Author's Notes: Time to continue the story. There will be violence! There will be controversy! There will be blood! There will also be snoo snoo! The redemption song will begin in this chapter.

It was early morning, the first night in a long time that Naruto had been able to get a restful sleep. The slender figure of Karin was nestled closely to his, her head resting lightly on his chest. The sheets and blanket barely covered the two as they slept soundly.

The activities of the two were a definite factor in this comfortable rest, as could be noted by the serene look on the blonde's face as he slept. His right arm wrapped about her as he held her close, it was as if he knew deep inside he wanted her at his side. As he slumbered, he was dreaming.

He was standing in the middle of a open field, the sun was overhead, darkness soon cast itself over the field as the moon eclipsed the sun. As the moon moved away the field was hued two different colors. Red on his left, Blue on his right, as he looked to the sky, the Sun now was a Sharingan while the Moon was a Rinnegan. He looked about left and right trying to find the explanation for this change.

"You are at your crossroads in your life…" spoke the familiar voice of Itachi from the left as he was perched on a pile of bones his eyes covered with a strip of cloth. The familiar Akatsuki cloak was beaten, ragged, and torn as if to represent the torment he endured in his life.

"Itachi what are you-" Naruto began as the Uchiha vanished from his perch on the bones.

The blinded Shinobi stood beside Naruto as he continued, "…You aren't ready. The last time we spoke those years ago. In the end it was inevitable. The Uchiha are damned by their pride. You have the resolve to end the war. You have the ability. But you lack the strength to do it. Your heart has grown weaker without the bonds of others."

The scenery changed and soon resembled a battlefield. Corpses strewn about as the flames of Amaterasu burned down all buildings. From a puddle a rippling formed as two drops of rain hit a puddle in unison, slowly Nagato appeared before Naruto. Not looking as he did when they met but as he did in his prime. "This is the future that will be if you continue down the road of a lone wolf." he solemnly spoke as he shifted his gaze to Naruto, before walking through the battlefield, before he stopped beside a corpse as he spoke tersely, "Come and look…"

The blond walked towards the corpse, and once he saw it clearly, he saw the dead body was his and it wasn't alone, Karin's prone lifeless body was laid on top of his. His eyes widened in shock and horror. "…No…"

"No matter how far you distance yourself…they will find a way in. This isn't a war you can win on your own. No war is ever won on your own. I didn't eliminate Hanzo on my own. Konan was at my side. As was Yahiko in spirit." the bearer of the Rinnegan explained as he shifted his gaze to Naruto.

"No." was all the blond was able to say. The sight of Karin being lifeless filled him with dread.

"When you stop blaming yourself and let others in you will have the strength." the red haired shinobi said as he stared at Naruto unemotionally.

"NO!!!" he shouted as he clutched his head his body beginning to falter.

He suddenly sat up with a gasp, his brow covered in sweat, and his breathing more erratic. He looked down at his hands, they were shaking the terror of the dreamed had carried over.

"...Naruto-kun…" the redhead cooed incoherently in her sleep as she rolled over, her nude figure illuminated by the moonlight.

A look of relief came over his face as he looked at her, he was calmed to see she was all right. But he knew that it wasn't a dream. He knew it wasn't and he didn't want it to come true.

"…Karin…" he whispered a she looked at her serene form. He wished deep down inside he could reciprocate the feelings she held for him, but he refused to out of fear for her safety.

"…Naruto-kun…? What's wrong…?" she asked groggily as she opened her eyes to look at him. She was a light sleeper as it turned out to be.

He slowly turned away setting his feet to the floor as he sat on the edge of the bed, "Nothing…just a bad dream…" was his reply.

"It was just a dream, come back to bed…" she groggily replied as she wrapped her arms around him. She rested her chin on his shoulder doing her best to comfort him, feeling through his chakra that something had upset him. She slowly pulled her away as she slid back under the covers, as she motioned for him to come back to bed.

He was hiding something from her, he always did this, he acted as if the burden of the world was his to carry, not wanting to let others help him. It was admirable. But she wished she would be let in to his world instead of having to force her way in. She wanted see the true Naruto again, not this cold hearted one who hid behind a mask.

"…Yeah…" he responded as he looked to his side at Karin, a look of mixed emotion in his eyes as he slipped under the covers. As soon as he was settled in the redhead snuggled close to him, nuzzling her face into the crook of his neck. He settled down and closed his eyes, hopeful that he might sleep without another dream.

