AN: I love Kakashi/Rin. Period. I know they're going to bring her back into the canon storyline and completely destroy all fanworks on the subject, but I digress. Kakashi gets the dead one. We have to leave some of those girls for my Gai-sensei...

He'll never forget the last thing she said to him.

"Rain," she had mouthed, the moment before her eyes went dead; the single trail of blood from the corner of her mouth had tempted and tempted, but Kakashi could not kiss her. He just carried her back to Konoha wrapped in a rug, unable to look at anything, unable to believe that everyone else on his team was dead save for him; everyone he had held close was stiff, bereft of soul; they all had the same face, the same taut and stunned expression of pain and release, and he was destined for the same place.

It had not been raining when Rin last breathed; it could have rained the week after, or the week after that and Kakashi wouldn't have noticed. But because he's had a lot of time to hang around, remembering Obito and Minato and mostly her, he's finally been able to tack some kind of label onto the breathless babbling of a woman with her life dripping from her lips.

It was raining, he now believes; it had rained his whole life, the trying days in the lives of every Shinobi. It had rained when Obito had died, and when the Nine-Tailed Fox had disappeared in a swirl of Minato's life-force. It was going to keep raining, weighing the trees down sadly and crushing his soul very slowly, for as long as Kakashi lived. It was hard to believe that anything existed beyond the leaden storm clouds, the occlusion that brought down troubles and grief upon him in torrents.

But Rin had wanted to remind him that the sun occasionally came out- and that a whole sky waited beyond the temporary roilings of dark weather in life.