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Shogun Mindset


Atobe Keigo. He's good, using that guy's imitation technique. Tokugawa watched the sweat-drenched middle-schooler sit down with the first-stringers. No one had managed to beat Mouri and Ochi at doubles since they decided to team up. Props to those two for making a doubles match interesting. He wasn't biased or anything. Not at all. He simply preferred playing singles… unless it was with his cousin but that was a different matter altogether. The thought of doubles unnerved him. Just the idea that someone could know you well enough inside and out to the point where they could synchro with you? No way.

"He's gonna feel that tomorrow," Tokugawa muttered. That poor imitation-guy. Muscle cramps would be the least of his worries.

"Indeed," Coach Saitou said lightly, "It's a pity that we don't keep morphine at the clinic here."

The high-schooler stared sullenly at the tall man, "Saitou-san…"

He chuckled, "I'm only joking, Kazuya-kun. Well, I suppose I'll go back inside to watch with the other coaches."

Tokugawa barely had time to blink before, with a billow of his white coat, Saitou was gone.


What did he call that… the earth-shrinking technique? I wonder where he learned it. It seems like it could be useful. Tokugawa turned his gaze over to where Tohno was half-limping, half-dragging himself out of the courts. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Kimijima staring dispassionately at his former doubles partner. It didn't take a genius to figure it out. Not to say that he wasn't a genius or anything like that.

Tokugawa glanced over to where that black-capped boy was standing. Was he really actually only in middle school? Well, he couldn't have been too bad of a guy. After all, Oni had a surprisingly good eye for people. Perhaps it was from all that time he spent playing with the kids at the orphanage? Who knew? Also Coach Saitou himself recommended it. And he also walked her safely back to the dorm. And he seemed alright, the quiet type at least…

The high schooler reached up and ran a hand lazily through his bangs. What was he doing? Focus on the match. Focus on the match. Focus on the… Focus… His bottom eyelid twitched unconsciously at a sudden twinge of pain from his stomach. Damn you, Byoudouin.

What he had against Byoudouin wasn't quite hate but it certainly wasn't a rivalry either. There was no fun that came out of playing against that bearded freak. If that black-capped guy didn't look like a middle-schooler then Byoudouin sure as hell didn't look like a high-schooler.

"Did he look alright?"

Coach Saitou gave a wan smile and pulled a piece of neatly-folded paper out of his coat pocket, "It's good that I made him sign this last night."

Yuria huffed and continued staring at the monitors, "Or else."

"'Or else,' indeed."

Sorry, Oni. I have more important things to focus on than your match. Oni's matches almost always resulted in some sort of spectacle. Then again, it took the right kind of player to make it that. Just about anyone who calls themselves a power player and comes down from the cliffs could do that. Also, didn't Oni have another player in mind? Where did he go?

As if on cue, he watched the black-capped boy turn away from the match, tug at the brim of his hat, and leave the courts. Tokugawa almost wanted to follow him. Where was he going? But, despite his earlier thoughts about that crazy little boy with the crazy tennis style, there was a bigger part of him that wanted to see the outcome of the match.

Pinnacle of perfection? Why is it that suddenly everyone can do it? First that glasses-guy that left for some place in Europe and now this kid. Really? The high schooler let out a resigned sigh as he continued watching. It was like watching a baby tiger fighting against a full-grown lion. No offense, Oni, he added quickly in his thoughts, but you really do need a haircut.


Ah? Tokugawa stared dumbfounded at the unexpected doubles pairing. It took a lot to faze Tokugawa Kazuya but it appeared that this middle-schooler and his impromptu doubles partner had accomplished just that. Oni had mentioned the black-capped kid (whose name was apparently Sanada Genichirou) had a lot of discipline… and he did… but…

What is going on. Even in his mind, it was more of a statement than a question. Well, the other guy was the one Oni had wanted to play against but still… Tokugawa had thought he'd seen it all with Ryuuji's Nito-Ryuu but apparently not.

He turned to go warm up before his match with Byoudouin. Those two would probably get all caught up into Tanegashima's pace and ridiculousness and whatnot, so there really wasn't any need to see the game to its finish. And also, he needed to have a word with her about Sanada…


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