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"Go!" Robin roared as the villain threw an attack at his head and he artfully ducked.

Raven instantly flew onwards. He could easily take care of himself. Beast Boy's caw drew her attention and Raven let out an inaudible sigh. Starfire was no longer within their ranks, leaving Cyborg's left side open for potential attacks as he continued to run forward to catch the newest villain whose sole purpose seemed to be causing havoc and mayhem.

Subtly moving herself, and Raven forced her shield to encompass a larger perimeter to protect directly above Cyborg and the flying rubble and random bomb attacks coming from the sides while Beast Boy shifted towards the front to protect Cyborg from any surprise attacks while also warning his two teammates of oncoming attacks his sharper vision could spot. This was the basic formation the three had created in times of duress after Starfire had proven unpredictable when Robin was in trouble. It proved useful and handy, especially in times like these.

"Yo! Rae! Block the exit!" Cyborg shouted as he prepared his cannon.

Seeing the logic in his plan, Raven cast the spell and let the shield of dark energy fill the tunnel's mouth. The man whom had been laughing manically stopped with a screech as he realized he had to take on the three Teen Titans popularly known for their teamwork. Before the man could fully comprehend the amount of trouble he caused for himself, Beast Boy turned into a tiger and roared to grab the villain's attention until the moment Cyborg's icy blue energy struck the villain in the chest while Raven quickly contained the impact of the energy. It would do no good after all to have the tunnel collapse on their heads.

"Right on!" Beast Boy yelped in joy as he shifted back to his human form. "We caught the baddie!"

"You know what that means!" Cyborg yelled back in joy seeing the limp form of their foe. "We the baddest!"


Raven allowed herself a small smile at the sight of her teammates messing around playfully. It wasn't often they were allowed such carefree joy during the summer, the hardest season with criminal behavior and the heat on the rise.

"I vote we get pizza!" Beast Boy cheered.

Cyborg gave a loud whoop of agreement and Raven quietly gave her consent. Cyborg grabbed the villain by the scruff of his neck while she let down the wall of dark energy. Together, the three walked into the bright sunlight and towards the local law enforcement and nearest pizza parlor.

"Thank you," Robin smiled.

Raven looked at him over her tea cup rim. She did not want to admit her confusion as to why he was thanking her, but she felt she should incase they embarrassed themselves in furthering the conversation. She still felt a twinge of regret for letting him have the upper hand.

"What did I do?" Raven asked in her monotone voice.

"Cyborg told me how you effectively covered your weak spots and stepped in as leader in light of Starfire bailing." Robin smiled before frowning slightly. "I will talk to her about that, I promise. It's not right for her to sacrifice the safety of the entire team and mission for one member."

Raven hid a smile in her hood as she heard the microscopic pout in his voice. It seemed he believed Starfire doubted his manliness. She could understand perfectly why Starfire would think so, Robin was so frail and physically weak compared to Starfire. Even though Raven knew differently to ever really think such a thing.

"If I had believed you were incapable of taking care of yourself, I too would have stayed behind." Raven finally said to counter his frown. "But I knew you could handle the situation, so I left to handle the others. I had no doubts you would come back to use relatively unhurt."

Robin glanced at her with shock, she could tell from how his cheeks moved against his mask that his eyes had widened. He seemed to be considering her for a long moment, as she knew he often did, before grinning and even laughing a little.

"Thank you for trusting me," Robin finally grinned, his good spirits restored.

"Not a problem," Raven said before she took a sip of her tea. "And also, you're welcome; however, it had more to do with the training you've been forcing us to go through to cover missing members than from any desire I had to be leader."

"I still like to give praise where it's due." Robin grinned before shaking his head.

"And, just as a side note, if you ever don't come back, I will find you, and you'll have wished you were dining with lions and bears, understood?" Raven asked, her tone flat and normal for her.

She felt a jolt of amusement and pleasure at seeing his bemused and flustered expression before she took her leave. Robin enjoyed puzzles; let him figure that one out. Before she could fully leave the sun bathed room, he touched her arm gently.

"But you're going to be the one who always saves me in the end, right?" Robin asked with a light smirk.

Smirking back, Raven answered the only way he expected and didn't expect:


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