Thanksgiving Surprise




WhyMustI Write

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This is dedicated to WhyMustIWrite, who is one of the best Kakashi Iruka friend shippers posting on this site.


Holidays always got to him. Luckily he knew just what to do. "I need a mission."
Kakashi walked towards the Mission Room like a ninja on, well, a mission.

After standing in line for a few minutes Kakashi was handed a scroll by Iruka. He noticed that Iruka looked a touch too pleased with himself. Dread started to fill Kakashi's mind. What had he done? Naruto was still of sound body and mind. He hadn't read his beloved Icha Icha in front of any impressionable minds recently. Kakashi looked down at the mission scroll and noticed his hand shaking slightly. This wouldn't do. He was the Copy Ninja. He wasn't afraid of an Academy teacher.

Kakashi turned to leave, scroll held in one tightly clenched hand, when Iruka called out to him. "Kakashi-sensei. I was told to tell you that that mission needs to be started immediately."

Kakashi stopped dead in his tracks. All the other ninja pretended not to pay attention while Kakashi broke the scroll seal and read his mission orders. Kakashi paled, which considering his skin tone was quite a feat. The other ninja stopped pretending and were now staring openly. "For a hundred people! I can barely feed myself. Are they trying to torture me or the orphans? What the hell is the meaning of this?" Kakashi choked out.

Iruka looked cool as a cucumber. "Tsunade-sama said that you needed to relax. That cooking was relaxing. And that you were going to damned well relax cooking a damned good Thanksgiving meal!"


"Did Tsunade really say that?" asked a brave ninja after Kakashi left the Mission Room in a rather dazed manner.

"No." said Iruka with an air of finality and a rather scary smirk.


The End

Author Note:

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of giving and thankfulness. So I hope you enjoyed this little attempt at humor.