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Element stones

Ruby = Fire                  火  The Bearer of Light

Emerald = Wood  木  The Forest Guardian

Sapphire = Water   水  The Sprite of Clarity

Diamond = Wind    凨  The Winged Messenger

Topaz = Earth              土  The Earth-Shaker

Opal = Water/Fire            災  The Destroyer

Amber = Wood/Earth 杜   The Creator

The first five are from Dark Elements, by me. The last two are not.

** will indicate thoughts, while will indicate telepathic communication.

Background information: Aragorn was taken from his parents at a young age and sent to live with Gandalf, who was going to teach him magic. Gandalf trained Aragorn for twenty-five years before he was killed during an attack. That was when Aragorn's magic had awoken, and he had managed to drive away the orcs. However, he couldn't heal Gandalf's wounds, and Gandalf died. Gandalf's parting words were for Aragorn to head to Mirkwood and find the element mage there, because the darkness was coming.

            Aragorn was wandering around in the forest of Mirkwood. His former teacher, the sorcerer Gandalf, had sent him here to train with an element mage that supposedly lived here. Unfortunately, Gandalf hadn't provided any directions to where this person was. Unbeknownst to Aragorn, there were people was watching him.

            "I need a map…" Aragorn muttered as he vainly tried to find a path. "If I didn't know better, I would say that the forest was moving!"

            Legolas and the elves watching from the trees smiled at his confusion. Admittedly, Mirkwood did test humans who entered its borders, but the forest had decided to trust the young human, as long as he did not cut down any trees. The only problem the human had was that he was completely, totally, and irreversibly, lost.

            Aragorn winced as he saw a tree move. (It was just his imagination getting to him.) "I knew it! I'll never make it out of here alive." He moaned. "Wait! I could try the derivation spell." He closed his stormy eyes and muttered a few words under his breath. Immediately, a blue stream of light shot into the tree canopy.

            Aragorn blinked. "The trees? That's how I'll get out of here? I guess it's worth a try…" He bent his legs and jumped, aided by magic. When he opened his eyes, he saw six elves, all with their bows pointed at him.

            Aragorn paled. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself.

            "Why are you here, human?" Legolas asked. "Strangers are not welcome in Mirkwood."

            "Gandalf the Grey sent me here. I am supposed to find the element mage." Aragorn answered truthfully.

            Legolas stiffened, but Aragorn didn't notice. "So you say. What is your name, stranger?"

            "I don't know." Aragorn confessed. "At least Gandalf would not tell me. He called me 'Estel'."

            "Is that so?" Legolas asked. "Very well, we will take you before the king of Mirkwood. But I warn you that he dislikes humans. Why did Mithrandir not accompany you?"

            Legolas was taken aback when tears fell down Aragorn's face. "He is dead."

            "What?! That cannot be!" Another elf said.

            "Silence! How did he die?" Legolas asked.

            "He died facing Lavina, the shadow mistress." Aragorn said. "He was trying to protect me, but there were too many orcs for the two of us to handle alone."

            "Then how did you survive? After all, you are a mere mortal." Queried an elf.

            "I do not know." Aragorn answered. "I suppose he cast some sort of protection spell over me, for whenever any swords or arrows flew near me, they melted or burned."

            "A Fire Wall, strong protection." Legolas said. "Very well. Come with me." The other elves left.

            "There is something else." Aragorn told Legolas when they were alone.

            "And what is that?" Legolas asked.

            "Before he died, he also told me that fire, water, earth, and wood would have to be at peace to win the war. And that 'fire and water', 'earth and wood' could together overcome fire, water, wind, earth, and wood."

            "That is strange." Legolas mused. "I have not time now to ponder it. For we reach the home of Thórien, king of Mirkwood."

            Thórien questioned Aragorn long, but found that he was telling the truth.

            "You did well in coming to Mirkwood, 'Estel'." Thórien said. "For the Forest Guardian is here among us, as well as the Sprite of Clarity. They together will teach you."

            Legolas bowed. "As you wish, my lord. I will find Arwen and see that she does the same."

            Aragorn gaped. "You are the Sprite of Clarity?"

            Legolas laughed. "No. I am simply the Forest Guardian. It befits a  wood-elf, does it not?"

            "Then who is the Sprite of Clarity?" Aragorn asked.

            "Arwen, daughter of King Elrond of Rivendell." Legolas answered. "But before your lessons start, you must learn the ways of the elves. It will be helpful in the future."

            "Fine." Aragorn said.

            Thórien provided a good dinner for Aragorn and the elves. Afterwards, Legolas showed Aragorn his chambers.

            "If you need anything, I will be next door." Legolas said. "Arwen will arrive in a few days, so I had better teach you as much as I can while I have time."

            "Thank you, Master Legolas." Aragorn said, even though Legolas looked much younger than he was.

