"Goodnight Uncle," Fire Lord Zuko said as he exited the wooden double doors to the Jasmine Dragon. His uncle, the retired general also known as the Dragon of The West, followed him down the stone steps and away from the entrance to his tea shop.

"Goodnight Prince - I mean, Fire Lord Zuko." He favored his nephew with a fatherly smile and the two shared a long, intimate embrace. When they withdrew, Zuko gazed at his uncle, beaming. The Avatar, Mai, and everyone else had long ago left the little reception that had been held in Iroh's tea shop, following Zuko's first address to the Fire Nation as their new Fire Lord. Zuko, however had stayed with his uncle and the two had talked long into the night.

Suddenly, Zuko's eyebrows knitted together. He donned a concerned expression. "Wait Uncle," he said. "If you're going to stay at the tea shop, where will you live?" Iroh smiled kindly at his nephew.

"In our old apartment. Since it will be just me living there now, I should have even more room than before."

"Are you sure you wouldn't be more comfortable back at the palace?" Iroh briefly shut his eyes and shook his head.

"No Pr-"Iroh caught himself this time. "Fire Lord Zuko, I think I will be just fine here. But thank you for asking." The Fire Lord nodded and turned as if to leave. He got no farther than mid-swing however, and spun around to face his uncle once more. He chuckled for a second.

"I...I don't know why I said all that, I guess I'm just worried that you'll be bored." Zuko moved his face away, so that only his profile was visible. Iroh walked up to his nephew and clasped a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry about a thing Zuko. I have over thirty different flavors of tea, three pai sho boards, and all the lovely ladies in Ba Sing Se to keep me company. How could I be bored?" Zuko chuckled again.

"I guess you're right." Slowly, Zuko began walking away from his uncle and the teashop and into the night.

"I will see you next week Fire Lord Zuko. Spirits know you'll need help with all the paperwork." Smiling to himself, Iroh ambled up the stone steps and back into the Jasmine Dragon. He turned off all the lights and exited back out the double doors, closing them and then locking them. Hands in his pockets, Iroh strolled all the way back to his apartment, softly whistling 'It's a long, long way to Ba Sing Se'on and off. His whistling finally stopped for good when he made it to the door of his apartment room. He entered, but did not turn on the light. He made his way towards his sleeping quarters, and saw that a figure already occupied his mattress. A feminine figure.

"You're late," came the sultry voice that belonged to the figure.

"I was...delayed. The Fire Lord offered me a room in the palace. He thought I might get bored here." Several seconds passed until both Iroh and the figure broke out in boisterous laughter.

"Shall I light this candle?" the figure asked after the laughter had died down. In the dark, Iroh's lips cracked into a grin.

"You can light any candle you want." After a sharp brushing sound, the face of Jun the bounty hunter became visible in the dim light of a solitary red candle. She had on a silky nightdress, and in her lap rested her fierce-looking bullwhip.

"I see you brought the whip," Iroh said, delighted. "Excellent choice."

Jun licked her lips, her eyes dancing all over Iroh's new, toned physique. "Come to mama Uncle Muscles!"

Author's Note: The name 'Uncle Muscles' is not mine. I read it online and borrowed it from that forum. I tip my hat however to the clever soul who invented it.

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