But in the forests on the outskirts of Konoha, a girl limped towards the gates. Long brown hair, her body looked beaten and exhausted as her clothes. The green vest was ripped and barely hanging on, her pants with a superfluous skirt also beaten and worn out. Tsuchi Kin was back from the grave as well, but she seemed to have gone rogue. She had been aged through Sasuke's sharingan. But how long had she been back.

Her eyes were glazing over as she drew closer to Konoha, her body was giving out. She needed to get to the village for some reason. As she reached the gates the two Chuunin, one male one female, who were on watch prepared to stop her, pulling kunai from their holsters. As they pulled their weapons out she collapsed to the ground in front of them, but she looked up at them and spoke a scant few words.

"Must…stop…Uchiha Sasuke…" as she spoke these words she passed out.

The male knelt down to check the unconscious Kunoichi for a pulse, as he did he found that her body was growing cold and her pulse was dropping. "Go get Haruno Sakura. NOW! I'll get her to the Medical Corp!" he shouted as he looked at his colleague with some worry for the young woman's well being.

"Right!" she shouted as she took flight and headed for Sakura's residence as quickly as possible.

"Hang on! We're gonna get you some help!" shouted the man as he applied a weak medical jutsu hoping to sustain the kunoichi until a medical ninja could take over. He hefted the girl onto his shoulders and rushed with her to the Medical Corp so they could handle it.

Moments later, at the Medical Corp. Sakura looked down at the unconscious girl, the fact Tsuchi Kin was alive bothered her. "…Send an ANBU to bring Naruto here. I need to talk to him." she ordered another medical ninja as she resumed treating the weak Kunoichi.

"Yes Sakura-san." the kunoichi responded as she quickly left to go find an ANBU.

"…She's severely dehydrated, malnourished, and exhausted. She's lucky to be alive…" commented the green eyed kunoichi as she sat down and just watched for a moment. Naruto was keeping something from her, something he should have told her when he got back.

A short time later, a beating came on the door of Naruto's home, the blonde's eyes slowly opened as he quickly grabbed some clothes and walked to the door. "The one time I actually get some sleep…and the dead and living won't let me sleep…" he grumbled as he slowly walked to the door gripping the knob and opened the doorway. A look of disdain crossed his visage as he saw an ANBU on the other side, "…What is it?" he groggily said as he looked at the masked ninja.

"You are needed at the Medical Corp, by order Haruno Sakura." spoke the shinobi, as he stood in front of the tattooed ninja.

Naruto pushed his hand through his hair as he yawned he responded in an irritable tone saying, "Fine…I'll be there as soon as I'm dressed."

With a quick nod the ANBU left without a trace.

He closed the door and walked back to his bedroom he pulled his shirt on and pulled on his belt.

"What is it Naruto-kun…?" Karin quietly asked as she rubbed her eyes, as she pulled the sheets about herself before donned her glasses.

"Something is going on at the Medical Corp. Apparently Sakura needs to speak to me about something..." he wryly explained as he slipped his arms into his coat pulling it over his shoulders. He sat on the edge of the bed as he pulled his sandals on. He turned his head and looked at her coolly before standing to his feet and saying unenthused, "…Lock up before you leave. I have the feeling its going to be one of those days"

"…Alright…" she quietly said as she laid back down, slowly removing her glasses and setting them on the nightstand again.

He walked to the doorway of the room and stopped, "Thank you for last night…" he said in a kinder tone before he bolted through the house, closing the door behind him before he rushed to the medical corp.

He took to the rooftops to allow him to get their much more quickly. If she sent an ANBU it must have been important. She would never send an ANBU for a social call, something must have happened. As he dropped to the ground, she was standing there waiting for him.

"This was." she snappily told him, looking at him coldly, a great distance put between them with her knowledge that Sasuke was undeniably alive. The fact he hadn't told her about it, and she had to learn about it from Ino.

He walked over to her and followed her quietly, slipping his hands in his pockets as he walked alongside her, sardonically saying "What was so urgent it couldn't wait until morning?"

She stopped and pointed to Kin who was sleeping soundly in a bed, she then shot her emerald green gaze to the male and responded with agitation to her voice, "How about you tell me."

Naruto turned to look, his eyes widened, he remembered her well. Tsuchi Kin. Defeated by Shikamaru during the Chuunin Exams, and by all accounts she was used by Orochimaru as a sacrifice to summon the first and second Hokage's using Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei.