            "You are welcome. Sleep well." Legolas said, walking out the door.

            Aragorn slept fitfully. He dreamed of Gandalf's death.

* Flashback sequence *

"Gandalf!" Aragorn cried as he watched his teacher fall from an orc-arrow through his chest.

Gandalf staggered back up and raised his staff. Aragorn assumed he was casting a spell, but was taken back when nothing happened. The next thing he knew, Gandalf was down with another arrow through the chest.

"GANDALF!" Aragorn screamed in rage and fury. Red fire danced before his eyes as he felt a burst of heat in his chest. Flames shot out of his sword, turning the orcs to ashes. He quickly ran over to his teacher. "Gandalf!"

Gandalf looked up at Aragorn through pain-filled eyes. "Estel… go … to… Mirkwood…and find… the element mage… he will train you… and remember… that …you are… the Bearer of Light…"

* End flashback *

            Aragorn lashed out with a burst of flame as Legolas shook him awake. He blearily opened his eyes. "Legolas?"

            "Aragorn, what happened?" Legolas asked. "You were screaming in your sleep. Is everything all right?"

            "No." Aragorn said, before burying his face in Legolas' chest, ignoring the singed tunic. Tears dripped down his cheeks. "Gandalf died… he's dead… and it's all my fault!"

            Legolas stroked Aragorn's hair as he cried. "Shush now, Aragorn. It isn't your fault."

            "Yes it is!" Aragorn sobbed. "They wanted to capture me and bring me to lady Lavina! I heard them talking before I killed them. Bringer of light, my foot! More like bringer of pain! Bringer of darkness! Bringer of death! Why couldn't I have died? Why did Gandalf have to die?"

            Legolas' heart went out to the poor boy. He was young, even for a human, and to see his only parent die had hurt him badly. Legolas just sat and rocked Aragorn until he fell asleep, before leaving.

* I feel sorry for him. We all miss Mithrandir, but it seems to have hit him the most. I wish I could help… but what can I do? * Legolas walked off, wondering if it was possible to help Aragorn.


· The next day, Aragorn's lessons in elf-lore and life began.

"Spread your feet farther apart." Legolas commanded as Aragorn aimed at the target. "Yes, that's better. Your arrows will fly truer that way."

Aragorn concentrated and aimed. The arrow hit fairly close to the center.


"Yes. Thank you Master Legolas." Aragorn said, giving his teacher a bright smile.

"Good. It takes lots of practice to hit the target, though. Why don't you go work on your aiming a bit more? I'll go fetch some lunch for us." Legolas offered.

"Sounds good." Aragorn said as he retrieved his arrows.

A few days passed. Then, Arwen arrived.

"Wow…" Aragorn breathed as he caught sight of Arwen. Legolas didn't blame him. She was very beautiful, one of the most beautiful elf-maidens. But if her beauty distracted Aragorn from his lessons, that would cause problems. Arwen smiled at Aragorn, causing his heart to melt as a blush darkened his cheeks.

"Pay attention Estel!" Legolas snapped. Aragorn jumped.

"I'm sorry, Master Legolas." He said.

"You should be! Where has your head been for the past few weeks?" Legolas asked. "You only drift off when I'm teaching you! Am I such a bad teacher that you feel no need to pay attention?"

"It's not you." Aragorn muttered.

"Then what is it? Are you able to form the element spiral already?" Legolas asked, sarcasm dripping.

"Well…"Aragorn said. "Flame Spiral!" A spiral of fire surrounded him, before shooting at Legolas. Legolas jumped to avoid the blaze.

"Well, you do know how to form the spiral, but you lack control." Legolas said. "You nearly burned those trees to ashes. Do you need more lessons in magic control? I asked for a small spiral, not a blazing inferno."

Aragorn paled. Legolas had taught him that magic depended on the user's will and control last week, and that strong emotions could cause problems.

"I'm sorry." Aragorn said, shamefaced.

"Well, pay attention!" Legolas snapped again. "Watch." So saying, the spiral of woodland energy was formed and directed. "You see?"

"Yes, Legolas." Aragorn said. He concentrated and was able to form a small spiral this time.

"About time." Legolas said. "All right, you can have the rest of the day off." Aragorn shouted his thanks as he ran off.

Legolas' POV **

I sighed as I watched him run off. I just wanted him to utilize his powers to the fullest, but with Arwen around, it was well nigh impossible. It wasn't helping that Arwen was flirting with him between lessons. For shame! She was already betrothed to one of the children of Lóthlorien, and yet she teased him mercilessly!

And he was too blind. Ah, first love was sweet, but it was unrequited. Was he so blind? I was only trying to help him see, but he refused to know the truth. And yet, if he knew how I lusted after him, how would he react? Would he be flattered? Disgusted? Disbelieve me? Or would he take me in his arms and kiss me senseless?

