There was this strange concept among the media and general public the Teen Titans would want to always do what they were doing. It was not until Beast Boy nearly died in a fight because of police interference and Bumblebee quit the team, so she could start a family, did the media truly understand what letting go of their heroes meant. So, the Teen Titans let go of the responsibilities that had slowly become theirs' due to their uniqueness and sense of duty and started to take what they learned to incorporate it into the world.

Starfire was going by the name Kori Anders and pushing for gay rights as well as world peace, her charity organizations and being liaison to potentially hostile alien planets. She was often seen on television with a political suaveness that still made the original Titans feel nostalgic when remembering how innocent she used to be. She had adopted many children from other planets and countries, claiming her heart were too big not to fill it with some sort of child. From the news articles it was apparent she was teaching them to love Earth as much as she did.

Beast Boy was, no surprise, an animal rights activist who commonly went by Gar. Gar being the loving, perfectly normal lover of Aquaman. Aquaman, having felt a responsibility to Atlantis had decided to remain in duty as Gar restarted his life with the help of a hologram. Last anyone checked, the two men were more than happy with their lives together and were even planning on adding a dog.

Cyborg had moved on from Bumblebee to many other strings of girls before asking another mechanical engineer in the National Security Research and Development program to marry him. The woman had accepted the proposal and the wedding has been a media circus as Titans that had assumed normal lives suddenly came out of hiding for the first time in years. Two years later, the first Titans West child was born.

And Raven and Robin?

Robin finally took over his spot as Bruce Wayne's protégé, Richard Grayson and his young, peculiar wife Raven Roe-Grayson started running circles among the intellectual elite and their expensive degrees. The dinners with socialites and sycophants gave the young couple a rush, especially when Mrs. Grayson was finally offered tenure as a professor at one of the universities. The scandal it caused among the socialites had been fuel for Mr. Grayson's amusement for months.

There still were times, however, when the odd criminal spoke of the Boy Wonder coming to save his mentor until two years later an ominous presence in dark blue and long black hair began patrolling the streets. Nightwwing introduced his presence by forcing a criminal to reconsider his actions as he lumbered past a young woman alone in the dark with a secretive smile and purple eyes.

Of course, when the social pages announced the birth of Eric Wayne Grayson, another ominous presence started to scare the low lives of Gotham away from certain areas including parks, schools and a certain neighborhood. Residents would claim until they were blue in the face an influx of ravens could be heard at night and watched their neighborhood like guardians.

All was well in the world.

And sometimes they all still saved the world.


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