"This is why I called you here. Now tell me…why didn't you come tell me about Sasuke as soon as you got back yesterday?" she asked with irritation to her voice as she leaned against a wall, she glowered at him as she shifted her eyes to focus her attention on him.

He looked to the floor clenching his fists, responding in a callous manner as he replied, "I have my reasons."

She shook her head and grabbed him by the arm dragging him outside of the building. She didn't want to wake any of the patients with what was about to take place. Once she was outside she, slapped him across the face, with no hesitation as she exclaimed, "You have your reasons!? That is always your answer! I'm sick of it! Stop trying to protect me by pushing me away! None of what happened is your fault!"

His eyes widened with some surprise, reaching up he touched his cheek which stung with the shock of her slap. He soon looked at her with irritation, as he quickly said with anger to his voice, "I'm sick of you guys always telling me it isn't my fault! I failed, I failed too often! I was weak!"

"What do you call this? Strength? No you're not strong! In fact you're no better than Sasuke! He never let others in. He treated others like they were in the way!" she snapped back as she stepped closer to the male, as she gripped him by the collar of his coat pushing him against a wall that encircled the Medical Corp.

He scowled at her as he leaned his head back, replying in a agitated manner, "Don't compare me to him…"

"It takes more strength to stop running from the past! Chouji didn't die in vain! He died as a Shinobi should! Defending his comrades, and you know this! It was the first thing Kakashi-sensei taught us! Shinobi who disobey orders are scum, but Shinobi who sacrifice comrades for orders are worse than scum!" she quickly scolded him as she looked him in the eye and released her hold on his coat turning and walking to the building, saying calmly while she walked, "think about it Naruto."

He leaned against the wall, slowly sliding down his face was filled with a look of disbelief. Had he been running from the past? "Have I been running? Have I become like Sasuke?" he asked himself aloud as he lifted his head to look to the sky as the sun began peeking out across the horizon.

Despite years of travel through the Shinobi World to acquire the ability to stand toe to toe with any opponent. He was still indeed weak, his lack of bonds with others, his insistence that without them he would be unhindered. He did it so he could have the strength to protect others.

Slowly he stood to his feet and walked from the Medical Corp. He needed to channel his building anger, the very way Sakura lectured him, set off a chain of rage that had been building. Just who the hell did she think she was to lecture him? She had no right. She had no idea how much the past had effected him.

He needed to get to the training grounds. He could channel his anger through some training. It was the only way to handle this kind of irritation, to release it through some intense training.

As he reached the training grounds he rolled his shoulders slowly slipping out of his coat and tossing it to the side. He casually rolled his shoulders as he loosened up, when suddenly he heard footsteps from behind, he quickly pivoted on the heel, to see who it was.

"Hello Naruto." casually Tenten spoke as she walked towards him, shouldering a bo staff as she walked past him. Her clothing hadn't changed all too much in the years, the cheongshan top was now black with red trim, a pair of hakama as pants with several summoning scrolls strapped to her legs, her hair no longer in the familiar buns, but a long braid that descended down her back. Her headband was not tied around her head, more than likely due to her having a day off.

He turned his head and walked away indifferently, he wasn't feeling all to up to dealing with her at the moment.

The weapon mistress' eyes narrowed, she had about all she could of his new attitude, she spun the staff about and brought it low across the ground bringing it to the back of the blonde's legs sweeping him to the ground. "You know, you may look like a man. But you act like a boy." she said as she rested her shoulder staff across her shoulders.

"…Who the hell do you think you are?" he growled as lay on the ground, slowly standing to his feet, as he stood he saw her motioning for him to come at her, he then said, "You want to fight? Fine!"

He bit his left thumb breaking the skin and spread the blood over the tattoo of the Ouroboros Medallion, then across his forearm over a tattoo of a black Katana resting in the skull of an Oni with a raven perched atop the sword. Slowly the white snake slithered out of his arm coiling around his body before regurgitating the white handled long sword, which he grasped in his left hand. The snake retreated back into the tattoo, this was followed by the raven on the forearm taking flight and landing on the ground beside Naruto.

A pattern for summoning spread across the ground slowly the handle of the black katana appeared from the ground as it rose from the ground. As it finished rising through the ground, the skull of the Oni appeared glowing blue light coming from the eye sockets of the skull. He wrapped his fingers about the hilt of the katana pulling it free of the skull, once he did this the Skull retreated to the ground and the raven returned to his arm to resume being a tattoo.

