It wasn't that Sonic had never seen his newly-wed wife of two months sick before. He'd seen her with colds, sometimes with fevers hundred of times. He remembered a few times when she would get really sick, but he had never had to be the one to help. Cream, or her mother, or Ella, or someone, was there to help her back to her feet.

This time, it was just Sonic.

Sonic had never been one to get sick often, and he also hadn't been one to help those who were sick. He wasn't a 'doctor' kind of hero; he was the 'save the world' type of hero. Therefore, he usually didn't help much when someone was sick, except maybe give them some liquids, and if needed a cool cloth on their head. Tylenol was as far as he would dare give anyone for medicine.

He hadn't dwelt with Amy when she was sick with a fever, alone. He hadn't dwelt with her when she was throwing up practically every morning, moaning constantly, and when she didn't want to get out of bed because she was too weak.

Grunting impatiently, Sonic threw the covers off of him, being careful not to disturb Amy who was still asleep, thankfully not sounding like her lungs were about to burst. Being as quiet as was possible for the blue blur, Sonic yanked his socks and shoes on and was out the door for his morning run within a second.

As he welcomed the foggy morning with his traditional sonic boom, he again thought of Amy. It just wasn't like her to be so sick. What if Kyler, their adopted daughter caught what ever Amy had? The couple had already discussed this not even a day ago. Kyler was only about six months old; if she caught something, it could be disastrous.

Shaking the worry from his mind, Sonic tried to concentrate on his run. It, like usual, was a beautiful morning, but sadly the fog had disappeared soon after Sonic exited the house. He preferred the fog for it made navigating through the valley harder, more challenging, but over all much more enjoyable. The sun, even though it was almost half past five had already started to awaken, and with it had taken the fog. It probably helped that it was the month of July, meaning it was summer.

His stomach started churning angrily, and the hedgehog realized it was breakfast time. Licking his lips he turned at a ninety degree angle and headed towards home. Pancakes with eggs and maybe sausage would be awaiting him, and this made him run all the faster. Food equaled fuel for running. Therefore, it meant happiness.

At home within a minute, he opened the door to find no one to greet. Cocking his head in a confused manner, he headed to the dining room, where he saw a note at his place, most likely from Amy. Rushing towards it, he quickly scanned it.


Kyler and I have gone to the doctor to see if I really am sick or not. I wasn't feeling too well this morning either…Don't get too worried, Sonic. I'm sure I'm fine, and if not the doctor can tell us what to do. Go ahead and pour yourself a bowl of cereal or something for breakfast. Sorry I didn't have time to make you anything. I hope that's okay.

Much love,


After telling himself to not worry about Amy, for she herself has said those very words, he again thought of breakfast. He didn't want cereal. Being an understanding hedgehog he could see why Amy didn't make him anything before she left, but still. Couldn't he try and make something for himself besides cereal and toast?

The thought hit him with such force he took a step back, before his face broke out smiling. If Amy hadn't had time to feed him, she probably only grabbed some kind of fruit for herself before rushing out the door. With this thought came another, which was that maybe he could make breakfast for the two of them. Amy would love to have a break from cooking a meal, he was sure, and it would give him some practice in case he ever had to make his own meals again.

Without much thought, Sonic rushed to the pantry, thinking that he could just find a box of pancake mix and cook it as carefully as possible on the skillet. Upon reaching the pantry, however, he saw no indication that such boxes of pancakes existed. With a small huff of impatience, he wondered if he could just make them by scratch. After all, he had seen Amy cook pancakes for him many times before. How would him cooking them make much of a difference?

"First off," Sonic muttered to himself, as he began pacing the kitchen floor. "What are the ingredients used for them pancakes?" He scratched the back of his head a bit nervously, as he scanned the small room for anything that looked like the stuff Amy would put into the flat cake.

