Dazzle Me a Vampire

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Chapter 9

Both women hit the ground hard with a thud. Shards of glass surrounding them in the courtyard. They had already somewhat destroyed the serene place, how wonderful. Phoebe didn't have time to position herself so she wouldn't hit the ground stomach first, here she lies.

"Damn, oh god this...isn't comfortable," she sat up brushing her hair out of her eyes, searching for the demon spawn known as Heidi. Stupid bitch is probably already making a run for it. Standing Phoebe scanned the area quickly tuning in her advanced senses. Light footprints in the rose bushes, she walked toward them. "Heidi, I'll rip you to shreds!" but what she found was Jane and Alec staring wide eyed at her.

"Sorry! We followed you two down." Alec gasped backing away. Jane stood looking up toward the window where they dropped from.

"Let's never do that again, shall we. where did Demetri dissapear to?"

Alec shrugged not really knowing himself, one minute the love struck tracker was staring from afar at Phoebe who landed and stayed quite still for a moment then dashed off tracking Heidi, maybe. Phoebe didn't stand still for long walking in the direction she picked up Heidi's scent. The twins followed not far behind. Phoebe cracked her knuckles again, once she got her hands on that estranged vampire she would choke her and never let go.



"Why Heidi would you do something such as that?!" Demetri demanded earning a hiss from the vile woman standing cornered in the far of the courtyard. "You killed my mate. Reasons unknown to me, so now your trying to kill Phoebe?" he continued in trying to figure out the mystery.

"Because Demetri! I want you!" She yelled straightening herself, losing the feral stance. She watched as the man backed away....horrified. "Oh come one, surely I'm not that wretched."

He didn't dare reply, she's the most insane woman he ever met! She killed his mate because she wanted him? How utterly selfish and so like her. He thought his next moves through, to kill her or wait and let Aro do the honors. Or Phoebe. She had planned on killing Phoebe - that thought ticked him off and he launched himself on her. Heidi didn't have time to move as she was pressed roughly against the concrete wall, skull pressed tightly between Demetri's hand and the concrete.

"Tell me why I should not crush your skull right now? Rip your heart out...or what should be your heart."

She didn't reply, just stared at him with the same glint of mischief in her eyes.

"Tell me!" He slapped her. Demetri never had once slapped a femalel, vampire or not he had been brought up better than that. But this...this thing could hardly be called a woman. "I guess I should kill you now."

Phoebe and the twins turned the corner staring at Demetri who held Heidi tightly in his grip. A feral hiss escaped her lips as she stalked forward, slinging Demetri away and grabbing Heidi herself.


"Shush, Phoebe wants the honor!" Jane poked him stepping beside of him, Alec following.

"Want the honor yourself? You stupid whore!" Heidi laughed slouching a bit in Phoebe's grip. "Well kill me then."

A challenge, Phoebe didn't believe she could follow. She'd never killed anyone in her life and she most certainly was never put in this position before. So should she? Her stern gaze didn't falter as she held the woman tightly. But internally she struggled with her own morale. Of course she was only defending herself because this woman put her in danger but - did she really deserve to die? Or least die by her hands. However she only hissed in response squeezing her throat tighter and tighter.

"You'll be a heartless killer, just like me! Well go on!" Heidi didn't hesitate. She didn't care if she died anymore - but she knew Phoebe wasn't strong enough, passionate enough to end someone's life. To Heidi, if one couldn't kill then they were weak. This child was weak and always would be. "You are real pathetic, you can't kill me."

She loosened her grip exhaling while glaring at Heidi. "I won't kill you because I refuse to step into your shoes. We are and never will be alike."

Demetri flexed his fingers ready to snap Heidi's neck if she tried anything.

"I'll let Aro end your life. The honorable way." with that, Aro and Caius stepped around the corner too, all staring at the two women.

"I believe that would be splendid! We'll do it right now!" Aro smiled showing his gleaming white teeth. Still chirpy as ever, "Jane, Alec, your on."

Phoebe stepped away from the woman as her doom approached, stepping toward Demetri she smiled weakly at him - he returned the solem smile. First Heidi lost all her senses, sinking into a sitting position waiting for the end to come. Jane hurried her powers on her, wanting a quick death - looking at Heidi only burdened her. Aro snapped his fingers and Felix stepped forward looking at Heidi with a grin plastered on his face.