"So it's true. Those are summoning tattoos. But you know, that isn't going to stop me from kicking some sense into you!" she remarked as she pulled a scroll from her leg and bit her thumb spreading her blood across a seal within the scroll summoning a pair of sabers which she deftly caught in her hands.

He lunged forward thrusting the straight bladed sword forward which was quickly knocked aside. He frowned his anger getting the better of him, as he rushed forward again bringing the katana upward only for it to be knocked away. As an opening was created the brunette kicked him square in the ribs knocking the wind out of him.

Blow for blow Tenten parried, blocked, and knocked away each strike. And with each opening created she kicked, punched, or struck the blond. She was increasingly growing bored with each attack she dealt to the shinobi. "Calm down Naruto! Your anger is weakening your attacks!" she exclaimed as she knocked away another strike bringing her knee into his midsection knocking him back again.

He took a deep breath as he spun back crouching with the blades held upward his left leg stretched behind him. '…To be a Swordsman of unparalleled might, I need to be calm. The River patiently carves away at the Mountain…' he thought to himself as he brought the blades in a downward arc as he caught the blades of the Kunoichi grinding the blades against one another.

The two then began evenly trading blows, strike for strike the two were now evenly matched. Calming himself was one step towards having the strength he needed. He had let his anger, his frustrations, and his past rule him. He was of no use in this state. He would need to find a way to calm the anger that dwelled inside of him.

They continued to spar, the blows exchanged between the blades of the two ninja as they moved as if they belonged in a Wuxiong film. Gracefully the blades arced to and fro, the clanging of steel ringing out through the air. The two leaped back and rushed swiftly, running headlong towards one another. The blades met once more, and in a moment capturing the intensity of the contest of the two the swords were knocked loose from their hands.

The blades flew through the air and landed piercing the ground in each of the cardinal directions. The two stood across from one another bent over breathing hard, Tenten's cheeks were tinged a light pink as she looked at him quietly. Slowly she walked towards him, "I want to hold your sword…" she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Sure. It's over there…" he responded calmly, as he pointed off to one of his swords, until she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"No. You're sword…" she explained with some emphasis on the world sword, as she lightly pressed her thigh against his groin to help clear the confusion of what she meant.

"…What about Neji…?" he asked as looked at her, trying his best to end this moment, despite the animalistic instincts that were doing their best to overtake him. He could have meaningless sex with Karin, because it really wasn't meaningless sex. He actually felt something akin to love for Karin, but with Tenten he still viewed her as a friend.

"You've only been back for a few months…but it became clear in that time while you were gone, it wouldn't work out. And I am really, really frustrated…" she explained as she looked at him with a lustful look in her eyes, hooking her fingers into his belt.

He grabbed her by the wrists trying to fight off her advances, "…we can't…I could put you in…" he tried to reason with her when she suddenly kissed him.

She parted from the kiss and looked at him shaking her head, "If you're worried about my safety…be a man and protect me. Not like I need protecting." she responded as she tugged on his belt once again.

It was clear she wasn't going to take no for an answer, he forgot who he was dealing with. She was one of the few kunoichi he had met who was so unyielding and would never give up once they had set their mind to it. Of those that came to mind, Sabaku no Temari, Karui, and Karin.

"…Fine…knowing you I won't be able to change your mind…" he responded calmly, as he shook his head lightly, as he began to wonder why only the most stubborn women had to be drawn to him.

She smirked and released her hold on his belt, slowly stepping away from him, as she softly said, "Good. Let's go to my place. I don't have a mission today.", as she walked over to her twin sabers returning them to the scroll.

"Sure…not like I have anything else to do…" he remarked as he collected the two swords and wiped some of the blood from his thumb across the return seals. The katana turned to smoke and flowed like the wind as it returned to his forearm. While the long sword simply turned to mist and clung to his upper arm before vanishing into the ouroboros medallion.

He picked up his coat and pulled it on as he prepared to leave with her. How was it now that he wanted to be left alone by people it was the time that women wanted him most. Perhaps it was true, women want what they can't have.

Moments later at her apartment, as soon as the door was closed and the sandals had come off, she pushed him against the wall and kissed him passionately, as Tenten quickly began to unbuckle his belt. She was wasting no time she quickly broke from the kiss as she unzipped the blonde's pants, as she slowly pulled out the sword she so yearned to hold. A lustful look in her eyes as she looked at him slowly dropping to her knees.

