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Drug of Choice

"The worst part about knowing he was addicted was knowing that it was purely by choice."

They got together in Grayman High, Kanda Yu and Lenalee Lee. On Valentine's Day right after Allen Walker had confessed.

"Here...Kanda this is for you." Soft smiles and timid silver eyes, blushing cheeks and a whiff of vanilla in his scent.

Kanda's foreboding dark eyes and smirk didn't depress him but only made him more determined.

The rejection was not surprising.

Lenalee was surprised at the sudden confession but wasn't reluctant to accept. No not at all in fact she seemed almost eager to accept the proposal.

The next few months were hell because Allen was suffering from a broken heart and Lenalee and Kanda's smiles were all over the school (excluding Kanda from this because that selfish bastard never smiles.)

It was after their first year that things got weird.


Allen's books hit the floor and the younger, smaller boy knelt down to pick them up ignoring the polished black school shoes of his senior that were so close to his face. But of course when he felt the heel pressing against his face he couldn't deny the fear that tightened in his stomach or the rage that burned at the wounds in his heart. Slowly his face was lifted and still holding a book Allen glared of up at Kanda...damned, selfish, horrible, amazing, beautiful Kanda. The shoes were clean and smelled of the polish used to keep them that way. Allen's petite face was scrunched up in annoyance but he made no move to push the shoe away, after all, it was Kanda's it was wonderful Kanda paying attention to him. He couldn't give this chance up for anything.

"Your books got my shoe dirty fucking Beansprout." Kanda's cold, sensual deep voice echoed in the empty hall and Allen ignored the malice and mockery in its tone. Lenalee hurried and stopped right next to Kanda gaping at the sight Allen made with his cheek on her boyfriends shoe. "Kanda what are you doing? We're gonna be late for class!" she said pointedly ignoring Allen. Bitch. Stupid. Fucking whore. Bitch...-

"Go on ahead." Kanda said smirking and drawing the girl in for a heady, drugging kiss, (like the ones Allen could only dream of.)

The girl trotted off without a second glance, so sure of her possessions she was huh? Allen's petty jealousy came up to greet him and make nasty little knots in his belly that stung like mothballs coated in acid. Kanda's hellish smirk only made it worse and his shoe pressed harder against Allen's cheek aiming to bruise and redden. If only Kanda knew...Allen would allow him to do so much more if he wanted whatever he wanted...if he'd only belong to him.

Kanda glared at him. "Well brat you got my shoe dirty, what are you gonna do?"

There were so many things running through Allen's mind. Could he possibly have a chance at getting Kanda? No...Not possible. Well, he could take a boy partner and show Kanda what he was missing...no that would disgust the Japanese beauty, Allen could aim to steal Lenalee away from him, but the mere idea of trying to flirt with that girl was sickening to his stomach which was all ready reeling from how nervous he was at being so close to Kanda.

There was however another way.

When one was as addicted to Kanda as Allen was, one tended to forget the laws of propriety, the laws of decency and the laws of self-respect. For now Allen was thinking of just plain stealing Kanda, seducing him slowly just taking and drawing him inside so that he could finally possess that which he wanted most.

And his tongue flicked out suddenly, in a terrible and sick smile.

"I could clean it for you Kanda Sempai." He used the 'sempai' to make the other uncomfortable, and by the look on the male's face it had worked.

Soft and pink Allen's tongue prodded the thick leather material of Kanda's shoe and it ran along extending as though he enjoyed what he tasted.

Kanda's cheeks took a soft flush as Allen placed the book down and boldly took hold of his ankle pulled Kanda's shoe closer. The sound of his hard breathing, the sound of his moans...

Allen knew he sounded like a horny slut.

He knew.

So he continued hoping to hear his cries echo back at him but he stopped when he heard Kanda's own soft groan.

Allen stopped and retracted his head letting go of Kanda's ankle he stared at him unblinking and inexpressive.

Kanda was flushed and panting as though someone had been doing him instead of the other way around.