I mentally scolded myself. I was Prince of Mirkwood, and yet here I was, falling for a human! Even if he was the Bringer of Light, he was still human and would die someday. And I feared, take my heart with him.

I sighed again and climbed up the walls to my room. It was no good to stand outside and ponder.

End Legolas' POV **

"Flame Blade!" Aragorn shouted as he parried Arwen's attack.

"Nice." Arwen commented, as her blade of ice melted. "You're getting better."

"Thank you, Master Arwen!" Aragorn said enthusiastically.

"You're a very promising student." Arwen said, cupping his face in her hands. "It would be a shame to see that potential wasted."

Aragorn blinked.

"You have learned more in two years than most students would in four or five." Arwen said. "Keep up the good work."

Aragorn smiled.

Legolas watched from a tree, clutching the braches tightly, dripping blood staining the bark, but it was nothing compared to the bleeding heart within.

"There are guests from Lóthlorien today. They have traveled far to see us." Arwen mused.

"Well, then I will escort you to dinner." Aragorn retorted.

Arwen laughed, a tinkling sound like silver bells. "I accept."

Legolas' POV **

I watched as he led her off. Ah, Arwen, why do you continue to lead him on like this? It doesn't matter, your betrothed is among the guests tonight and I am sure my father will bring up the subject. He'll probably want me to pick a bride, but frankly, I want no one but him. I was condemned to be loveless until I met another or my heart withered and died within my chest. The former seemed more likely, as I did not know if I could love anyone but him. I touched the Forest Emerald in my chest. A wave of green energy washed over me, calming my racing heartbeat. Calm. I must be calm. I changed into a dark green tunic and pants, put on a pair of gloves to hide the wounds, set the silver band upon my head, and headed downstairs to greet the guests.

            End Legolas' POV **

Aragorn noticed the Legolas was just picking at the food. However, he was too busy shooting daggers at Arwen's betrothed to pay any more attention to Legolas.

Liren, Arwen's betrothed, was busy telling a long story about how he and a few of his friends had saved Lóthlorien. Aragorn finished his meal and excused himself, heading to the field where he practiced archery. He was too frustrated to notice that Legolas followed him.

Aragorn's POV **

I can't believe it. My mind refuses to accept it. And yet, I know it's true. Thórien wouldn't joke about Arwen's betrothal. I can't believe it! Why didn't she tell me? Why didn't I ask? Of course someone as pretty as her, being the daughter of Elrond and the Sprite of Clarity, would attract the eye of another elf. And her father was more than willing to cement his alliances with her marriage. I was a fool, thinking that she could love me!

And yet, at times, I almost believed it. The way she patiently taught me how to use my magic, the way she smiled at me when I made mistakes, the way she would sing me to sleep sometimes…

I angrily brushed away the tears that sprang to my eyes, but more came. What was wrong with me? I was a magician, a mage, and yet… I was also a man. And I did have a heart, which had been shattered into little pieces. I fell to my knees and cried bitterly.

End Aragorn's POV **

            Legolas' POV **

            I heard him crying from a distance. I felt sorry for him, but I was also enraged with Arwen. Damn her for plying him with false hope! But I couldn't help praying that he might show some interest in me now that he knew he couldn't have her. I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his chest, rocking him like that night he had woken me up last year, praying that he would live on. I didn't know what I'd do if he died of grief.

            End Legolas' POV **

            Aragorn turned around and sobbed into Legolas' tunic. Legolas just held him and didn't say anything.

            The next day, Arwen announced that she was moving to Lóthlorien with Liren. Legolas held on to Aragorn's arm the whole time to prevent him from bolting or jumping out of his seat with sword drawn to attack Liren.

            "Legolas, why?" Aragorn asked when Arwen finally left with Liren.

            Legolas' POV **

            "Because if I weren't here to watch out for you, Liren would have killed you! He may not look like much, but he's the Winged Messenger." I hissed. Aragorn's eyes widened.

            "I'm sorry, Legolas. I didn't mean to question you." He said.

            "It's all right. Love makes people irrational." I said, without thinking. That was the wrong thing to say. He grabbed me by the collar and drew his sword.

            "Legolas, I honor you as my teacher, but don't you dare say anything against Arwen!" he shouted as he slashed at me.

            I ducked, but his sword ripped through the bandaging under my shirt. Oh gods…

            Aragorn was staring at my chest in shock. His sword dropped from numb fingers.

            "Turn around!" I shrieked, losing my calm as I flew towards the closet.

            Aragorn suddenly turned and jumped out the window.

            Tears dripped down my cheeks as I shakily rebound my chest and put on a different tunic. He had seen… he knew my secret… why had this happened?

            I touched the Forest Emerald again, feeling the familiar wash of power. I didn't know what to do now.