Seeing a container filled with white powdery stuff, he rushed towards it, thinking to himself how flour was in pancakes. It had to be, right? Picking up the container, he was about to set it aside for the baking, when he noticed another container right beside the first, that was also filled with white powdery stuff. Again he scratched his neck, now double confused. Since when was there another white powder besides flour?


Laughing at his own stupidity, for he should have known that, his next goal was to figure out which was which. They looked practically alike to the poor hedgehog, and he wished Amy was there to help him solve his latest problem. The first one was different from the other by the size of the grain. They were fine and small, but didn't seem to stick to the container like the other, which looked rather messy. The second one did not have fine, small grains, but more like a powder that was inseparable, and because of this the sugar-or flour- stuck together in small balls at the top of the container.

Sonic had never really cooked before. Not this, at least. Before Amy became something important to him, he'd make himself a bowl of cereal in the morning, with some fruit. His lunch would be a plain old turkey sandwich, unless he just happened to be near a chili dog stand. His supper was basically food from the freezer, or, again, chili dogs.

It was times like these when Sonic was very grateful for his wife. Without her, life would just go on as it had; boring and original. With Eggman's death there would be nothing to anticipate or surprise the hedgehog.

His heart was set for making a good breakfast now. If he failed, it would be like failing life.

And who wanted to fail life?

Looking again at the two containers, Sonic decided to try mixing the two of them together. After all, a bit of sugar in a pancake couldn't taste that bad.

With his decision made, Sonic set them down in the middle of the counter, looking at the two containers as if they could tell him what else was needed to make this rather simple breakfast.

"Eggs," Sonic muttered to himself, and he opened the fridge and grabbed the egg carton, which had seven eggs in it. Eyeing the eggs warily, as if they were going to hurt him, he wondered how many would be needed. Blinking, he decided five would work. After all, he was hungry, and this would make more pancakes. Right?

Smiling at his wonderful math calculations, he cracked the eggs over a bowl he had pulled out. When a few egg shells found themselves mixed into the beginnings of the batter, Sonic didn't pay them much mind, thinking to himself that they'd dissolve eventually.

He looked around the room, feeling like he was missing one more ingredient. He had a feeling it was a liquid, but he couldn't decide on weather it was water, milk, or even no liquid at all. Thinking for a second, he decided that adding no liquid would be the best bet. Then, if he added too little or too much, it wouldn't be a problem. Besides, he didn't even know for sure if it was needed.

Finally, he could see only one more problem, and that was how much flour and sugar was to be added to the eggs. Sighing in frustration, he wondered just how hard it really was to make a batch of pancakes. Weren't they supposed to be easy? Amy said it was one of the easiest breakfast meals to make!

Again, he realized how much Amy worked to make him happy, and he felt his ears lower. She deserved a nice meal, and a nice meal she was to get. All he had to do was figure out how much flour and sugar he should add.

Finally, he decided to use one cup of each. Amy often seemed to be using one cup for this or that, so why would pancakes any different?

Oh, to feel such pride within! Sonic was sure Amy would be pleased. She would come home, with no bad reports from the doctor, and have a breakfast, just waiting for her! Starting to get impatient, he quickly mixed the eggs and flour and sugar together, wondering why it seemed so thick. A bit managed to splatter out of the bowl because of his speed. Rolling his eyes, for he saw he'd have to clean up a mess, he decided to clean it up after the pancakes were done.

With the batter now done, he plugged in the skillet where he'd cook the pancakes. At first, he tried pouring the batter slowly, but he soon realized that would take too long, it being so thick that it hardly even came out of the bowl. Glaring at the batter, Sonic reached for a large wooden spoon used to stir things and shoved it into the batter. Grunting, he forced the batter out of the bowl, practically hitting it into the skillet. When that ordeal was finally over two minutes later, he looked at the circle molds that would not go flat for the life of them. Slowly, as if in thought he licked the wooden spoon, but found the batter tasted despicable. Sticking his tongue out, and gagging, he rushed towards the sink, grabbed a clean glass and filled it with water which he gulped down in less then a second.

