Disclaimer: Harry Potter and properties don't belong to me but JK Rowling. The story contains spoiler from Philosopher Stone to Deathly Hallows so if you haven't read one of the book from Harry Potter series, you have been warned. Amber Harvancik helped edit this story. Thanks a lot for her tremendous help.Meet Me HalfwayChapter I

Romilda Vane grinned. After all of this time, Harry Potter would be finally hers. During her childhood, she had heard all the stories about Harry, the boy who lived. So coming to Hogwarts was a dream come true for her because she finally could meet with her prince charming.

Unfortunately she could only see him from afar and after trying numerous times to gain his attention she found out that he actually liked Cho Chang, that pretty Ravenclaw's girl. But now Harry had broken up with Cho so Romilda could finally get him. Especially added by this Amortentia, a potion that would guarantee Harry loved her back. She had bought it by owl delivery order.

She had planned it on her mind again and again. She would slip the potion into Harry's drink. The pamphlet said that three drops were enough. Then it would need three minutes to work so she had to corner him alone to make sure that she was the one whom Harry would see first. It was perfect. She had thought about this for a long time and very carefully.

Romilda knew that today Granger and Weasley did their prefect duties so Harry would have dinner in the Great Hall and would leave the place alone. That would give her enough time to get him.


Harry sighed. This year sucked so much, all because of that toad Umbitch. He looked at his hand and could see the wound there. The wound caused by those blood quills. Oh, one day he would get back at her. But now… he had better things to worry about such as his dream. Ever since his failure at Occlumency lessons with Snape the dream kept coming and it disturbed him.

"Hi Harry," someone interrupted him.

Harry turned and saw a girl whom he recognized as a younger class of Gryffindor. "Yeah?" he asked.

"Could you pass me that salad bowl?" she asked.

He leaned forward to do so and so he didn't see when the girl poured an entire vial of love potion into his pumpkin juice.

"Thank Harry," the girl said brightly when he handed her the bowl.

Dismissing the weird behavior as he was too occupied with his own thinking, he finished his meal quietly and drank all his pumpkin juice since he was quite thirsty.


Romilda smiled in satisfaction as she saw Harry sipping his juice. Oh yes, Harry was going to be hers. When he walked out the hall, she quickly followed him. She looked at her watch. Still one minute until the potion worked.

"Harry!" she called him.

Harry turned. "Yes?"

"I need to tell you something," she said.

"And you are…"

"Romilda. Romilda Vane." She introduced herself.

"Uhm. Okay."

She cheered inwardly. So far everything went fine. Instead of three drops the manual said she had poured an entire vial consisted of twelve drops of love potion. But that would only make Harry like her more, right? What she didn't know was the more she gave of the potion, the longer it took for it to work.

She looked at her watch again. Three seconds…two seconds…one second. Yes! She felt like screaming in victory now. She quickly looked at Harry again but to her confusion she found that there was no change in Harry's expression or behavior.

"Well," Harry began, "you said you have something to tell me."

"Uhm…I…" she began to panic now. The potion didn't work! How could this happen? Oh no, she remembered that her friends had warned her that the potion might be fake since it was only mail order. She mourned inwardly. That meant her two months allowances went away for nothing. Harry was still looking at her even though it was clear he was getting agitated now. "I want to tell you that I support your DA!" she blurted out. Everyone at school knew that Umbridge had caught Potter red handed organizing DA.

"Thanks," Harry said, smiling slightly. "Well, I have to go now. Bye."

At least the diversion worked and Harry now knew her name. He even appreciated her support. Romilda Vane went back to her room, thinking about one Harry Potter happily.


After his encounter with Vane, Harry went to the library to borrow a book to do his homework. He was on his way back to the Gryffindor common room when he met with someone whom he didn't think he would see. Lucius bloody Malfoy.

Malfoy, who had noticed his presence, sneered at him. "My, my, look at who I find here," Malfoy drawled arrogantly.

"Yeah," Harry replied. "I never thought I would see a Death Eater like you at Hogwarts."

"Watch your mouth Potter," Lucius said coldly. "Have you no manner at all? Apparently not, though of course that is understandable, since you have no family to educate you."

"You-" Harry began and trailed off suddenly. He blinked. He didn't know why or how but Lucius Malfoy suddenly looked very attractive to him. Lucius, Harry decided was a very, very good looking man, with his piercing gaze and cold aristocratic manner. And he had such a sudden urge to kiss said man and dragged him to the nearest bed. In fact, he proceeded to do so.

During his entire life, nothing surprised Lucius as much as what was happening right now. Potter, who just to a second ago was exchanging insults with him, was now locked on the lips with him and kissing him enthusiastically. What the hell was going on here? He then noticed that Potter suddenly went slack and then jumped at him.

