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It wasn't that she was actually mad at Edward when he and Al would return to Resembool, in fact she was completely overrun with joy, but she just could not stop herself from throwing that wrench at him. He did deserve it, after all, since he never bothered to call. Or write a letter. No matter what the reason was, he deserved it.

She never actually intended to cause him any harm --not that a simple wrench would cause much damage anyway, this was Edward Elric after all, and there was no way a wrench would stop him. And even though she knew it, it never stopped her from flinging it at him as soon as he came within her range. It was almost as though if she didn't throw the wrench, there would be something terribly off balance between them. It was almost as if it was expected of her to throw it. If she didn't, something would be wrong…out of place.

And since this was what she had convinced herself, she had no problem what's so ever sending the wrench flying at him that afternoon when he showed up on the path.

Sure enough, Edward had been expecting it. He tried to dodge it, but ended up tripping in his haste and took the blow anyway.

She watched as Alphonse helped Ed to his feet again before spinning on her heel and running off the balcony and down the stairs and into Edwards ready and waiting arms.

He never stayed angry for long, if he was ever actually really angry at all, and was always quick to fire of excuses as to why they didn't call. She would give him a hard time, she wouldn't be Winry Rockbell if she didn't, but that didn't mean that the words weren't going in one ear and out the other. She didn't care, when it came down to it. He was here now.

And as long as Edward was with her, that was all that mattered.