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Chapter 5

After Kyouya's clothing crisis was (more or less) averted, both he and Haruhi rejoined the rest of their school mates in the main area of the third music room. After earning quite a few looks of shock and confusion in addition to Hikaru and Kaoru's amusement over his new attire, Kyouya went to go talk to Nekozawa as Haruhi had instructed him to do, not knowing that Haruhi had tricked both him and Nekozawa into believing something quite different then that that was really going on. Kyouya believed that Nekozawa simply wanted to speak with him and Nekozawa believed that Kyouya wanted to join the Black Magic Club.

It had been a while since they had discovered their situation and everyone was starting to become hungry consequently making them use the extra food that they kept in the pantry. While those who were hungry ate the extra cakes, pies and cookies, the others continued as they were before. Kaoru and Renge were among those who weren't hungry and were sitting on a couch beside the one of the windows simply drinking tea.

"Why is Kyouya-senpai wearing a black cloak?" Renge asked. Her extreme infatuation with Kyouya had died down over the years and although she still respected him, she wasn't head over heels for him anymore.

Kaoru almost choked on his tea as he laughed at Renge's question.

"If I tell you something, will you promise not to tell anyone?" Kaoru asked. Renge smiled and leaned closer to Kaoru, nodding frantically in excitement. She loved secrets.

"What is it?!" She whispered

"All of us hosts always keep an extra set of spare clothing just in case something happens. Well, last week, Hikaru and I snuck into Kyouya's cupboard and switched his spare clothes and glasses with ones from the costume department of a circus that's in town right now." Kaoru said, prompting Renge to burst into a fit of giggles as she tried her best to not laugh to loud as to gather people's attention.

"Is that why he's also tripping and bumping into everything?" She asked

"Yeah, I guess he refused to wear the pink glasses we put for him." Kaoru said, laughing and shrugging at the same time.

After finishing their cakes, Mei and Hikaru stood, ready to continue their mission to figure out what Haruhi had been threatened with when they noticed Kaoru and Renge sitting together, talking and laughing.

"Well, aren't they just adorable?" Mei said smiling. Hikaru smiled and well, chuckling and nodding.

They walked over to them.

"Hey guys," Mei said

"Kaoru," Hikaru said. Kaoru nodded, understanding that they had to get back to their mission.

"Sorry Renge, I have to go," He said. Renge smiled and nodded.

"No problem, I have to go talk to Kyouya-senpai anyway." She said, causing Kaoru to raise an eyebrow.

"Why?" He asked, sounding both curious and a little bit jealous.

"I just have to talk to him about something," Renge said frantically. Kaoru nodded slowly as the two of them stood up and went their separate ways.

"Seriously, you guys, how are we going to get Haruhi to talk?" Mei asked. Hikaru shrugged, putting his hands in his pockets.

"I have no idea, what do you think Kaoru?" Hikaru said, turning to face his twin. "Uh...Kaoru?" Hikaru repeated, noticing that Kaoru wasn't paying any attention to either him or Mei.

"What do you think Renge has to talk to Kyouya-senpai about?" Kaoru said all of a sudden, turning to face Hikaru and Mei.

"I don't know and that's not important right now. We have to focus on Haruhi." Hikaru said. Kaoru nodded in understanding.

"Yeah, sorry, what were you saying?"

"How are we going to get Haruhi to talk?" Mei repeated, once again being interrupted by a distracted Kaoru.

"Seriously though, what could they possibly have to talk about?" Hikaru and Mei turned to each other and sighed.

At the other end of the room, Renge was talking to Kyouya. Nekozawa had managed to avert his attention from Kyouya's recruitment into the Black Magic Club for a few minutes in order to talk to Kyouya and Renge.

"Kyouya-senpai, it's not working," Renge said

"Give it time," Kyouya said, his calm and collected demeanour being killed by his apparel.

"Kyouya, perhaps if they joined the Black Magic Club as you have—" Nekozawa was cut off by Kyouya.

"No, this will work." Kyouya said, determined. He was too polite to disrespect his senpai by correcting him from the thoughts that Haruhi had given him. She would surely suffer his wrath later on.

"I also think that Kaoru is starting to become suspicious," Renge said

"And why is that?" Nekozawa asked

"He wouldn't if you would stop mentioning things not worth saying to him and then responding in such a frantic manner." Kyouya said

"It's not my fault! And besides, it's not like I do it on purpose." Renge said, crossing her arms over her chest.


Haruhi was sitting with Hunny and Mori, eating cake when she looked to her right, behind her shoulder to see how Kyouya was doing. She bit her lip to stifle a laugh at the scene she was watching. Nekozawa was trying to persuade Kyouya to accept a voodoo doll and Kyouya (while squinting due to his vision being temporarily impaired) was trying to decline as politely as possible in order to not offend his senpai and cause him to possibly lose a potential business associate in the future.

Haruhi turned back to Hunny and Mori, still laughing silently.

"Haru-chan, what's so funny?" Hunny asked. Haruhi shook her head.

"Nothing," Hunny pouted, sad that she wouldn't tell him. Haruhi laughed at his expression.

"Really senpai, it's nothing, just an inside joke." She said. Sensing that her senpai was still upset, she sighed.

"Would you like the rest of my cake?" Haruhi asked. Hunny's expression changed drastically and he grinned, nodding excitedly. Haruhi pushed her plate, with a slice of key lime pie on it, towards Hunny.

After a few minutes of watching Hunny scarf down the rest of her pie, she stood up and left the table, hoping to get a few minutes of peace and quiet, unfortunately, that was never the case when you were dealing with the students of Ouran academy.

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