My breath hitched as he devoured me with his gaze. I bit my lip as he slowly rose and stripped himself of his shirt and I swallowed the moan the threatened to escape my throat.

He was damn perfection. The scars the decorated his skin just made him all the more beautiful in my eyes.

He crawled back on top of me and started to heatedly kiss my mouth with new found zeal.

I moaned softly as Jasper messaged my breast gently on top of my bra and nipped his bottom lip in turn.

Jasper brought his hand to the button of my jeans then proceeded to unbutton them and was about to slip them off when I heard a buzzing sound and Jasper let out an animalistic snarl as he sat up and pulled out his phone.

"Did I mention he has amazing timing?" Jasper growled as he glared heatedly at his phone.

"What?" I almost whined.

"Emmett wants me to go home, Wants to talk to me. The whole family wants to talk" He grumbled as he turned his eyes to me, still black as pitch.

"He didn't mention what it's about?" I asked him as I slowly sat up.

"No but it's probably about that movie we saw tonight" He mumbled.

"Oh, then I guess you got to go" I sighed.

"Yeah, get some sleep. I'll try to come back when you're sleeping and be here in the morning if I can ok darlin'?" He whispered as he kissed my temple.

I nodded and he stood up, grabbed his shirt threw it on, gave me one last kiss and an apologetic smile and leaped through my window then disappeared into the night.

Well I just made up my mind.

I was going to murder Emmett when I got the chance.

Sighing, I got up and changed into some pyjamas and crawled into bed then waited to the dark unknown abyss to come and take hold of me.

I could feel someone gently running their fingers through my hair and I willed my eyes to open, but it felt as if someone glued them shut so after a bit of a fight I was able to open my eyes and looked into Jasper's golden gaze as he looked at me tenderly.

"G'mornin angel" He whispered softly and leaned over to kiss my cheek.

I sighed contently and snuggled into his frame and smiled.

"Morning" I finally greeted him.

"A lil late don't ya think Darlin'?" He chuckled softly.

"No, its still morning" I mumbled.

"Yeah, quite early to. But you should get up soon. Its school for you today" He laughed.

I groaned and fell back limply into the bed and Jasper laughed then picked me up bridle style, where I laid limp in his arms.

He took me to the bathroom and set me on the counter.

"You have to get ready hon." HE smiled and kissed my cheek.

I groaned but nodded and he smiled then walked out.

Jumping off the counter I turned and grabbed my tooth brush, put some paste on it and started to brush my teeth lazily.

After deciding that my teeth were clean enough, I spit, rinsed then looked at my reflection.

Looked like I had a wild night on the town. Hair was everywhere and tangled, eyes were slightly blood shot and I looked paler than normal, if that was even possible.

I looked at the shower and thought what the heck, I got time so I got the water ready and hopped right in the steaming water.

After fifteen minutes and feeling squeaky clean, I reached out, grabbed a towel, wrapped it around myself and hoping in the bathroom that felt like a sauna and walked out and into my room.

Once in my room, I walked to my closet and found a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, slipped the outfit on.

Now off too school I go...yay...




Well, Today was absolutely the most boring day in history.

Nothing happened at all...

Just normal school and I found myself doing weird stuff to keep me occupied during classes.

I counted tiles on the floor, painted bricks on the walls, light switches, light bulbs, students, desks and chairs...

Only thing that kept me entertained for only a few moments was the school gossip and I was ashamed of myself...

Everyone wondered where Alice and Edward were. Carlisle made some story about Esme's sister being sick up in New York and they went to visit and that after that they were probably going to move back to Alaska.

That rumour floated around but also a few farfetched one and one that was actually accurate.

One said that Edward and Alice were having an affair and she got knocked up...kinda right yet impossible.

One said Alice moved to Paris for some unknown reason...Edward wasn't mentioned in that rumour...

Overall, it was all very ridiculous...

So now I was home, in my bed, reading withering heights for the umpteenth time when my cell rang.

"Hello?" I answered, sounding absolutely bored out of my wits.

"Bells" Charlie's gruff voice answered.

"Oh hey dad" I answered as I continued to read my beat up book...time to get a new copy.

"I'm just calling to let you know I won't be home until later tonight. Some stuff came up and I have to stay here at the station" He answered.

