The sorceress.

' Don't... I am... a sorceress...'

Her knight.

' Come on! Do something!!!'

The unlikely hero saving his princess.


Rinoa's sight is clouded and her chest is filling with cold, numbing air, but she can still make out the... rage and despair overtaking his marble features.
A gunblade strikes.
The ice binds her no more and she falls, in what it seems like an eternity.
And finally, Squall gets to have Rinoa in his arms. He holds her, tightly. His head, leaning against hers, breathing in her sweet scent. His hand, caressing her hair, making sure she knows how much he wants her there.

' Squall, don't... I'm a sorceress.' she pleads weakly, burrowing her face against him, wiping her tears on his jacket.

' I don't care.' he whispers, holding her face with both hands so he can gaze into her eyes. ' Rinoa... just stay close to me.'

Slowly, their foreheads meet. Squall sighs; Rinoa can feel his breath washing over her lips, so close... closer than they've ever been before. Bit by bit, he draws her in and his lips touch hers, just lightly... they're cold and dry, but soft... he parts them with his own, sipping on each one gently, before meeting her gaze again.

' Rinoa, I'll... I'll be your knight.'

All that Rinoa can do is return his kiss, pressing her lips against his, sealing their fate together.
There may be other people in the room with them, but they're in a world of their own now.

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