"Tenten what are you doing ngh!!" he tried to ask when he suddenly got his answer, as the brunette took the head of his member into her mouth. He braced himself against the wall as he felt her tongue roll sensuously over the head, as her right hand wrapped about the shaft slowly pumping her hand back and forth.

Slowly she took in the whole length, before pulling her head away from the length, slowly flicking her tongue over the head. "Just relax and enjoy it, Naruto, I know all about your stamina." she responded as she stroked his length slowly unbuttoning her top with her free hand. Once she had her top unbuttoned she pulled it open as she took his tool back into her mouth.

He sighed contently as he leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Despite the fact he hadn't been expecting it, he liked it.

She pulled her mouth off his cock pumping her hand up and down as she ran her tongue from the base to the tip. Slowly she rolled her tongue in a circular motion before she engulfed him once again. She tilted her head to side slightly as she took him deeper, attempting to deep throat him.

"Ngh! Tenten…" he groaned out as he set his hand on the back of her head, he was losing it as she performed this lewd act on him. His eyes rolled back lightly as he felt as if he was approaching his peak.

She slurped over the length as she moved faster, giving it her best effort to make him come. She was prepared mentally for what was bound to happen.

"Uhhh…Tenten…I'm…I'm gonna…" he gasped out as he grabbed her by the head suddenly, thrusting his member into her mouth as he came. With each spasm of his member he released his thick load into her mouth.

Her eyes widened in shock as he came, she adjusted her head as she deep throated him again and began swallowing his semen with out reluctance. As his tool stopped twitching she slowly removed him from her mouth. She leered lustily as she looked at his cock which was still hard and ready to go, wasting no time in licking the remainders of his come from off as she cleaned him off.

Slowly she stood to her feet and gripped his coat and pulled it off his shoulders pushing it to the floor. "Now…we're going to continue the fun…" she said coyly as dropped her top to the floor and took his hands and placed them on her breasts and softly said.

He gently fondled her through her red lace bra, never once thinking that a tomboy like her would wear such sexy underwear.

She moaned some, as she felt him grope her breasts, her face became tinged a deeper shade as this took place. Regaining her composure for the moment she gripped his shirt and led him to the living room, once there she removed his shirt quickly. Her breathing becoming faster with excitement, as she stared at his toned upper body.

He undid his cargo pants and dropped them to the floor, at the same time she removed her hakama. She hooked her fingers into his boxers and pushed them down with an impassioned look in her eyes. She was wearing of all things a thong, which shocked him once again, which ceased once she pushed him onto the couch and slowly straddled his lap. Slowly she unclasped her bra from the front and dropped it to the floor as she began to rub herself against him.

"I'm a woman Naruto…so…" she began as she paused lifting her hips up and pulled her thong to the side as she lowered her moist mound down towards his tool pushing against it softly, "…treat me like one."

She slowly pressed herself downward and gasped as the head entered her as she quickly braced herself against him. Her eyes widening some as she pushed herself downward, sheathing his sword deep within herself. She tensed up as soon as he was wedged deep within, a small moan escaping her mouth as she leaned her head back.

He rested his hands on her hips, gasping lightly as he felt her tight canal wrap about him. "Tenten…you're so tight…" he said as he ran his hands up her sides and gently cupped her breasts.

Her cheeks became tinged a shade of red as she began to roll her hips, slowly wrapping her arms around his neck as she began to ride his cock. "Nnnh Naruto…so good…" she said in a hushed tone as she slowly leaned back lacing her fingers behind his neck as she pumped herself over his length like a piston.

She closed her eyes as she continued to roll her hips building up a steady pace, her breasts bouncing with each movement. She opened one of her eyes as she caught a glimpse of him with a look of enjoyment on his face. She pulled herself towards him pressing her body against his, running her tongue along his neck, before nipping at his ear. "You like it don't you Naruto?" she said in a hushed whisper as she gripped his head band and pulled it off his forehead tossing it to the side as she gripped his head as she kept pumping herself lusting for more and more.

With each rise of her hips her breasts rubbed up his chest, and with each drop the rubbed back down. Her erect nipples grazing his skin with each movement, a smile of ecstasy on her face as she continued to move herself over his erection more and more. She clutched the side of his head as she kissed him deeply and slipped her tongue into his mouth, their tongues rubbing against one another.

