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After what seems years I wake up from the black oblivion I was just entranced in I look around my old room before an accident I fully remember and sit up getting off the bed and think this was just a cruel road trip Sabine was dragging me on and that when I get home I'll have to take more insults from Damen who I guess doesn't love me anymore I would live with my "Gift" forever Boyfriend, Friend, and family less.

"Ever are you going to make Brandon wait any longer?" Riley bursts through my door making me shriek

"What's up with you?" she asks giving me a look as if I was crazy and I shriek with joy this time because she doesn't have an aura around her and she's actually real and I run over to her and hug her hard and spin her all around my room

"Put me down!" she squirms and I do and run out the door down to my parents room and run in jumping in their bed while they were sleeping

"Ever what are you doing!" my mom complains as I squirm in the middle of them

"Ever get out" my dad tries to kick me out

"I love you guys!" I hug them hard and jump off running out

"Buttercup!" I hug my Labrador and check my pockets finding my note:

1. Don't go back for the sweatshirt!

2. Don't trust Drina

3. Don't go back for the sweatshirt no matter what!

4. Damen (Heart by his name)

I growl after reading her name and smile reading his name goodbye old life and my love I kiss the note ripping it to shreds.

"Omigod Ever I'm failing that test today" Rachel my best friend pulls me from Brandon's truck, Another thing I would have to forget my two best friend's in Laguna beach Haven, my attention seeking friend, and Miles my gay friend who eventually turned on me along with the whole school it still opened a hole in my heart thinking of Damon, Drina, Roman, Romy, and Rayne even Ava but I forget all of that turning a smile on for my friend's

"You didn't study did you?" I smile at Rachel

"No!" she groans and I laugh and Brandon whistles as the most beautiful car I'd ever seen pulls up it was a shiny black BMW with extra tinted dark windows and I know exactly who the driver is before his black boot hit's the wet pavement and smirk

"Ever" Rachel snaps bringing my attention back to her

"Yeah Rache?" I smile

"You were so checking him out" she motions toward Damen

"Was not!" I defend myself

"You're a horrible liar" Brandon smiles but it doesn't reach his eyes fully

"Can we just get to class?" I grumble wondering if Damen still remembers me.

When I arrive in my first period English I slide into my seat In the back trying to ignore the chatter about the hot sexy new guy from Italy Shayla sparks is practically screaming in her head

"Class this is Damen Auguste he just moved here from New Mexico" my teacher introduces my love

"Um there's a seat in the back next to ever" he says motioning my way Damen just nods and strolls down the aisle with a smile and brushes against Shayla who practically faints and I hold back my snickering.

"Hey neighbor" Damen smiles at me

"Hi" I smile back messing with my Horseshoe bracelet he got me at the tracks he just gazed at it.

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