"You-you're disgusting!" Kanda snapped horridly, walking past Allen who was still on the floor his lips tainted pink and his cheek a little red he did not see that sly grin that stretched Allen's lips.

Allen had his friends, connections through different grades; schools and childhood memories. They were his friends, abundant and wonderful but the close ones, the ones who knew things about him that others would never even guess, those were few and far in between. And between these few there was one who knew absolutely everything about Allen Walker from his childhood to his adolescence to his middle year of high school. Lavi, just Lavi, red hair green eyes, not very impressive at first, his looks are so-so, his personality is a perfect mix between genius and nymphomania. He knew everything about Allen, he was his closest friend, closer to him then anyone Allen knew.

And when Allen entered the library with that sick little smile Lavi knew, Lavi understood even before the boy sat down. Somehow in the back of his mind he knew what the other boy was planning, seduction without any regard for consequences, no fear, no hesitation he was on the prowl. Lavi could see it in his stance, the way he walked, that look in his eyes, the way his eyes raked over the faces and bodies of the students passing him by, he made them blush. Every single one.

The only thing Lavi couldn't figure out was the person Allen wanted. Who was it? What was their name? He knew better then to assume he knew the sex of Allen's current object of affection, like that boy in the sixth grade that smacked him over the head Kanda was it? Yeah Allen wanted him then, that was the only time Lavi had ever seen Allen like that ever and seeing that look in his eyes again was unnerving if anything.

Allen sat across from Lavi, his thin frail looking hand fingering his red cheek and his gaze phasing from savage to thoughtful and he smiled shyly to Lavi, "h-hey Lavi." He said his voice a bit husky. Lavi frowned putting the large history book in his grip on the table top and he stared at Allen hard and well checking for any sign that Allen was back to his normal self.

The twitch of those pink lips was bad news.

"Something happen?" Lavi asked, he was almost afraid of the answer.

Allen shook his head, and opened his mouth to speak, then thought better of it and gave Lavi a serious look, "um...actually yes."

Lavi sighed, "Well, what is her name?" oops he'd assumed again.

Allen gave him a dark look, "why is it that you always assume it's a girl?"

"Because girls are nice?"

"I've learned my lesson already, look it's not a girl this time either okay...?'

Lavi sighed and nodded, "sure, sure, now tell me, what's up your ass today?"

Allen placed his hands on the table and leaned over putting his face close to Lavi who flinched and felt his stomach churn, he hated when Allen acted like this....it made him act strange.

I like girls, I like girls, I like girls, I like girls

He constantly told himself these things because when the cute little angel that was his best friend turned into a sex driven, seductive nut job he had issues with it, he needed to assure himself these things because he wasn't sure he could resist Allen's charms for much longer, despite how long he'd known the boy. Allen was changing at a quick rate and Lavi couldn't always keep up.

"It's him again." Allen said softly his silvery blue eyes taking that predatory look again, "it's Kanda, I want him, I've decided i'm going to take him."

Lavi stared at him, Kanda, again?!

"Why do you want him this time?"

"Because...well, I love him that's why. Do I need anything more?"

"How far are you going with it this time?"

Last time was...too much.

"As far as I need to."

Lavi sighed again closing his eyes so he wouldn't have to see Allen's expression, he couldn't tell whether the feeling in his chest was fear or jealousy.

Midday had passed and it was the late afternoon classes, their student scheduals were from 8:00 to 5:00, 6:00 if you had to stay and clean up after. The hour was 4:15, the class was History.

The classroom was divided in two, the group by the door and the ones by the window. The teachers desk stood in the middle where he liked to walk and make sure the students focused on him and the words he spoke.

Allen cursed the fact that his seat was across from Kanda's, and even more so at the fact that he sat behind Lenalee who refused to even speak to him.

But of course it did not stay this way for long when he realized that not only was he right across from Kanda, but that Kanda was looking this way, not at him exactly but in his direction.

He was looking at Lenalee to Allen's irritation, and the slut was shifting in her seat, probably in anticipation.




She didn't deserve him, she was a shallow daddy's girl who needed a reality check.