The need of air finally forced Potter to break his kiss. Lucius could see now that Potter's eyes were glazed. This was a positive sign that the teen was under a miscalculated spell or love potion. But who was he to deny such an opportunity when it was presented to him?

So he let Potter dragged him to an empty corridor in which a door suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Of course, the famous Room of Requirement, where Potter held his little club. When he came to Hogwarts earlier, that toad woman, Umbridge had told him all about Potter's defense group. By all means, he probably hated her as much as Potter. But since she licked his boots he could tolerate her presence, for now at least. When she was no longer useful for him, he would toss her aside.

Potter wrenched the door open. The room was small and only had a bed in the middle of it. This definitely fit the purpose of Potter bringing him here. Then the teen jumped at him again, landing them on the bed. From there, everything sort of just happened. During the next hour, Lucius thought that every fantasy he ever had about a nighttime escapade had come true. Potter was truly an aggressive and wild thing in bed.

Although whether it was the potion's doing or was truly Potter's personality he didn't know. The thought of him doing this again with Potter when the teen was sober was truly ridiculous. He couldn't wait to see Potter's reaction when the teen woke up in the bed to realize that he had slept with one of his enemies. Well, that was for later. For now, Lucius went back to his task.

"Lucius…" Potter purred his name as he kissed the teen slender neck

This was good, Lucius decided. Unfortunately it would end as soon as the potion wore off.


Harry blinked. Where was he anyway? He couldn't see since he wasn't wearing his glassed. He tried to move only to wince in pain. Ouch. He felt like he had been practicing Quidditch for twenty hours non-stop.

"Awake already, sleeping princess?" A smooth silky voice said.

"What?" Harry said groggily.

"You glasses will help, I suppose."

As he got his eyesight back, Harry recoiled back in horror for the person standing in front of him was none other than Lucius Malfoy. He almost screamed before everything that had transpired the night before flooded back to his mind. To his horror, he found out that he was still naked under the sheet.

"What? We…I…" he stuttered out.

Lucius, who had already dressed as if nothing ever happened, raised his eyebrow arrogantly, "eloquent as ever, aren't you Harry?"

"Don't call me that!" he snapped angrily.

"After everything that has happened between us I think it's only appropriate for me to call you by your given name. Don't you think so?"

As his reply, Harry snatched his wand from the table beside the bed and threw a nasty curse at Lucius who deflected it easily.

"You could have done something!" he exploded.

"Well, I have done many things to you so perhaps you could specify what do you mean by that?" Lucius said. The man seemed far too amused in this whole situation.

"You used me!" he yelled.

"It was you who wanted this," Lucius coldly replied.

"I was under love potion!" he yelled back. Harry didn't believe this. He actually had slept with Lucius. He even only had ever kissed once and that was with Cho. And now he had slept with a man and even though he was under the potion's influence he didn't know how he could act the way he did with Lucius in the bed. But the question was what to do now?

Harry considered his options. He could always report this to an authority but the problem was with Umbridge here, Harry doubt anyone would believe his words. In fact she might accuse him of losing his mind. How he hated her.

Or he could pretend this never happened. Harry wasn't an idiot. He knew that if this ever got out, assuming people believed him of course, nothing could save Lucius' reputation. He couldn't care less about that. But Harry didn't want anyone to know that he slept with Lucius. He wasn't insane yet. This was Lucius he was talking about, the right hand man of Voldemort. He was laughing at Harry when Voldemort torture him in the graveyard not more than one year ago. He hated him. No. He would keep this secret till his death. And it seemed Lucius knew what he was thinking, that bastard.

He took a deep breath. "Well, nothing has ever happened. After dinner I went back to the Gryffindor common room. I didn't see anyone or anything out of ordinary on my way back. Nothing more than that happened."

Lucius stared at him and then smirked. "Your wish is my command, Princess," he said mockingly.

"What?" Harry spluttered. Had Lucius lost his mind? The man was behaving out of character. In fact he would be glad if Lucius took out his wand and crucio him right now because that was the Lucius he knew. This Lucius was all too weird for him.

Lucius ignored him and held out his hand. Harry looked at the man suspiciously before went to shake it. Instead of shaking hand, Lucius grabbed his hand, turned it and kissed the back of his hand. "See you later, Princess."

Author's Note:

Hi. This is the second Harry Potter fic I write. Since Unexpected Things (UT) only has a few chapters left I decided to post this now. As always, please give me reviews. Harry here is still powerful but not as powerful or a sly as Harry in UT. The nickname? I always want to write where Harry had a nice life later. I mean is since he was a child he was treated like a servant at the Dursley, he had to cook, clean, etc. And at Hogwarts people expect him to defeat Voldemort every single year. So he deserved a break.

For next chapter: Lucius secretly helped Harry in the Department of Mysteries. Alive Sirius. Lucius and Harry, partner in crime with benefit?