Chapter 3:

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Kitty hugged Kurt again as they stood.

"So…you go grab a dress and vhatever you'll need and I'll go warm up the jet."

She pulled away, "Right now?"

He shrugged, "Vhy not?"

She could only laugh and hug him again, "Alright but I'm grabbing Rogue as witness."

Kurt nodded and let her go as she ran to the mansion. She paused before she entered to turn around and give him a brilliant smile, before phasing inside.

Kurt grinned and bamfed down to the hanger, thanking God the instructors were out and Jean and Scott were on a date.

The jet started easily at his command and he went to preparing it for flight.

Fairly soon, he caught sight of Rogue and Kitty entering the hanger. Kitty had a bag slung over her shoulder and Rogue just looked plain shocked.

Kurt lowered the ramp for them and they soon joined him in the cockpit.

"So, let meh get this straight. Kurt's bein' deported, so Kitty suggested ya get married so ya can stay in tha country. And now ya'll are actually kinda involved, and we're now headed to Vegas so ya'll can get married. And I'm acting as witness?"

"And maid of honour." Kitty chimed as she buckled herself in.

Rogue just shook her head and strapped herself in as well, "And here Ah was thinkin' my life couldn't get any weirder."


Several hours later, Kurt lowered the X Jet down a mile and a half away from the edge of Las Vegas. Quickly initiating the camouflage he stood and locked down the jet then grabbed Kitty and Rogue and ported them one mile from the jet.

He shook his head and took a few breathes of the desert air when they re-entered.

"You okay Fuzzy?"

He gave his fiancé a grin, "Fine. Just taking a quick breather." Stealing himself, he ported again this time leaving them behind one of the many hotels.

He shook his head but was glad to see he wasn't about to pass out.

"Alrahgt, we're here. Now what?" Rogue crossed her arms.

Kitty smiled, "Chapel, then dinner for three, then home."

Rogue shrugged, "Alrahght."

It only took them a few minutes to find a chapel, upon entering they found it empty aside from the woman at the front desk.

Leaving Kurt to organize things, the girls slipped into the change rooms to get into their dresses.

"Are you sure you wanna do this sugah? I mean, I think it's amazing that'd you'd be willin' to, just…are ya sure?"

Kitty smiled at her best friend and soon to be sister in law. She wrapped her arms around her and they clung to each other.

"I'm positive Rogue."


Kurt took a deep breath as the wedding march played and his sister started walking down the aisle. Rogue was wearing a sea green dress that reached her knees. Black leggings and strappy high heels covered her legs and the dress's sheer sleeves went to her wrists where they disappeared into her black gloves.

She was beautiful, but nothing compared to the person that came down the aisle after her.

Kitty was stunning. She wasn't wearing a traditional wedding dress, but instead she had on a lace up corseted white dress that reached the floor. The skirt was a pale blue and swirled around her legs as she walked in time to the music. She'd let her hair down and she held a small bouquet of roses in her hands.

What really captured his gaze though, was her smile. It was bright, happy and she didn't look scared or relieved either. She looked peaceful and comfortable.

Kurt smiled as he took her hand and led her up to the minister.

After that all he could remember was saying "I do." When asked.

Then, "You may kiss your bride."

Shadowcat all but leapt into his arms as his kissed her. He could vaguely hear Rogue clapping, but all he could focus on as he and Kitty broke apart and the music played again, was that he was now married to Kitty.

He was seventeen and she was fifteen, but it felt perfect.


After dinner they ported back to the jet and started flying home. The night sky was cloudless and Rogue found she couldn't stop staring at the constellations.

"This is surreal." She stated.

"Vhat is?" Kurt questioned, he hadn't stopped smiling once in the last few hours. Then again, neither had Kitty.

"Well, the fact that you guys are married is up there." She drawled sarcastically.

Kitty giggled, "I guess you're right."

The mansion came into view and the waterfall opened up, allowing Kurt to land the jet with only a slight jolt to its passengers.

"Nice landing Fuzzy Elf."

"Danke Katzchen."

"Ugh, you guys are way too cute." Rogue groaned as Kurt brought the jet to a halt.

They laughed as they all unbuckled and descended from the plane and into the hanger.


"You went where?!" Ororo shouted. Outside the sky started to become filled with dark clouds.

"Vegas." Kurt and Kitty replied again.

"Why? Why would you go there?" Logan stepped away from the fuming weather goddess.

Kitty smiled, "Well, the reason is irrelevant, but what matter is that Kurt now has a green card and can stay in America."

"She's downright giddy, 'Ro, I think you know why they went…and took Stripes." He added as an afterthought. Logan was acting strangely calm through all this.

Ororo's shoulders slumped, "I just don't want it to be true. They're just kids Logan!"

Wolverine shrugged, "Yeah, kids who took the initiative and found a way to keep the squirrel here. It may not have been the most logical way. But honestly 'Ro, I'm thinkin' it was the only way. Can you honestly see Kurt applying for a citizenship and actually getting one?"

Storm opened and closed her mouth several times. The she just threw up her hands and turned and enveloped Kurt and Kitty in a hug.

Kitty mouthed 'Thank you.' Over Ororo's shoulder to Logan. The Canadian just shrugged and walked off.


Two weeks later, the doorbell rang again. This time it was Logan who answered.


It was the same men from before, "We're here to check that Mr. Wagner has followed orders and left. If he has not, we are to take him to the airport ourselves."

Logan shrugged, "Whatever. Follow me."

He led the suited men down the hall and into the rec room where Kurt and Kitty were curled up on the couch watching a movie.

"Mr. Wagner."

Kurt looked to the doorway and gently nudged Kitty off his lap.

"As you don't see fit to get yourself out of the United States, we are taking the liberty to do so."

Kurt grinned, "You can't."

"And why not?" the shorter man glared at the hologram hidden team.

"Because you can't deport me vhen I have a green card."

"How on earth would you have gotten one?" the shorter of the two men was obviously not the most level headed.

Kurt grinned again, "Meet my vife." Kitty smiled and waved at them.

"We have all the documents upstairs." Logan said as he guided the men from the room. The tone he used was the same one would use if talking to young children.

Several hours later the men left, looking annoyed and embarrassed.

Kurt just wrapped an arm around Kitty's waist and smiled in a placating way at them as they left.

"Drive safe." Kitty called as the door closed.

It took all of five seconds for the entry hall to be filled with teenage mutants. Then another .5 seconds for them to all start laughing, cheering and congratulating Kurt and Kitty. Whether it was on the marriage or the fact that Kurt was staying neither of them knew.

Kitty sighed and hugged Kurt from the side, watching her family celebrate. Her engagement ring and wedding band shining in the light.

Kurt smiled down at her and hugged her tightly. Leaning down he whispered in her ear, "I love you."

She closed her eyes and moved her head so she was eye to eye with him. Gently, she cupped his face. Neither of them noticed that their teammates were watching them with knowing and happy smiles.

"I love you too." She whispered, only for his ears.

Everyone caught on to the words exchanged though when Kurt drew her into a warm kiss.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to present, for the first time to all of you, Mr. and Mrs. Vagner!" Rogue exclaimed from the stairs.

A loud cheer went up, but neither Kurt nor Kitty could hear it. They were too caught up in each other.


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