UCK!! Guys, I am sooo depressed! I thought I might as well tell you why I haven't updated any of my stories in like twenty years… So here we go.

Well, my laptop went like berserk and I couldn't start it up. Every time I tried to get it to start it would go the black screen of doom and tell me to select a way of starting up. When I select one, it would not work and rinse and repeat. Yeah. It sucked.

So I brought it into the swap room place at school where they fix our laptops, and I was informed it would be wiped. Completely. No more hard drive. The only things that would survive are the things that were on the teacher drives and on the personal H drive things that are backed up regularly.

Guess who's stupid enough to save everything to her desktop?

So yeah. I was devastated for like 4 months. And here we are.

I've decided I'm finally gunna try to rewrite the next chapter. The worst part is the fact that I was practically done and I was about to post it when my computer started spazing out. And it was like super long too! God, Imma kill myself .

Anyways, thought I'd let you all know. Yeah. Seeya 'round, sorry 'bout the delay. :)