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Meet Me Halfway

Chapter IX

It was the day before Christmas and Lucius Malfoy sat in his study, looking at the expensive scotch that had been Harry Potter's Christmas present for him. Lucius actually also send the brat present so they were even. One must be wondering as to why Lucius Malfoy and Hary Potter, an enemy of that, sent each other Christmas present. Well, it was begun a few months ago at Hogwarts.

Lucius had the Board of Governors meeting at Hogwarts and when it was over, he thought that he would visit his son. He was in his way to Slytherin dorm when he was accosted by Potter. The teen suddenly jumped him and Lucius, being Lucius Malfoy, didn't reject such offer.

When the teen realized what he had just done under the influence of love potion, Potter opted to forget the whole thing, which was fine with Lucius. They met again in the Department of Mysteries. Lucius didn't consider himself helping Potter by stating such obvious fact. It was really the teen's fault to be tricked that easily by the Dark Lord.

However, that raised alarm for Lucius because someone, whether it was the Dark Lord or Dumbledore or anyone with Legilimency skill could access Potter's mind, and they would find out about what had transpired between him and the teen. He had two options then. First, he could obliviate Potter, which was dangerous option. And the second, he could teach Potter Occlumency. Lucius chose the latter.

The truth was, he was fed up with the Dark Lord. He had known You Know Who his entire life with his father, the late Abraxas Malfoy, a staunch supporter of the Dark Lord. However, he didn't expect the length the Dark Lord was willing to go to. Many became afraid and pulled their support. One of them was Regulus Black, his wife's cousin, and he was killed as punishment. This wasn't what Lucius envisioned when he became Death Eater. But then again, he leaned towards politics.

So when the Dark Lord was killed by baby Potter, Lucius was secretly relieved. He used his influence to stay out of Azkaban and continued his life as usual. He was rich and powerful. Everything went well.

Then came the time for Hogwarts for his son and also for one Harry Potter. Lucius was disturbed by the news of Quirell's possession. To get rid of the fear, he threw away the diary that the Dark Lord entrusted to him to Arthur Weasley's daughter. The plan failed spectacularly and Potter even got his hands on Lucius' traitorous house elf.

Then by the end of Potter's fourth year, the Dark Lord truly returned. He was furious with Lucius because of the destruction of the diary. At that time, he didn't understand the reason behind it. Of course, that was before he found out about Horcrux from Potter. Lucius realized instantly then what benefit he could have from teaching Potter Occlumency. Horcruxes! Not only one but six at that! No wonder the Dark Lord became that mad.

And the prophecy about Potter and the Dark Lord. Only one who could survive... As much as Lucius loathed Dumbledore, he knew that the old man was lesser evil compared to the Dark Lord. And now, he helped Potter to bring down Voldemort. When Voldemort was finally defeated, he could live freely again. No threat of Cruciatus curse or killing curse hanging above his head. No worry about his son's fate. However with Paulinus Parkinson hatching plan to kill Potter, he truly hoped that Potter managed to finish the Dark Lord first.

So far, Potter finally managed to master Occlumency. He didn't need to continue those lessons anymore. But having Potter, the Chosen One, ready and willing for him, was too much to let go. Because of his thryst with Potter, Lucius didn't go to visit his mistress lately. Narcissa and he were friend but they didn't love each other in that way. She had her own lover and he had his. But now he had Potter for entertainment. He did send the teen gift, like he did for every mistress he ever had. Lucius ignored the fact that he actually spent time to think about the gift that Potter would truly like. The teen was oblivious to the truth. Lucius wondered what Potter would do once he realized it.


A house elf popped in. "Dinner is ready, Master."

He had time to think about Potter later. Now, he had to join his family for dinner.


Lucius met Potter again the first Saturday after Christmas holiday.

"Uhm..thank you for the present."Potter mumbled out. "My hand is fine now."

The teen lifted his hand and Lucius used the opportunity to kiss it. The teen blushed at that.

"We shan't be having lesson today," he drawled.

"What? Why?" Potter asked, frowning.

"I have some business to take care for," he replied. "You, obviously, can't show up like this." Lucius took out his wand and cast complex glamour charm on Potter. "There," he said once he finished. "Look at yourself now."

Potter gaped at his reflection in the mirror. For now, standing there was a brunette with brown eyes and unrecognizable face. Potter was still gaping when they arrived at their destination a few moments later.

"Where are we?" Potter asked,

"Tuscany." He replied.

"We're in Italy!" Potter exclaimed in shock.

"I have vineyard here and I have some business to do now," Lucius replied. "Netta!"

A house elf popped in. "Yes, Master?"

"Harry is guest here. Take care of him," he ordered.

With that he turned and left.


What most people didn't know was the fact that Lucius had business in Muggle word. Despite his view about Muggle, Lucius could count. There were almost seven billion Muggle in the world and only one million wizards. One must exploit the sheer number of Muggle to make money.

Lucius had finished with his legal documents. He then went to join Potter for lunch. The teen was already seated in the dining table.

"This place is huge!" Potter said, grinning brightly. "And the vineyard is amazing."

Lucius raised his eyebrow.

Potter flushed red. "Uhm...I asked Netta to show me around."

The conversation was halted as another house elf showed up with food. The menu consisted of cheese garlic bread, fettuccini carbonara and roasted lamb. For dessert, there were tiramisu and gelato.

After the lunch was over, Potter started to fidget in his chair. It happened often. The teen was confidence in one moment and nervous in other moment.

Lucius considered for a while. They still had time until their return. "Come," he said. "We're going to Florence."

Lucius only took Potter to the Muggle part of Florence. Of course, he was also under glamour charm to avoid being recognized. They didn't walk far but Potter was fascinated by everything. Lucius inwardly wondered why he did all these for Potter. But the teen's reaction was very amusing.

They returned to London at three in the afternoon.

"Enjoy the day, Princess?" he drawled out.

As always, Potter flushed red at the nickname. At first, Lucius only wanted to mock Potter but now it was affectionate nickname.

"Yes. Thank you," Potter said, smiling brightly at him. "I really enjoyed our trip." The teen leaned up to kiss him. "See you later next week."

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