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            "Gimli is gone?!" Lord Liren shouted at the cowering elf. "You fool! How did he die?!"

            "Estel… used water magic." The elf said.

            "That's impossible!" Frodo said.

            "Not just that… he resurrected Legolas too…" The elf said.

            "How can he be a water mage?! Frodo is the Sprite of Clarity now!" Liren fumed.

            "I don't know." The elf confessed, before running off.

            "Well, do something about it!" Liren snapped.

            "I will do it." Boromir said. He wanted the delicate-looking former Forest Guardian for himself.

            "I will go with you." Frodo said.

            "Well, of course I'll go with master Frodo." Sam said, getting up.

            "What about me?!" A voice cried. Everyone turned around to stare at Gimli.

            "So you didn't die?" Liren asked.

            "Nope. The fools just left me there." Gimli said grumpily.

            "Okay. But we must wait, and observe. Start gathering your armies." Liren commanded.

            "Armies?" Frodo asked.

            "The sprites, nymphs, faeries, etc." Liren explained. "For example, I have several hundred wind spirits at my command."

            "Oh! I have some water nymphs." Frodo said.

            "Um, I have some fire sprites." Boromir said.

            "And I have some wood nymphs." Sam put in.

            "Well, be ready to summon them at any time!" Liren snapped again.

            "Yes, sir." Sam said saluting. Everyone else had annoyed looks.

            Two months later…


            "Yes, Estel?"

            "Don't you worry about the future?"

            "No. Why should I?" Legolas asked practically.

            "Um… I don't know. I just feel like it might be important."

            "I see." Legolas said. She dropped down from the tree and landed next to Aragorn, who was sitting against the tree trunk.

            "Nothing's this important." Legolas said as she kissed Aragorn. "Now, what do you say about going back to Mirkwood?"

            "Somehow, I don't think the danger has passed yet." Aragorn confessed.

            "Maybe you're right. We must be on our guard."

            "Yes. It's getting dark." Aragorn said, looking around. "There are Wargs in these parts."

            Legolas narrowed her eyes. "Well, can't you use Fire Wall and protect us?"

            "I suppose I can." Aragorn replied. His opal glimmered as he cast the spell.

            They fell asleep.

            (Authoress' notes: I went and saw the movie! It was so good. Hanyaan…)

            "Why can't we find them?!" Gimli fumed as he hacked down a tree. "Honestly! They're in this forest and we can't even find them?"

            "Perhaps they do not wish to be seen." Boromir stated.

            "I can't see in the dark." Sam moaned as he looked around.

            "Neither can I." Frodo said, rubbing his eyes.

            "You fools, elves can hide better than any of you could." Liren said. "I can't believe I gave the element stones to such idiots…"

            The four aforementioned idiots promptly blasted him.

            "Flare." Boromir said, holding up a torch and lighting it. He lit two more torches and handed them to Gimli and Frodo.

            "What about me?" Sam asked.

            "Just stay close to Frodo." Boromir muttered.

            Aragorn looked down from the tree they were currently in. "Legolas, wake up."

            Legolas rubbed her eyes. "What is it?"

            "Liren's here! I heard his voice." Aragorn said. That got Legolas' attention.

            "Great." Legolas muttered as she looked down. "There're five of them."

            "Five?!" Aragorn asked, stunned.

            "Five." Legolas repeated.

            "Normally, I'd fight, but we seem to be severely outnumbered here." Aragorn muttered.

            "Actually, we might be able to win. We're double-elemental, remember?"

            "Okay." *sigh*

            "Fissure." Legolas said, as the earth split and cracked beneath the party.

            "Wind Cocoon!" Liren countered, floating himself and Boromir back up.

            "Flame Spiral!" Boromir shouted. Legolas shrieked as the fire surrounded her body.

            "Atlantis Tide!" Aragorn shouted, putting out the flames and knocking Gimli into a tree.

            "Ice Storm!" "Tendril Bind!" The two hobbits shouted. (Note: Tendril Bind belongs to GreenLeaf33. She is allowing me to use her attacks.)

            "You know, we are severely outnumbered here." Legolas muttered.

            "You're saying that now?!" Aragorn shouted as he blasted Liren with Hydro Flare. Liren screeched at the combined fire and water attack.

