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Soifon and Suzumebachi:

Zanpakuto... Their abilities and shape are usually a reflection of their wielder's soul. As their relationship grows, and the shinigami learn their katana's name, they are able to utilize an even greater power.

The entire forest was alive. Plants sparkled with morning dew, while insects hovered above them, buzzing busily. Birds chirped merrily from their perches on the tree branches, and small forest animals scurried along the dirt below. Many creatures lived in the lush, green woods. Honeybees, mice, and robins. Grasshoppers, voles, and cardinals. Crickets, squirrels, and thrushes. It was the ideal home for any animal. But the only home for one creature in particular.

A bright glowing thing zipped around happily, fluttering in front of a mole and then teasingly tapping a ladybug. She flew around, marveling at the beautiful world in which she lived in. She never got tired of such a sight, although she wondered how the forest could be so friendly while her wielder was usually so cold. She laughed; of course she knew the answer. But would it really hurt for Soifon to be a little more open? Shrugging it off, she decided to have a small snack of blueberries and darted over to the berry bushes. Settling down beside one tasty-looking clump, she plucked off a berry and took
a big bite out of it. It was so delicious; she kicked her legs in delight as she chewed and swallowed, and then took another bite.

A loud chuckle echoed through the lively forest and the hornet perched herself on a leaf while licking off the sweet juices left over on her fingers after finishing the delectable berry.

"Soifon is never going to defeat that measly thing, it's too small." The hornet said to herself, there was no one else that could really speak her language, she could only really talk to her other companions and to her master, if only her master would discover that the said hornet was part of her.

The hornet assumed its regular duties as she kept on track with Soifon's progression of the hollow.

Soifon growled with irritation as she flashed from branch to branch, she had told Yoruichi that she could handle it herself and Yoruichi let her. Yet, this hollow was getting the best of her and tiring her out. It had been an hour since the chase had begun, and so far, she was losing.

She had barely made a scratch on the stupid beast and she had a few slight wounds that weren't really bleeding, but at this rate, if she couldn't damage the hollow at all and he could manage to make a few marks, she could be killed.

As she followed the hollow into a clearing, it stopped and Soifon smirked,

'I've got you now!' Soifon thought triumphantly as she raised her katana ready to strike, the hollow then stopped and gave an evil smile that quickly wiped Soifon's satisfaction as it quickly used a barbed, hooked tentacle and efficiently struck Soifon in her side. The hollow licked his lips in anticipation and enjoyed the feel as it ran through her flesh and out, blood quickly pouring out making Soifon wince and kneel as she put a grip on her side to stop the wound.

Her lips were pulled into a tight thin lip that clearly gave annoyance and rage. She bit her bottom lip, feeling it bleed as she bit it even harder to try to encourage the pain to go away.

"Stupid shinigami, did you think you could really kill me? If anything, you haven't laid a scratch on me! Yet, look at you, I think I'll let you withstand some torture before I go in to devour you, doesn't that sound nice, eh?" The hollow said before Soifon felt her hand drop, blood pouring out of the tight lines of her fingers which she had tried so hard to keep in. She fell out of the tree and landed on her knees and fell down, the hollow laughing as her mind went black.

Soifon woke up and saw she was in a happy and a thriving forest that looked spectacular. The scenery was wonderful and exquisite, she saw that a few animals zipped happily, flew, or ran happily around. She looked at her hands; her katana was still in the palm of her hand, yet she still did not feel at ease. She gripped her zanpakuto but then realized she was just getting paranoid.

'There's nothing to be afraid of, I'm just becoming paranoid, and why would I doubt a lovely forest like this?' Soifon wondered, she closed her eyes and got up, playing with her sword in her hand, her hand already familiar with the grip on the handle of the sword. She walked around and saw a lake, she looked down and saw herself, and she still felt like she couldn't be at ease. She became frustrated and then splashed her face with the refreshing water. She blinked and heard a quiet giggling. She got up immediately and gripped her katana and looked around. Furrowing her slim thin brows she tried to focus where the noise was. There was no more noise to be detected.

Soifon gave up with a soft sigh and rubbed her temples.

"I'm imagining things now, great." Soifon muttered bitterly and heard a giggle come out again, but it had a hint of a buzz along with it.

"Oh you're not hearing things!" A happy voice buzzed and Soifon widened her eyes and immediately thrust her katana out in front of her to make a fighting stance.

"Who's there, I demand you show yourself right now!" Soifon barked aggressively and heard the fluttering and buzzing of flapping wings moving rapidly.

"Right here!" A voice called out from behind and Soifon turned around quickly only to see nothing there. She growled with irritation and huffed and heard the voice chuckle loudly at her irritation. "Maybe this is why you can't defeat that weak little hollow. You're just not fast enough and you say you're the student of the flash master Yoruichi Shihoin."

"This isn't funny, I want you to show me who you are!" Soifon was well more over cranky and at the last end of her wits trying to find out who the little girl was talking to her right now.