She broke from the kiss and turned herself around, slowly hooking her left arm around his neck as she continued to ride him slowly moving her other hand down to rub where they were connected. "Squeeze my breasts Naruto…" she lustily said as she continually rolled her hips building up a more intense pace as she slammed herself down onto him each time.

He eagerly obliged her request as he squeezed her breasts firmly, running his index finger and thumb along her nipples. "Like that?" he teasingly said as he began to buck his hips not one for letting anyone do all the work a smirk crossing his face as he returned her efforts ten fold.

"YES! Like that!!! Naruto!!!" she screamed out as she sped up her motions bring herself down on him excitedly, it was a duel now as the two worked to see who could make the other come first. Each time she brought herself down her breasts bounced, she had a look on her face that didn't quite match the behavior she normally had.

He would never have thought that a tomboy like her would be such a vixen. Not that he was complaining.

Tenten stopped holding onto his neck for leverage as she leaned over and braced herself against the floor. She placed her palms firmly on the hardwood floor as she pushed herself back fervently using her upper body strength to push herself over his length with greater force.

He smirked some and gripped her hips and began to thrust himself into her, attempting to move into her from all angles. He moved one hand to her clit lightly rubbing it between his thumb and index finger, as he said, "Two can play at that game." his voice filled with lust.

"Ahhhn Naruto!!! Yes!! Take me! Make me yours!!" she screamed out as she pressed her palms to the floor arching her back. She felt herself drawing closer and closer to her climax as he took her so passionately.

"I'm going to make you feel like a woman!" he exclaimed as he once again sped up the pace and drove himself into her faster and more intensely.

"Ahh….Naruto…Naruto…NARUTO!!!" she chanted out passionately as her eyes rolled back as she reached her peak, as she climaxed. Her whole body tensed up as she felt a sudden feeling relaxation course through her as wave after wave of pleasure subsided.

Naruto grit his teeth as he continued to take the brunette, he was drawing closer to his limit. "Uhhhn…Tenten…I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come inside you!" he exclaimed as he began to move much faster thrusting himself deep inside of her. When suddenly he came and shot his thick load deep inside of her, his member releasing shot after shot of his seed inside of her with each spurt. And with the last spurt a scant amount seeped out, where the two were connected.

She pushed herself off the floor so she was resting against his chest, as she panted from the intensity of the climax he was able to deliver to her. "…Naruto…that was the best…ever…" she said between breaths as she set a hand on his cheek kissing him tenderly feeling extremely relaxed from the act.

She slowly raised herself off his member and dropped down between his legs and ran her tongue along his tool lapping up his seed that was mixed with her own juices. "Mmph…I…love…you…and your….sword…" she managed to say as she worked at cleaning him off before taking him into her mouth once more. Making sure she had gotten every last drop, slowly pulling her lips to the tip as she finished, making an audible pop as she pulled her mouth off.

"You should probably take a shower and clean up. And while you do that, I'll make some breakfast." she said as she slowly sat up and looked at him a satiated look in her eyes, as she grabbed her bra and pulled it on.

He shifted his eyes to look at her, "Probably a good idea…I can't be walking around smelling of sex. No telling where I'll have to be…" he said as he sat up, slowly standing to his feet and gathering up his clothes. Once he was in the bathroom he started up the shower, once it was warm he stepped under the showerhead, letting the warm water flow over him. As the water flowed over him, he began to reflect on the past, remembering who he was, what had happened, who he had now become.

Slowly his mind took him to when he had chosen to walk the road he now traveled. That of a loner, that a sinner wishing to atone for wrongs he viewed were his. Slowly his mind faded to the night he met the one who gave him the tools to forge his new path. The man who may have changed his path in life, the one who gave him the summoning tattoos.

It had been shortly after his journey to acquire a way to replace the Kyuubi and its Chakra. He had been to the other villages and had failed to find anything. No skills that could benefit him, then as he traveled down a road, he encountered a masked shinobi. The mask was a black on one side white on the other, a fur coat draped his figure with the hood drawn up. A gray muscle shirt with a wolf fang rosary about his neck, and camouflage cargo pants. He looked like someone who could have been in league with Uchiha Madara by all means.

"The legendary Uzumaki Naruto…" casually the man spoke as he pulled his hood down a shock of spiked silver hair was revealed, this was soon followed by the revelation of his face, which bore many scars. Bangs were covering his forehead, the wolfish eyes peered at the blond as if it were a wolf on the prowl. A massive scroll hung behind him, held close to him by a pair of chains which crossed over his chest.

