Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight nor any of the other installments. So I've decided screw Team Edward and Team Jacob..even Team James...I'm all Team Demetri!! I mean come on it can't get any better than that, he's a tracker! Think of all the adult fun...*cough* *cough* never mind. ;p

So anyway in other news, first time trying this and you have been warned I have no idea where to go with this. -_-

But I do know it's centered around Demetri and OC.


My name is Phoebe Walls, just recently turned twenty...actually tonight is my twentieth birthday. I was supposed to be spending the evening off campus with my friends at this night club,"Trance," oddly enough just as we were settling in..my cell phone rang and my ex was texting me. I continued in, enjoying my new single life as well. I have the face any guy would go gaga over, the body that most girls would kill to have, yes curves included, long silky blond hair, blue eyes with hints of turquoise outlining. Tonight I wanted to be free! No worries. But being a beautiful girl comes at a price, every guy wants a piece of you.

I was sitting with Angelique when the first guy sauntered over, gazing at me first. "Care to dance, petit?" that was such a fake accent but who am I to turn flattery down.

"Absolutely gorgeous," I replied taking his outstretched hand. Too bad the tune changed and we got a slow dance, but oh well, this was comfortable too.

He was a nice dancer and we fit perfectly against each other, very intelligant as well as I found out while quietly talking to him as we danced. But once the music was over, he left after kissing my hand. How sweet. But his breath was terrifying.

I danced with a couple of nice guys who politely left me once their turn was over, then there came the few who tried getting rather violent. I wasn't in panic long before bouncers dragged a tard away from me. After the fourth idiot was dragged away, I rolled my eyes waving at my friends then leaving. I was done with the party scene. Little did I know, red eyes were watching me from afar, licking their lips sensually and plotting my demise. However there were another pair of red eyes watching those red eyes with such anger but continued waiting for that one to make his move. And he did, toward the door not knowing he was being watched.


"Hey Maurice, yeah its me Phee," I had dialed my room mate's cell hoping to catch her still awake, "Yeah party was great and now I'm heading back to the room." I continued walking to the car, never noticing the huge man behind me drawing near. Of course sensing danger wasn't my forte.

"No there were most definitely douche bags here tonight." I roll my eyes unlocking the door, "They can't keep their hands off of me and I hate it!" I had just slung my purse in after opening the door with keys in my hand.

"Excuse me, can you tell me what time it is?" the voice was deep but loud and firm, almost hissing. I turned around to see a odd looking fellow glaring at me, creepy! His glare continued, never faltering.

I should have took that as my first sign of trouble but like I said...danger sensing isn't my forte! I checked the time on my blackberry, with me distracted, thats all it took. Hitting the cold ground stunned me more than being hit. I didn't have time to scream as he hit me once more. I felt like he was tearing me apart!

"Well well..well." He continued to chuckle watching me squirm on the ground in pain. I was hurting badly. To think this idiot was attacking me in the parking lot of a night club and NOBODY had seen this. Typical. Its the kind of thing you hear about on T.V or by your friends but something you never experience. "I guess, lets get this over with," I knew he dropped to his knees and turned me over.

I was giving him the full effect of my famous death glare, but looking more closely at his eyes...the devil's eyes. Ruby red orbs staring back, my body froze. I couldn't even shake in fear. I lost my breath and watching his mouth open wider and wider...tears welled up. HE HAS FLIPPING FANGS?!

"Please...let me go," I pleaded, starting to sob uncontrolably.

"Oh but my dear, you are too pretty to let just run wild. Besides, I'm hungry!" he laughed threateningly.

Good bye my life, the thought ran through my head back and forth, and I was scared. He held me tightly both of my arms in one of his hands while using the other to lift my chin. His eyes aiming for my neck. Closer he came, closer...

Thats when the other thing happened, all at once something blunt and heavy came barraling through the air. Something like a brick...I honestly had no idea, it was too dark to tell. This......spawn of satan looked up, hissing at the night air. I couldn't see anyone in the distance, but guessing he had fangs and red eyes..then his senses were more attuned than mine. He knew someone had launched that at him. He then wasted no time in lowering his mouth onto my neck and I felt the cold fire running through my veins, but then, my blood being sucked.

"Get off her!"

The man was thrown off me, but that didn't change the fact I was bleeding plus that cold fire was searing through my veins and I closed my eyes hurting too much to move any other part of my body. I could still hear as a matter of fact, I heard the man screaming at my unknown saviour how hungry he happened to be. Then all was silent. No more screaming and no more random objects being thrown. If they were saying something...anything I couldn't concentrate, the pain was more than I could bare. I felt my insides twisting and my heart pulsing out of control.

"How far along is she?" a female voice sighed, I'm going to take a wild guess and say she was standing over me. She couldn't have been too old but such a high pitched voice.

"The venom is spreading fast. She'll be changed in a couple of days." there another young voice, so there it was. I am some how changing and I don't want to. All I could think about was how utterly upset my parents would be to find out this horrid news. My room mate probably already to god thinks I'm dead, everything I had in my life was just taken from me. I was attending my last year at a nice University then was proudly on my way to attending Law School. But now it would never happen.

"We need to get her inside somewhere. If people just randomly walk out and see us three standing here...over a body, we're in for it." The voice from before was back, I tried concentrating to hear what else he was saying but I couldn't. I had lost control over my senses and now I could hardly hear anything. "Try not to die on us, just focus..please." he was pleading with me? I wanted to die than face this horrid pain. Like huge stakes being drove into each joint and electric shocks killing the nervous system.

But everything for me, Phoebe Walls, was changing. I would be forever frozen at twenty years old when I woke up. Everything I knew....gone forever and I would need to learn how to survive in this new upcoming life.