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Drug of Choice

Chapter fourteen: Good Evening

He wrenched away before they could make full contact. Allen was riddled with all kinds of feelings, fear and hatred battled with shameful lust and his body felt as if it were in a trance, heat pooled in his most sensitive areas and his eyes had wandered for those few moments he'd been trapped between them. Tyki cursed when Allen elbowed him in the stomach and Komui swiftly moved out of the way before Allen could do the same to him.

But he was caught again, still disoriented from all the revelations and the attack Allen was grabbed by the arm and yanked back into Komui's tight grasp, Tyki turned on him and grabbed him by the throat an insane grin twisting his mouth, "how silly of you to think you could actually escape. You stupid, stupid boy. Do you even think you have something to go back to?"

"damn fucking right I do! You pieces of shit can't stop me!" Allen cursed, "I won't run away anymore! I'll stop you and make you pay for what you've done to us!"

"To who?" Komui whispered teasingly into Allen's ear, "What have we done that is so wrong? You know it was for you, dear Lenalee was so worried about you and Lavi. And Lavi also, they just wanted to help you guys out."

Tyki stepped closer, "so did we."

"You bastards!" Allen snarled, "I'll kill both of you for even touching him!"

Tyki's eyes flashed and he leaned in like a dangerous predator closing in on its prey, "him? Which one are you talking about? Lavi or Kanda?"

The fury that engulfed Allen's senses was renewed and he struggled at Komui's grasp.

"I'll fucking kill you! I'll kill you Tyki! You'll pay for everything you've done to him!"

Komui laughed, "really now, didn't you hear him the first time? Which one are you talking about boy? We got them both. Surely you've learned that you can't have them both. So which is it? Who are you avenging?"

Allen's pale grey eyes were like storm clouds, fierce and strong.

Tyki chuckled and caught Allen's chin between his fingers, "ah, I see. It's him? Really? After all this you still chose him…well then, I suppose it wasn't pointless after all."

Allen caught sight of a shadow in the distance but was shocked out of his reverie by the press of sharp hold metal pressing against his throat.

"Since you won't stop resisting I guess we'll have to make you."

Allen went still in Komui's grip and gasped at the chilling sensation of Tyki's free hand prying at the button of his jeans.

He couldn't stop resisting even as tears filled his eyes when despair began to set in. He hadn't thought it through, the idea that he might not make it out of here alive had never hit him, not truly…he'd never taken anything seriously until he met Kanda. And so it made sense that he die trying to avenge him…if anything…if only for Kanda.

He felt the blade cutting into his skin as Tyki carelessly distracted himself with Allen's body now that it had stopped resisting him.

The first tear fell, "I'll never s-stop….resisting…"

Tyki grinned up at him, "good, if you stopped that would make it boring wouldn't it."

"hey Tyki at least let me hold the dagger." Komui said, "you'll cut him accidentally at this point."

Tyki didn't answer and Allen felt his tongue press against his stomach, he felt sick.

"Tyki give me the damn knife!" Komui cursed, then he let go of one of Allen's wrists to reach over his shoulder to grab Tyki's weapon but suddenly it was dragged to the side cutting Allen as Tyki slipped to the floor dead.

Komui tossed Allen aside in alarm, "what the hell?"

Allen couldn't breathe and his consciousness was slipping away all he saw in those final moments was Lavi standing by his body with a dagger of his own in his hand.

It was dripping with blood.

He woke up slowly, at first blinking blearily as if the world were a blur, he couldn't focus on anything and his neck hurt a lot, but it was more painful just to breathe. Not able to turn he tired to make sense of the voices he could hear around him.

"Allen? Allen! You're awake!"

It was light and feminine, Lenalee.

He felt someone grab his hand and hold it.

The touch was warm and it emitted feelings from that person he was sure that that person would never say in person.

'You're back'

'I missed you'

'Damn it Allen you always make me worry'


Lavi was here.

"L…."Allen coughed violently and painfully.

"I wouldn't try that if I were you." Kanda said from the corner of the room, "the doctor said that even if you wake up you won't be able to talk for another month. I guess that slash did a lot of damage to your throat."

Allen tried to lift himself up but he couldn't, both Lavi and Kanda helped him sit up in silence.

Lenalee smiled brightly at him.

"I'll go call the doctor now that you're awake." She said smiling.

Turning around and leaving the room she left Allen alone with the two people who's live had been changed and ruined by him.

Kanda sat beside him and cupped his cheek in his hand, leaning down he pressed his lips to Allen's forehead.

He didn't smile and remained serious, there was so much that Allen wanted to say to him.

Yet he couldn't od anything but reach for his hand and smile.

Kanda blushed and glanced away but Allen saw the almost invisible hint of a smile on his lips.

He turned to Lavi who sat beside him staring blankly at the sheets that covered him. he was wearing a cast on his other arm and he had a bandage on his right eye. What had happened to him? What had Komui done? Why had everything gotten so terribly messed up that his friend had such injuries? Why couldn't he talk in the most important times? Why?

A tear slipped from his eye and Lavi brushed away leaning in and kissing his cheek.

The door to his room suddenly opened, Lenalee poked her head in, "hey guys the nurses said that visitors time is over, so come on let's get some coffee or something!"

She closed the door.

Lavi's grip tightened on Allen's hand a bit but he let it go, with one last understanding nod he walked out of the room.

It was fine.

There was nothing more to say.

It seemed as thought everything was going to be fine, after all the shit they'd gone through it seemed like there was finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

Kanda pressed his lips to Allen's mouth and moved back, "I guess I'll see you later then."

Allen smiled and nodded, 'definitely,' after all he and Kanda had a lot to catch up to.

He watched Kanda's back as he retreated from the room, all that flowing blue black hair and that tall, lean body moved farther away from him.

Allen wanted to be healed already so he could scream Kanda's name over and over again.

Leaning back into his pillow Allen closed his eyes visualizing what awaited him after recovery.

The door opens and closes.

He hears a clipboard snapping and the soft scratch of pen on paper.

The other sound he doesn't recognize.

When he opens his eyes and looks up he can't scream.

He can't cry for help.

For god's sake he can't even move.

"Hello, my name is Dr. Komui Lee and I'll be tending to your wounds this evening."

Allen can't even struggle as Komui prepares a hypodermic needle with an unknown substance.

"This will put you back to sleep in a jiffy." Komui says with a creepy smile as he injects it into Allen's limp arm.

"Don't worry; I'll make sure to give Kanda your final regards."