One day I was browsing through Twilight Harry Potter crossovers and I noticed a distinct lack of any good Hermione Jacob fics. So here is me taking a stab at an idea for one. Story is most Deathly Hallow Compliant and only New Moon/Eclipse/Breaking Dawn compliant.

This is not the story to read if you like Ron, lots of Ron bashing.

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Chapter One: Happily Ever After

The Great war has been over for about six months now, and everything is starting to return to normal. Well a good happier version of normal. Ron and I have been together since the Final battle, and him and Harry have started the Auror Training program, where as I however opted for working for the Ethical Treatment of Magical Creatures department at the Ministry of Magic. Ron and Harry had both accused me of working for a bigger more worthless version of S.P.E.W. this is however ridiculous. We are doing lots of good.

However, things between Ron and I romantically are amazing. We have our own two bedroom one bathroom flat in London. We have a mostly muggle life outside of work, even if we do use a lot of magic at home. Things are good for us. Even if Molly wants us to hurry up and get married and start having kids. I could put off getting married for another couple years and kids far off from there. Ron however has had different ideas. This is about the only thing we fight about anymore. I thought stretching at my desk looking at the time. Five o'clock, time to go home. Ron won't be home till seven and I have some last minute Christmas shopping to do with Luna while she's on break.

"Thank god it's Friday; huh, Hermione?" My partner Haleigh asked standing up from her desk starting to put work files in her brief case; I stood up following suite.

"Oh yeah, what are your plans for the night?" I asked putting on my blazer and winter jacket walking out of the office with Haleigh.

"I have a date tonight," She announced, "He's a graduate of Hogwarts and is going to the University right now to get his teaching degree." She explained proud,

"Who is your date with?" I asked politely wondering if it was anyone I knew well from school,

"Neville Longbottom, he's really cute, and very sweet." I smiled; I guess everyone deserves to be loved,

"Neville is sweet. We were both in Gryffindor and in the same year. We were fairly close friends" I said as we reached the outside of the ministry.

"What a small world!" Haleigh exclaimed, "So what are your plans for the night?" Haleigh asked wrapping her scarf around her neck securely.

"Doing some last minute Christmas shopping with a friend from school then home to Ron." Haleigh shook her head,

"Domesticality is probably the one reason I fear relationships. I fear things getting boring, like how it seems to be between you and Ron." I laughed brushing off the comment, Ron and I were happy the way we are. I wished Haleigh a happy weekend before rushing off to meet Luna at the Leaky Couldron.

I walked into Ron and I's flat setting the bags of gifts into our bedroom before going into the kitchen to start supper. It's 6:50, Ron should be home in about half an hour. I decided to fix one of his favorite meals. Chicken Alfredo over angel hair pasta with a side of green beans. I put a pot of water on the stove and set it to boil. On the dot about half an hour later Ron opened the door to our flat,

"Hey, I'm home." He said walking around the kitchen counter and gave me a kiss,

"Supper is almost ready." I said he grabbed two plates some silver wear and two butter beers out of the fridge. Ron handed me my plate and I started to dish up my own food, before I grabbed my butter beer and moved to sit on our living room couch.

"Remember my partner from work, Haleigh?" I asked sitting on the couch Ron joining me moments later digging into his food,

"The Yank? Yeah what about her?" He asked his mouth full of food causing me to roll my eyes,

"She's going on a date with Neville, tonight." I stated grabbing the remote turning on the telly and putting on one of Ron and I's favorite Friday night shows.

"Go, Neville. Did you finish Christmas shopping?" He asked going back for seconds already it still amazes me how much Ron can eat. I nodded,

"Yeah, I finished up today." I said taking a swing of my drink; Ron came back and kissed me on the lips.

"I love you." He whispered sweetly, I smiled back,

"I love you too." I whispered happily, wondering how I had gotten so lucky.