"…Hmph…yeah, so what do you want?" he responded as he looked at the man with irritation, not feeling all too eager to deal with a freak like this man.

The silver haired man smirked wildly as he looked at the boy, and said enigmatically, "The name is Jinketsu Ginshin, and I, I can give you the power you seek. But I cannot give you the spirit to use the power properly. You are broken. You have lost the will to fight!"

He rolled his eyes the man was clearly insane. Then he remembered, the Bingo Book. It listed Jinketsu Ginshin as a dangerous ninja, a very, very dangerous one. The last of the Hakke Rengou, he was driven mad by the loss of all he held dear. He had allegedly left a trail of destruction that would have made him a prime candidate for Akatsuki. But he didn't harm innocents he left countless bandits and criminal groups destroyed in his wake.

"…And why would you give me power? I could be a Shinobi sent to deal with you. After all you are regarded as a criminal." Naruto replied as he looked at the peculiar ninja, he didn't trust this man one bit. He was about as far gone as Orochimaru was.

"Oh? That's where you're wrong. Even if you were here to eliminate me, you couldn't. You have lost your will to fight. I can see it your eyes, the fear, it makes you believe you are incapable of protecting. That fear suppresses your real strength" the silver haired rogue responded as he grabbed the scroll and unfurled it revealing what appeared to be art work, art work for tattoos. He grinned as he looked at the younger shinobi, as he proceeded to explain the meaning of the scroll "This is the power which I have to offer you."

"Artwork? No thanks. If I wanted artwork I could have asked a possibly gay artist in Konoha to teach me." the blond responded as he moved to walk past Ginshin, he felt as if he were dealing with a lunatic.

"Summoning Tattoos. This is a prized Contract, the Contract of the Guardians, Seiryuu, Suzaku, Byakko, and Genbu. The other tattoos that will form will be representative of your life and of you, as well as the person who performed the Jutsu to transfer the contract. It will replace the power of the Bijuu you lost…you will need to learn to specialize. You will need to learn to be a one man army so those you love never get hurt again…" he coolly explained as he spoke with a new almost tranquil tone to his voice, his eye shifting to the blond to wait for his response.

Naruto stopped in his tracks and looked at Ginshin questionably, and asked"…And why would you give me this?"

"I know of you. You wish to have the power to protect those you hold dear. The power in the contract is not meant for me. It is meant for someone who would save anyone. Someone like you the redeemer of lost souls." he explained as his demeanor slowly changed to that of a lost soul who had no way of finding his redemption in this world.

"…I can't save anyone. You're talking to the wrong person. I couldn't save my friend, I couldn't even save my best friend…I'm a failure as a Redeemer." he responded as he started to walk away.

"…This is the test, do you run from the challenge to overcome your past and bow down like a scalded dog? Or will you rush this test of life and make it submit because you will challenge fate at every turn?! You need to find your reasons to fight again…you still have friends, you still have a home, use the power to protect it." he reasoned as he spun on his heel, hoping he could get through to the younger shinobi.

As he heard these words, he stopped walking and looked to the ground and uttered one word, "Fine…"

"Good…I have faith in your ability to be savior that I could never be." he kindly said as he cast his coat to the side, he held no hesitations about what he was going to do.

"What do I have to do…?" asked Naruto as he looked at Ginshin, he didn't like this idea, but if he could save others he would accept the power.

"Just sit on the ground…you will feel some discomfort though as the contract transfers to your body." he said as he gave a warning about the jutsu he was about to use.

Once Naruto was seated on the ground Ginshin began forming hand seals, as he slipped his foot from his wooden sandal and placed his foot on the scroll.

As he finished the hand seals, four sets of chakra rose up from the scroll taking forms of the dragon, tortoise, tiger, and phoenix. The dragon bit into his right side, the tiger on his left side, the tortoise on the back of the neck, and phoenix hooked it's talons into his lower back. As the pain dulled enough for him to continue chakra formed about his hands resembling two wolf heads. He brought the maws of the chakra wolves to Naruto's neck which immediately clamped down and began transferring the contract onto the blonde's body. The blond grit his teeth as his eyes widened as he felt the sharp pain in his neck as if he were being torn apart by wolves.

