A Brief Explanation:

Ok, so for those who don't know I just completed writing the story Mme. Phantom (Yes, this is important). I was on the computer one day looking up spoofs, and that's when it hit me. I should spoof my own story and the original! Many different situations came to mind, but they were all so short that they couldn't be published separately. So, this is a collection of a bunch of short stories involving all the characters from the original and characters form Mme. Phantom. It's pretty random, and it might not make sense unless you read Mme. Phantom first. So that you don't get confused, the characters can exist in any time and any place; hence the randomness. Here are the new characters for all those who did not read Mme. Phantom:

Erika: The Phantom/Erik's and Christine's Daughter. Has a deformation of the left side of her face that she covers with her thick curly brown hair. Singer and composer, alright with drawing and art, but not amazing. Fell in love with James.

Christon: The phantom/Erik's and Christine's Son, Erika's brother. Handsome. Alive here but deceased in Mme. Phantom. Amazing artist and architect. Loves Ida.

James: Neighbor of the Viscount de Changy's family. Handsome, but shallow. Loved Justine and Erika.

Justine: Servant in the Viscount de Changy's household. Blonde. Loves James.

Ida: Servant in the Viscount de Changy's household. Shy. Aspiring chef and she is a good cook. Erika's best friend/ only friend. Loves Christon.

Change: Raoul/Christine's son. Bookworm. James's friend.

Vincent: Raoul/Christine's son and Change's brother. Stupid, his abilities lie in his strength. James' friend.

And, of course, all of the characters from the original! Thanks for bearing with me!


Rated T for:

Mild Sexual References and Some Swearing