"I've wanted to do this for the longest time ever!" He chuckled before gripping her and ripping her head clean off her shoulders.

Phoebe turned away, not wanting to see the nasty sight before her. Demetri gently took her hand in his as he watched Caius step forward, burning the remains of Heidi. Aro kept his cheerful face as they all stood waiting for the flames to end. Jane and Alec left the area, searching for some mischief themselves. "How horrible that Heidi had to dishonor us."

"Do you honestly think I feel horrible for burning her?" Caius raised a questioning eyebrow, "I enjoyed burning the witch - she deserved it!"

Demetri smiled at Caius's dark sense of humor.

"Ahem!" Felix nudged Demetri motioning him for a talk in private. As they walked away the big goofy grin platered itself back on Felix's face, "So have you told her yet?'

"Bloody hell! I thought this would be something of utter importance!" Demetri slapped Felix and walked off, hoping to find Phoebe and have a talk with her, but she was nowhere to be found. Stupid Felix and his stupid reasons for a stupid talk! "Grea,t now I have to wait!" He sighed walking back to his room.

Night of The party

Phoebe didn't know how she managed, but she did. Avoiding Demetri up until this hadn't been exactly easy. She applied the last bit of eyeliner to the lower eye lid.

"Honey, are you ready?" Gianna and Jane sat lazily on the bed looking through a mess of magazines. Jane wore a dark red dress with a black lace necklace, the under layer of the dress was golden silk. Only the eyeliner she usually wore and left her hair hanging loose. Gianna on the other hand, wore an orange cocktail dress, no straps with black eye shadow covering her eyes, hair pulled back in a tightly fixed ponytail.

"Yes," Phoebe turned around looking at her friends, "What if Demetri doesn't have feelings for me?"

Gianna opened her mouth only to close it again. How many times had the two Volturi assured her that he liked her very much? Obviously not enough because Phoebe was skeptical. Jane didn't open her mouth, only glared at Phoebe.

"I remember the night you were bit. Demetri was in that damn club watching you. While you were out of it - transforming - all he could tell me and Alec was how astoundingly beautiful you looked that night. He couldn't stop gushing about if you hadn't been bitten, he would have damn sure done it himself. You attracted him, Phoebe, no mere human could have done that." Jane watched Phoebe shift in her seat, head hanging.


"Yeah, you really are one of a kind. Everyone loves you. Inlcuding..um....whats her name?" Gianna pursed her lips together, "That vampire supposedly trying to help Heid rid the Volturi of Phoebe?"

"She what?!' Phoebe jumped, fists clenched.

"Relax, she gave Aro a heads up on what was going down. Telling Aro that she was sure Heidi would attack you and to read her thoughts." Jane joined in as she stood walking over to the door, "Are we making our debut for the party or sitting here as wall flowers?"

Gianna and Phoebe smiled and hurried out the door following Jane down to the party.



Felix, Alec and Demetri sat at a table in the corner, ties loosened, watching everyone else dance. Felix had no date now. Alec didn't care too much for parties and Demetri was frustrated, emotionally and sexually.

"This party blows," Felix sighs

"Tell me about it, have either of you seen Jane?" Alec fiddled with the paper cup in his hand. Demetri shrugged.

"I think Phoebe and Jane...maybe..just maybe even Gianna are hiding out." Felix snorted, mad he had to attend and those girls were skipping out.

Demetri looked dullfully out on the dancefloor. Many vampires from other covens grinding against each other or some other type of unusual dance. He noted that Edward had brought his lovely wife Bella along with him, even Emmet and Rosalie were here. Both couples looking ridiculously in love with each other. It pained him to no ends how Phoebe managed to avoid him up until this point and it frustrated him even more how badly he wanted her and she wasn't near.

"Would you like to dance?" an unknown vampire asked timidly, hoping to dance at least once. Alec looked at her and immediately jumped at the question, leading her out on the floor. Felix chuckled flexing his arms out.

"You still haven't told Phee how you feel have you?" a mock grin plastering his face again.

"No I haven't told Phoebe -- hey wait a minute," the look Demetri shot Felix sent the man into hysterical fits of laughter once again, "How'd you know?"