"Oh..." I sighed...

"So just ordered pizza" He said.

Kinda wish he told me that an hour ago...I was already had chicken in the oven...

"Too late for that" I replied.

"Oh I'm sorry bells" He said sheepishly.

"Its okay dad" I replied.

"Well I got to go. See you later tonight" He said.

"Bye dad" I replied and then the line went dead.

I hung up and sighed...oh well, just means left over's for tomorrow.

Lazily getting up, I stretched then sighed as I got up to go downstairs to get the chicken.

Making it down scot free, I entered the kitchen, grabbed the oven gloves and proceeded to get the chicken out of the oven and put it on the counter.

Grabbing a plate I went and got a small portion and went to the table and started to eat...

Well, if you could call it eating...I was more so pondering my food rather than eating it.

Finally giving up I went and got saran wrap and put my diner in the fridge.

I was just so bored and a little bit lonely...Maybe I should just got to bed, I turned and looked at the lock and saw it was only 6:45...damn it to hell...

Sighing I trudged my way up the stairs and went into my room and all my feeling melted away.

There was Jasper.

He was sitting casually on my bed and grinned when he saw me walk in.

"Darlin'" He called softly then held out his arms.

Smiling like a fool, I went and he took me in his arms and just held me.

"How was school darlin'?" He asked, his chin resting gently on my shoulder.

"Boring as hell...wait no...Hell is probably more fun" I said as he chuckled.

"Was it that bad?" He asked then planted a kiss behind my ear then started to suck on it gently.

"Yeaaah" I sighed as I struggled not to groan at the feeling he was giving me.

"Do you think I could make it better?" He whispered in my ear.

He then shifted me in his arms and rolled me over as he was now hovering over me.

He started to plant butterfly kisses along my jaw and neck as I struggled with my breathing.

It was almost embarrassing how heavily I was breathing and he was barely even touching me...

He reached down to the hem of my shirt and slid it up my body then brought me up to get rid of it. I was now just clad in my lavender bra and he stared down at me, his eyes darkening in a different kind of hunger.

He reached behind me as he kissed and nipped my collar bone and undid my bra then he slowly and sensually slid it down my arms and randomly tossed it over his shoulder as he stared at my modest breasts.

Starting to feel uncomfortable under his gaze I started to bring my arms to cover them up and he gently grabbed my wrists in only one hand and held them over my head and pressed his forehead to mine.

"Your beautiful" He whispered then pressed a gentle kiss to my lips, which quickly turned to a raw and passionate dance.

Still holding my wrists in one hand, he used his other to rub up and down my waist then brought it to the front of my jeans then popped my button open. Grabbing the zipper in his hand he slowly brought the zipper down then ran one finger on the inside of the waist band lightly.

Now letting go of my wrists he sensually ran his hand down my arms then he used both hands and slowly slid my jeans down my legs and threw them to the dark corner of my room.

Now I felt naked compared to him. I was only in a bra and panties and he had every stitch of clothing on him. Not fair!

"This isn't fair" I breathed as I looked at him, from hooded bedroom eyes.

"What isn't?" He gasped, looking at me with black eyes.

"You have clothes on" I pointed out the obvious.

He looked down.

"That I do" He nodded then crossed his arms and grabbed the hem of his shirt then threw it off.

He then got back on top of me, giving me a great view of his bad ass figure.

His abs were perfect. They looked like a sculpture carved them out of the finest marble. The scars just added to the beauty...The imperfection WAS perfection.

Screw it...

I'm going to feel him up.

Running my hands up his abs and chest I almost groaned. They were rock solid and smooth as fuck. Just the odd dip or risen skin from the scars but I loved it.

Wrapping my arms around him I lightly ran my arms up and down his back and reviled in the fact that I felt his back muscles flex and relax under my touch.

Jasper started to plant sensual kisses down my body. He kisses the valley between my breasts then nipped gently.

He got my hips and looked up at me while hooking his fingers in the waist band and paused as he continued to look at me.

Feeling only slightly confused through the lust cloud surrounding my brain I only assumed he was asking for my permission.

So...I nodded.

I don't think I could say a word to save my life.

~~~~To be continued~~~~

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