"I've been trying to show you who I am, but you obviously just can't keep up can you?" The slight girly and airy buzz lifted through the forest again, it was calm and peaceful, but extremely rude and irritating to Soifon.

"Who are you?" Soifon yelled again and the hornet tsked and glared at her from behind, the hornet was in extreme disappointment, Soifon still hadn't figured out she was behind her.

'No wonder why she can't defeat that stupid thing, she can't even sense things properly when they're right behind her, god.'

"Why should I tell you? I've been trying to tell you for quite some time now; I am not obligated to tell you anymore, you have to figure yourself in this setting which is your mind." The bee crossed her arms together and Soifon didn't say anything and the bee zipped out of her spot and landed right in front of Soifon. Soifon widened her eyes as she saw the hornet rest right in front of her.

She was like a small fairy/bee. With smooth brown hair tied up into pig tails. Her shirt showed off her midriff and was made black and yellow and so were her pants. With her left arm being completely encased with a stinger shaped metal. With three separated edges put together, it had black markings on it.

"This is my mind?" Soifon asked and the bee sighed as Soifon looked around and studied herself.

"Well yes, this is your mind field, this is where I live, this is the place where your heart generated so that you could come here and visit me." The hornet answered and Soifon blinked blankly, she still didn't understand, until she remembered that the hornet said she had been telling her name to her.

"You told me you've been telling your name to me for the past few years…I never heard them." Soifon noted and the hornet drew her lips into a crooked smile.

"You probably haven't heard because you weren't ready to master me." The hornet stated matter-of-factly.

"Wait, you said master you," Soifon thought for a moment before her eyes widened and she looked at the hornet and the hornet smirked, realization hit Soifon like a good rush of ice water thrown at her face, "You're my zanpakuto!" Soifon exclaimed, the hornet chuckled and laughed playfully as she fluttered around Soifon excitedly.

"I am indeed your zanpakuto, Soifon." The hornet crossed her arms carefully and Soifon looked at her.

"So how do I call upon you? Or how do you work?" Soifon wondered and the hornet smirked.

"If you wanted to know how I work, you must learn to call my name, when you call my name, you'll know how to master me." The bee informed Soifon as she crossed over and sat on Soifon's shoulder. Soifon looked at the bee sitting on her shoulder; she was so light that she could barely feel her.

"How do I learn your name?" Soifon asked and the bee climbed up easily so that she was fluttering above Soifon's face, staring directly at her and the bee pushed her nose.

"That's something for you to find out, I can't tell you, I've tried numerous times, but you still weren't ready." The bee sighed dejectedly and Soifon lowered her eyes a little.

"I'm sorry, how did I get here anyways?" Soifon asked and the hornet smiled.

"That hollow you were chasing earlier, it brought you here, which must have meant you're ready to master me or at the very least, learn my name." The hornet said and Soifon grasped her katana.

"So how do I do that?" Soifon asked and the hornet smiled as she took off the arm guard in which she had and dropped it in her hand.

"Maybe this will help you, but you have to go very soon, our life force is dwindling away because of that wound you have." The hornet said and Soifon looked down to see blood rising out of her side and pouring out precious crimson fluid that stained her shinigami robes and her hands.

Soifon looked at the creature and set her face into determination as the forest was soon being drawn away, Soifon looked at the hornet who smiled.

"Call my name…" Soifon saw the hornet disappear and Soifon looked at the stinger that the bee had given her. Soifon looked at her katana as the stinger disappeared and Soifon pressed her hand to her plain katana.

"Sting all enemies to death, Suzumebachi." Soifon smiled as a flashing yellow light engulfed her and went off to defeat the hollow who was laughing at her with a smirk on her face.

Wiping the blood cleanly off her newly found zanpakuto transformation Soifon still stared at it in wonder. The stinger hung off her left middle finger with a gold chain attached to an arm guard that was made of pure gold and had black curves on each side. She examined it and heard the soft chuckle in her mind.

'So you've finally learned my name, I'm proud of you Soifon, until next time.' The voice faded away and Soifon smiled, her wound now gone since she had summoned Suzumebachi.

She smiled greatly at her new companion and heard running.

"Soifon, what are you doing?" Soifon heard Yoruichi calling out towards her and Yoruichi looked at Soifon's new zanpakuto and gave a crooked smile.

"That's your new zanpakuto isn't it Soifon? I'm proud." Yoruichi complimented and Soifon nodded.

"Thank you Yoruichi-Sama." Soifon said as she still kept on smiling proudly and Yoruichi put a hand on her hip.

"What's its name?" Yoruichi asked and Soifon smirked as she heard Suzumebachi giggle.

"Suzumebachi, her name is Suzumebachi." Soifon informed and Yoruichi smiled as she put her arm around Soifon's shoulders comfortably.

"Come on kid, let's get you patched up, you might want to put that away before the others freak out."

They live and die together with their shinigami. They are zanpaktou.

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