Title: Caught Up
: Quick, Painless and Easy
: Vashti
: Tin Man
Series Characters
: Cain, Azkadellia, ensemble
Rating: G
: It's been sixteen years since she's had real peace.
: 100 words
Prompt: connection
Series Disclaimer
: I don't know you, you don't know me. Let's keep it that way. Series title from a song by the band Ivy.
: it's like air.
Author's Note
: stories in this series were written for the seasonal prompt challenge at the tm_challenge community on livejournal. To see my prompt table, please check my homepage.

Caught Up
by Vashti

Ahamo continued smoothing his daughter's eyebrow with his thumb. She had stirred when he first sat beside her. Her eyes had open at his first touch. Then she'd seen him. The light and fire and fear and fury had died. She'd gone back to sleep. Now, though he smoothed her black brows or carded her hair she neither stirred nor woke.

The Prince Consort looked up from his daughter's face. "Mr. Cain." Former Tin Man, uncategorized soldier, he didn't yet have a title, except Honorable. "How long has Az slept today?"

"Today? Thirteen hours, sir."

"And all told?"

"Two days."