"Demetri, it's not a secret!"

They both quietened down a bit as the party drew on into the night. Aro had finally succeeded in making a fool of himself dancing the funky chicken. Caius had enough and finally decided to break out the alcohol. Marcus....well he's not much of a party animal and needless to say he only sat back not caring what either Aro or Caius done as long as they weren't interfering with his misery.

"Look there!" chimed in a male vampire pointing toward the door. Felix turned his attention toward the direction he was pointing to, mouth hanging agape. Demetri seeing Felix drooling, turned himself. He wasn't dissapointed when his ruby eyes met the alluring eyes of Phoebe. His throat went dry and for the first time - he honestly wasn't sure if it was the hunger of feeding or the thought of having Phoebe. She was wearing her signature color.

"She looks amazing - go talk to her!" hissed Felix shoving Demetri out of his seat. Not having time to even think about what to say Demetri found himself standing directly infront of Phoebe. Throat still dry, mind shot - could not form coherent words.

"Wanna dance?" seeing Demetri at a loss for words, she said the first thing that came to mind. If she could blush, right now would be the perfect moment for it. He nodded taking her hand leading them out on the dance floor. Gianna and Jane stood back sighing, finally the girl got her dream come true.

"I think I should go convince the DJ to play a slow song," Jane found herself eyeing the cutie working the music and hurried over. Gianna stood alone, understanding she quite didn't belong with a bunch of vampires but she wasn't about to let standing here alone bring her down.

"Say Gi, how about me and you...dance?"

Gianna turned around while biting her bottom lip, Felix stood eying her in the scanty dress. He was asking her to dance? Not that she was complaining but he most definitely was her type - but Gianna accepted none the less. Maybe this way she could turned into a vampire faster.

"I like this song," Phoebe smiled wrapping her arms around Demetri's neck.

"It's quite nice, yes." Demetri still fighting himself, almost afraid of rejection, "Tell me Phoebe, why have you been avoiding me since the incident with Heidi?" judging from the distant look on her face, he knew that wasn't something she was going to talk about. But still a man could hope couldn't he?

She may not have been human but that wasn't stopping her from feeling quite embarrassed at the moment. No words came to mind, so she shrugged refusing to meet his eyes. Demetri felt a lurch in his stomach. Was she being coy?

"Phoebe, I think we need to talk," he loosened his hands away from her waist, taking her hand and leading her away from the crowds. It's now or never Demetri! Don't let this moment slip away.

"What is it?"

He took a deep unneeded breath before he began, looking around the corners making damn sure nobody else could here. Of course he wanted everyone to know...but for now, he wanted to make things straight between them.

Phoebe felt her insides twisting waiting for him to say what he needed so desperately to say. Was this his confession? No, maybe she's just being paranoid. He's still clasping her hand, however, quite tightly. She watched him as he slightly quivered before her. Was she that intimidating? "Do you have something you want to share or are you just standing there looking like a complete idiot for nothing?" her patience with him growing thin. Maybe there was no hope.

"I...well...we...urgh" he realized that made no sense and shut his mouth. How fucking hard can this honestly be? "Let me try that again. Phoebe what i'm trying to say or tell you," he noted the hopeful look in her eyes and they sparkled brightly, "Is that for the longest time since i've known you..."

"Yes?" she urged him on, biting her lower lip in anticipation.

But the words weren't dripping off his tongue like he thought they would. He couldn't bring himself to say them no matter how many times he opened his mouth. From the look of confusion on her face, he knew he was screwing this up, royally. "Oh fuck it!" He muttered stepping forward pulling her in close, claiming her lips with his.

The most weird love confession, Phoebe gotten, but, she wasn't complaining. She couldn't get close enough, wrapping her arms around his neck pulling him tighter. Demetri could tell her need was just as great as his and pulled away, looking her in the eye. "My room or yours?"a sly smirk dancing across his lips.

"Which is closer?"

Demetri needed no further hesitation, picking Phoebe up, hoisting her over his shoulder, he made his way quickly to his room. Before shutting and locking the door, to begin the real celebration he placed a "Do not disturb" sign on the front of his bedroom door. Hoping everyone got the hint.

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