Allen looked down at his paper and started jotting down what the teacher was talking about, things to study for, he wasn't going to stare at Kanda for the whole hour, he needed to keep his grades excellent.

After all, it wouldn't do for Kanda's special person to have bad grades would it?

The thought made Allen smile and he continued his work.

But he came across a question he couldn't understand and began to read over what he'd written.

Lenalee raised her hand.

"Mr. Altmurst!" she quipped.

The teacher stopped talking and looked at her, "yes, miss Lee?"

"Can i use the rest room? I need to like-"

"Of course miss Lee, please refrain from informing the class of your bathroom escapades."

Lenalee giggled, "Sorry mister Alt!" she bounced off her seat and hurried out of the class room with her bag in hand.

Allen was suddenly infuriated, he knew exactly what was going to happen, Mr. Altmurst resumed the lecture and Allen watched Kanda carefully who was still writing down what the teacher was saying, looking like he really was listening but Allen noticed how his eyes kept drifting to the entrance.

He was going to ask to leave also, fucker.

No, he wouldn't leave, Allen wouldn't let him.

She won't win.

She can't have him.

Allen stared at him boldly nibbling irritably on his pencil tip, trying to come up with a way to keep Kanda in his seat so that he couldn't leave.

He couldn't follow her.

Damn him, damn Kanda.

Suddenly those blue eyes were set on him, their depths demanding angrily what the HELL he was staring at, and in response Allen was lost, for a moment he couldn't breathe. That gaze so strong, like a black hole sucking him inside, the deep cerulean wisps wanting to tear him apart.

Allen smiled.

Kanda looked baffled for a moment but only glared in response.

Allen drew the pencil to his lips rolling along his jutted bottom lip and slipping his tongue out to caress it.

Kanda's eyes widened and he froze in his seat, the rest of the class was unaware, even the teacher didn't notice.

Allen kept his and Kanda's gazes together while he moved the pencil around and around before finally drawing it into his mouth, as conspicuous as possible drawing it in and out slowly to not draw any unwanted attention.

Kanda's eyes were narrowed into slits as he watched his tongue flicking out sometimes, his breathes slowed and Allen enjoyed the lustful way Kanda watched him.

He enjoyed the confusion that flickered in those blue eyes, the shock, the disgust, and all the feelings that appeared and disappeared with each little movement he made.

Allen leaned back in his seat slowly and put his hand on his chest to look as though he were only stretching, but as he dragged that hand down his chest he knew what Kanda was thinking and it made him happy. It satisfied Allen so completely he couldn't believe he hadn't just crossed the distance between them and offered himself right then and there.

But reality soon checked in as Allen remembered that he needed to go slow, not to frighten Kanda away, to steal him, seduce him with every opportunity.

He needed to have Kanda completely.

No matter what.

Kanda was rigid in his seat and Allen could only imagine what he was hiding under his desk.

And then just as Allen had planned, the bell rang.

The students stood and filed out in a single line, Allen and Kanda were in that line though far apart.

When they got out to the hall, Allen saw Lavi headed in his direction.

"oh hey!" the red head greeted hurrying over to Allen, "we're done for the day, how about we go out for karaoke!"

"oh, i have to clean up today so i guess i'll see you tomorrow. Sorry." Allen said sighing, Lavi watched him with knowing look.

"who else in on for cleaning?"

Allen tilted his head to the side, "i don't know, some nerd from homeroom i guess."

"you mean one besides you?"

"-how could you ignore me like that!?"

"Stop yelling you idiot, people are looking."

"yelling!? I'm yelling! Well fuck you Kanda you think you're hot shit but you not! I swear I'll tell the whole school about your little secret you stupid fuck! How dare you ignore me! Kanda get your ass back here!"

Allen and Lavi stood in the hall along with all the other students, not speaking, not moving.


"god that girl always makes such a show of herself." Some girl muttered.

As the crowd finally resumed its usual routine of students regrouping for their weekend routines none of them saw Allen's smile.

Except perhaps Lavi, poor, poor Lavi.

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