brains, and compassion, was all Timmy.

The sound of her stomach growing reminded her of the time and their dinner plans.

"Shall we go join the rest of the family for dinner Katie?" with the talk of her cousins, her uncles, her aunts, and food, KJ jumped up from her moms arms, before reaching over and pressing a kiss to her fathers name and running off towards the car.

Turning so she could see her daughter, she took one look back at the flowers from the team and the stone that held his memory and her heart. "We love you Timmy," and for the first time, as she walked away, she was smiling.

"Uncle Toe, put down!" The oldest of the Gibblet children screeched as she was lifted into the air

"Pshhhttt, come in command, I have a small blond plane to land, pshhhtt, please come in."

"Auntie Z, help!" The little girl screamed through her laughter, "Help!"

Picking up Jayden who had just come in the room, she looked at the Italian, "You are on your own Ahava." She would never get tired of seeing him with the kids; it brought out something special in him.

"We ask that all little girls buckle their seat belts as we are coming in for a landing." Spinning a couple more times, the very special agent lightly threw the young girl on the couch before he sunk down beside her, each in their own fit of laughter. Grinning up at his partner "No one can land that plane like I did."

"That was a Flight reference, yes, Denzel Washington?"

Winking at her, "Correct Il mio angelo, you're learning."

She rolled her eyes before handing over Jayden and picking up her red faced sister; "Gibbs said dinner would be ready in half an hour, I am going to take Jaylen to wash up, and I will meet you outside, yes?"

"Of course my little ninja." he kissed her and both the strawberry blonds on the cheek before heading through the kitchen and out the back door to join the rest of his family.

The Gibbs back yard had become home to family dinners and get-togethers. With enough room for a football game, an enormous playground that could easily occupy all four kids at the same time, plus plenty of space for a large family sized picnic table that held its fair share of memories.

So Abby wasn't surprised when she walked on the back porch to see her entire family scattered around. The minute she had sat her daughter down she had ran to join Jaycob and Jaylen where they sat listening to a story from their grandfather.

She could see Tony in the far corner of the yard manning the grill, or rather he seemed to be burning what was on it. She was thankful for the soft smile that crossed her face as he began to use the spatula as a microphone for his Sean Connery impersonations.

Her two best friends sat in Gibbs's hand carved chairs as the red head cradled her youngest baby, who was dozing against her mothers chest. Though she was as happy-go-lucky as her siblings, she was born less developed causing her to tire more easily, and when that happened there was no one else she wanted more than Jenny.

Abby was startled out of her thoughts when Gibbs placed his arm around her shoulder, pulling her against him, "You okay Abbs?"

Looking around she knew that something would always be missing, but she also knew that he was never coming back. He had never intended to leave her so suddenly or at all, but when he did, he made sure that she was left with a family and a support system to take care of her.

She tightened her arms around his waist, "Yeah Gibbs, yeah, I'm okay."

"You sure? How was your visit?"

"It was good, probably the best one yet." her heart leaped as she heard the laughter of her daughter as she rested in the arms of her aunt. "He's gone Gibbs, but he's never truly gone. As Ducky said in the hospital the day the kids were born, 'we all live on in the lives of these children' I can see Tim in KJ a little more every day. He's always here. "

"Proud of you,"

"Couldn't have done it without you...without any of you"

He pulled her tight, kissing the top of her head, "That's what family's for Abby."

She smiled at him as he let her go, descending down the steps to meet his wife, kissing her softly and taking their now waking daughter.

Everyone had gathered around the table, Tony was still attempting his impressions with cooking utensils, " Hey, Ryan, be careful what you shoot at. Most things in here don't react too well to bullets." which was doing noting more than making the kids laugh and annoying Ziva.

She was deep in thought when the soft grip brought her back to the present. "Momma"

"Hi baby,"

The soft expression on her face was so much like her fathers, "Eat?"

"Yeah Katie, lets eat." With their eyes bright, smiles that stretched across their faces, and laughter that lit up the expressions of all of those around the table. they ran to join their family.

After drying the last plate and sitting it in the cabinet, he heard his wife enter the kitchen behind him. "Kids asleep?"

"Yep, they were exhausted, Jaycob put up about a fifteen minute fight crying for you, but he eventually cried himself to sleep."

Taking her hand, and cutting of the kitchen lights behind them, he led her up the stairs to their bedroom, "Good, did you have fun tonight?"

"It was great, I think that was the best family dinner we've had in a long time; everyone looked so happy."

"I think that was the first time that everyone's been truly happy since McGee died Jen" He quickly pulled his old Marines shirt over his head, tossing it in the laundry basket in the corner

"I don't know what you did to her Jethro, but it worked."

"I didn't do anything, I think she just figured out what Ducky was trying to tell us all in the hospital the day the triplets and KJ were born, Tim's a part of us all. Their love lives on."

Jenny walked over to him, wrapping her arms around his neck, successfully leaving him in nothing more than his bare feet and lose fitting work jeans and kissed his lips; "Our love lives on."

And that's the end of "The Where I'm From/Love Lives On Saga. Thank you for all of those who have stood by this story till the end. And I will have a new multi chapter story up within the next couple weeks. You lovelies are the best XOXOXO