Panting, he looked back at the skillet uneasily, wondering for the first time if maybe, just possibly, he had done something majorly wrong with the batter. Suddenly, he noticed black smoke rising from the skillet, and his eyes increased their normal size as he watched the smoke head up to the smoke detector, and trigger on the sprinklers.

"Oh no," he whispered to himself, and the next thing he knew water was being sprayed all over him. Screaming of pure terror, Sonic rushed over to the skillet, and unplugged it. The smoke kept rising, however, and the water kept falling. With the kitchen soaked, black smoke covering a quarter of the kitchen, and a terrible smell, Sonic couldn't help but lower his ears and look around anxiously. The pride that he had in him only a minute ago had disappeared just like that, and the space in his stomach was now being filled with guilt, anger, sadness, and a feeling of being a complete failure.

Had he failed life?

It was this scene that Amy and Kyler walked in to. Instantly Amy figured out the cause of the mess was Sonic, for he had never looked so distraught and guilty.

Too surprised to be mad, Amy blinked, and asked above the sound of the sprinklers,

"What did you do?"

Sonic lowered his head, and then looked up again, barely even looking at his wife.

"I…I…trying to make you breakfast?"

He looked up then, shrugging and chuckling nervously, and looking behind him at the black smoke which was starting to disintegrate.

"What kind of breakfast?"

"Pancakes," he answered, again looking down. When Amy didn't say anything, even when the sprinklers turned off, Sonic sighed. "Guess I should clean it up, huh?"

What he heard was defiantly not what he had expected. Amy was laughing.

Laughing?! Looking up in a bewildered way, Sonic watched as his wife bent over in laughter. Not knowing if he should be glad for this response, or ashamed that someone was laughing at him, he nervously chuckled with his ears down still. When Amy finally noticed her husband again, looking very confused, she tried calming herself down as she walked up to him.

"What's with the laughin'?" Sonic asked, wondering if he should even be asking, but he was surprised when Amy put her arms around him lovingly. Not knowing what else to do, he hugged her back, and watched baby Kyler play in a nearby puddle. Wincing, he broke away from the hug, and again asked, "What's with the laughing?"

Amy continued giggling as she answered,

"Sonic, you are the worst cook I've ever meant."

Sonic didn't see a reason to be laughing at this.

"Why's that funny?" he asked, raising an eyebrow, making Amy giggle some more.

"Oh, come on, you know it's funny," she murmured as she pulled herself back to him. "I mean, look at this mess! You, as I said, are a terrible cook."

She began giggling again, and, still nervous Sonic cautiously joined her, until suddenly neither of them could remember when they weren't laughing. Never had Sonic felt so stupid, but loved at the same time. Amy really did deserve someone better then him.

When the kitchen was cleaned up and breakfast remade (this time with Sonic watching not doing) the couple and Kyler sat down at the table.

"So, I guess the doctor had good news?" Sonic questioned, biting into his pancake, instantly tasting a difference from the batter he had first made to this.

"Very," Amy replied, smiling up at her husband. "Guess."

"Aw, Ames," Sonic complained.

"No complaining," Amy warned. "After all, I could use your little mess as a way to embarrass you for life."

"Okay, you're not sick?"

"No, I'm pregnant."

Not knowing what to say, Sonic sat there, his pancake half way to his mouth, making Amy giggle.

"Another reason I wasn't mad at you about the flour and sugar," Amy finished. "I was too happy about this-"

She wasn't able to finish her sentence before Sonic had cut her off with his lips.

There you have it folks! BUT- I could very well make this into a real story, and not just a one-shot. Sure, it seems pretty summed up right now, but with some effort I might be able to think of something. Ideas from you peeps would also help me know what to write about for Amy's pregnancy. I have an idea of how the title could be connected to a pregnancy…Anyway, for now I'll call this a one-shot, until I know if people want me to make this into a story or not. Let me know! Thanks for reading.