            End Legolas' POV **

            Aragorn's POV **

            The flame ruby under my shirt was burning, a testament to my wild emotions. Legolas was a female?! That would explain why he-she seemed so shy and why he never took off his shirt. Why he seemed jealous whenever I lost concentration and thought about Arwen? But why? Why was h-she disguised as a male? Was there something I didn't' know about? Perhaps that would explain why h-she looked so sad all the time.

            I had run out on him-her! like that. Oh gods. I wondered what she must be going through at this time. A million questions were racing through my head, and I was so distracted that I didn't notice the shadows until it was too late.

            I fought off as many as I could with only a dagger, but more of them kept coming. HELP! I shouted mentally, hoping that Arwen would come. I had established a mental connection with her through hard work, but never with Legolas. Now I regretted it.

            End Aragorn's POV **

            (Authoress' notes: Yes, the truth comes out. Legolas is a girl. Why not? After all, I haven't seen anybody use it before. And did you notice that I never once referred to Legolas as he/him/his? That was hard. But I managed. If you don't like the idea, you can just pretend Legolas is a guy. 'Nuff said.)

            Legolas' POV **

            I was just getting ready to kill myself when I felt the mental scream inside my head. "Estel?" I asked, surprised. I called Arwen and Liren through the faint element-bond all the mages had. We all headed off to find him.

            When we found him, he was bleeding from a deep wound in his side. Several burnt orcs lay near him, as well as a few with wounds that had clearly come from the broken dagger in his clenched fist. However, there were still several more.

            "Poison Rain!" I shouted, assuming the stance I used in archery. Purple droplets rained from my fingers. Several orcs screeched in pain, but it wasn't strong enough to kill them.

            "Hurricane!" I heard Arwen shout, as two of them were trapped and strangled. However, Hurricane was an attack that took a lot of mana and she would be defenseless for a bit. I assumed that Liren would cover her.

            "Wind Blast!" I heard Liren shout, knocking several orcs unconscious.

            I vaulted out of the tree and landed in front of Estel, protecting him. "Razor Vine!" I shouted, crossing my arms as razor sharp vines shot out of nowhere and tightened around the nearest orc, slicing him to pieces.

            "Ice Stream!" Arwen cried, freezing a good portion of the orcs left. Just then, she was hit with an orc-arrow and fell out of the tree.

            "Wind Cocoon!" Liren cried, catching her before she fell. He fell out of a tree also, because he had never used his magic actively before.

            "Flame Spiral…" I heard Estel whisper, before he fainted. Flames devoured some more orcs.

            "Petal Whirlwind!" I shouted, sending a tornado of mana sucking flower petals at the other orcs. I was surprised when I felt my mana levels rise slightly. Oh well. It seemed like orcs might have a bit of magic too. I waited until all of them were dead before stopping the attack.

            When all of this was over, I whistled, announcing that the battle was over.

            Several elves came from the trees, and burnt the orcs' bodies. Liren had awoken. However, Arwen had fainted.

            I touched the flame ruby in Aragorn's chest, sending him some of my mana. He stirred and awoke.

            "Legolas?" He asked.

            "Shh. You are still weak. Stay still." I said, giving him some more of my energy. He frowned and looked around. "Arwen?!"

            "She'll be okay." I reassured him.

            He still looked scared.

            I didn't blame him. However, I wasn't prepared for Arwen to wake up and call for him.

            I watched as he walked to her side and they conversed. But I was shocked when I saw her kiss him, before she died. I clenched my fists and looked away.

            End Legolas' POV **

            Aragorn's POV **

            "Estel." Arwen whispered.

            "Yes?" I asked, whispering back. I was unprepared when she kissed me. I felt a rush of power filling my body, but only for a brief instant.

            "I love you… but not in that way… please forgive me…" she whispered before she died.

            "NOOOOOOOOO!" I shouted, crying out my grief to the heavens. Just then, we saw her body glowing with blue light. A second later, a streak of icy blue energy shot off in the direction of the Shire.

            "Shh, Estel, it's not your fault." Legolas whispered to me. I clung to her and wept.

            End Aragorn's POV **

            Legolas' POV **

            "Estel, it's not your fault." I whispered in his ear as I watched him scream his pain and loss to the heavens. This was the second time he had lost someone important to him, the first being Gandalf. He wept uncontrollably, getting the front of my tunic wet, but I didn't care. I just held him before I summoned enough energy to teleport us back to Mirkwood.

            I put him to bed in my room. I watched him sleep. He looked so beautiful, bathed in the moonlight like that, and I was suddenly struck by an irrational- and uncontrollable-burst of longing. I bent over the bed and kissed him on the lips.

            He stirred in his sleep. "Arwen…" He murmured.

            Tears dripped down my cheeks. I hastily moved away before any fell on his face. I sat down in the corner and wrapped my arms around my trembling body. Fortunately, he was still asleep.

            End Legolas' POV **

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