            "Well, it is a bit late." Legolas admitted. "Forest Arrow!" Six arrows shot at Frodo, but Sam pushed him out of the way, negating the attack.

            "Sam, are you all right?" Frodo asked anxiously.

            "Sure I am! Wood magic doesn't hurt me, Mr. Frodo!" Sam said.

            "Serpentine!" Frodo shouted, the water dragon attacking Legolas.

            "Razor Vine!"  the vines sliced the dragon to pieces, rendering the attack useless.

            "Flame Sword!" Aragorn shouted, parrying Boromir's own flame sword. The two of them proceeded to fight.

            "Typhoon Rage!" Liren shouted, knocking Aragorn into the chasm.

            Legolas was about to throw some vines down to Aragorn when Sam blasted her from behind with his Binding Vine attack.

            "Surrender?" Liren asked cockily. Legolas glared at him. If only she could find some way out of those damned vines!

* Wait… this might work… *

            "Absorb!" Legolas shouted, draining all of Liren's mana and causing him to fall into the chasm also, since he had been hovering above it with his wind cocoon.

            "AAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Liren shouted as he fell.

            "Wing Blade!" Wings sprouted out of Legolas' back and sliced through the vines. She immediately jumped into to save Aragorn, unaware of the changes that were happening.

            Meanwhile, Aragorn was still falling…

            "Aragorn!" Legolas shouted as she caught sight of him. She grabbed his hand and wrapped her arms around him as she started flying back up.

            "Legolas, when did you get wings?" Aragorn asked, puzzled.

            "Don't ask."

            Gimli, Sam, Frodo, and Boromir were up on the sides of the chasm waiting to ambush Legolas…

            "Fire Blast!" Boromir shouted gleefully. Legolas managed to get herself and Aragorn up to the banks before the wings vanished.

            "Flame Shield!" Aragorn cried. Legolas winced as she stood up. Something didn't feel quite right… but she had no time to ponder now.

            "Forest Arrow!" Legolas shouted. This time, the arrows hit their target and Frodo fainted.

            "Mr. Frodo. Oh no!" Sam shouted, sobbing. He stood up and glared. "FOREST RAGE!"

            Gimli, who had been largely ignored until now, decided to help. He blasted Aragorn with his own Fissure attack.

            "Aragorn, watch out!" Legolas shouted, pushing him out of her way. Both attacks crashed into her, knocking her out.

            "Waterfall!" Aragorn commanded, taking care of Boromir. Gimli and Sam both stood up and advanced on him.

            "Come on, what's good against both Wood and Earth…" Aragorn muttered. Then, a light bulb flashed above his head. "Of course! Wind!"

"Sorry, Legolas." Aragorn muttered as he kissed her. He stood up as the wind energy coursed through his body. "Heaven's Fury!" Lightning, Snow, Rain, and Hail screamed through the air and knocked Gimli and Sam out.

"Phew." Aragorn said. He turned back to Legolas and shook her. "Come on, wake up."

Legolas didn't stir.

Aragorn started to get worried.

"Legolas, wake up!"

There was still no reaction. With mounting terror, Aragorn took Legolas' pulse.


Legolas opened her eyes. "What is it Aragorn- AHHHHHHH!"

"What's the matter?" Aragorn asked, concerned.

"Look at me!" Legolas shrieked as she began to fade.

Aragorn stared. "What's happening?"

"I absorbed Liren's spirit as well as his magic! Now, he's trying to drag me into the afterlife!"


"Aragorn, help me." Legolas pleaded as she clung onto him.

"There is only one way to undo this." A voice said.

Aragorn and Legolas both turned and saw Va'na, the Ever-young.

"What is it?" Aragorn asked desperately.

"All of you, including your rivals, must be reborn. The time stream will be altered and neither of you will remember having your powers or knowing each other. However, when your love rekindles, your memories and magic will return to you." She said. "However, beware of the other gods, as some of them are wont to test you."

Legolas and Aragorn exchanged glances.

"I agree." Legolas said.

"As I do." Aragorn replied.

"Very well. Now just close your eyes…"

            There was a bright flash of light. When it cleared, there was nobody left.

            The End (No, it's not finished yet! Just this part!)

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