A lotus tattoo appeared at the base of the neck, the words of the contract slowly materializing about his forearm, the seal for creature summoning appearing on the underside of his arm. On his elbow a spider web took form with a Madaragumo spider appearing with numerous weapons trapped within the golden orb. In the bend of his elbow a lake which had ripples in the water akin to the Rinnegan, with six tombstones surrounding the lake. On bicep there was a sword akin to the one Ginshin carried, pierced within a throne made of stone, a wolf, heron, swallowtail butterfly, snow leopard, and eagle rested on or around the throne.

One the right bicep, a wolf bound in chains held fast to massive sword, its eyes red as blood, an ouroboros medallion hanging from the mouth. The ouroboros was not like any seen before. It had the snake forming a six sided star. Below the wolf three masks, a Kitsune, Hannya, and a Tengu, took form on the heads of three skulls. On the right elbow a pattern matching that of Itachi's Mangekyou Sharingan.

At the bend of his arm two dice and a hand of cards appeared, each bore a symbol of a different element, and dice were loaded sixes on all sides. Down on his forearm the skull of an Oni, with a black katana pierced into the skull, and a raven perching atop the hilt. On the underside of his arm, there was a white katana resting in a field of flowers with a dove perched on the handle. Various patterns filled out areas of his arms to make sure no skin showed on his arms.

As the arms completed, the Tortoise forced its way through Ginshin's body as it appeared on the blonde's upper back. Carrying a large mountain atop its back, a white snake coiled about the peak. The Phoenix followed suit and appeared on the lower back rising up from the most intense of flames. The tiger would be next appearing as if it came from the mist that was blowing in, a pair of wings raised from its back. Finally the dragon patiently pushed its way through Ginshin and took form on the right side of the Blonde's back, as the azure dragon rising from the sea itself. The yin yang and the eight trigrams appeared at the center of his back.

As the Jutsu was completed, the silver haired ninja staggered back as the wolf heads of chakra faded away. Suddenly he coughed up blood before he fell back, falling quickly to the ground. "…I didn't tell you one thing…I…die…by using the Jutsu…" he said as he looked to the sky a sad smile on his face as he rested on the ground.

Naruto shocked by these words, spun to his knees and looked at the man. "…Why?! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THIS!?" he shouted in rage as he looked at the dying man, feeling guilty for allowing him to do this.

"…I'm tired…tired of being a drifter…tired of it all…I just want to return to Suiren…I miss her…every day. But…don't feel guilty…" explained the drifter as he weakly tilted his head to look at the boy.

"…Is there something I can do for you? …I can't just leave you at the side of the road…" he asked, he felt obligated to honor a last request of the man who sacrificed his life to give him the power to carry on.

"…Take…my coat…my necklace…and my sword…I don't need them anymore. As for my last request, take…me to the mountains not too far from here…I want to be buried besides Suiren. Sorry…I lied to you…kid. Don't walk the road I did…if you…find someone you care about…let them in…" he spoke as his breathing continued to draw more and more short, as he said one final word. Suiren.

Naruto hung his head in that moment he felt pangs of guilt, despites Ginshin telling him not to feel responsible.

He honored Ginshin's request, he saw to it he was buried on the mountain where a village once stood. It had been one of the many lesser villages that had been destroyed by the wars. Ginshin was the one hundred and eighth shinobi to be buried on the mountain. He made sure to honor the request of the Shinobi to bury him beside Suiren. He broke the chain from the sword that Ginshin had given to him and tied it about the two graves.

As he came back to the present he lifted his head and pushed his hair out of his face. Even after all this time he still hadn't the courage to choose his own path. He was afraid to fail again, perhaps he needed to stop running, and stop being a coward.

He turned off the water as he lowered his head his hair fell down about his face. He wished he had the reason to fight again. As he lowered stared at the drain watching the water spiral down, images of Karin's dead body flashed in his mind. 'Karin loves me and I…feel something for her…it's the only reason why I let my defenses down around her…' he thought to himself with some trepidation, as he lifted his head.

He got out of the shower and dried himself off before he pulled his clothes on. The aromas of breakfast soon took his mind off his troubles. He hadn't sat down to a meal in a long time, a real meal. As it turned out there were things about Tenten, that he nor anyone else no one knew about.

As he strode out of the bathroom, suddenly his arm was gripped by the brunette as she led him to the dinner table. He was quickly forced to sit down as he looked to the table he saw quite the meal had been prepared.

"It's about time you ate a proper meal, I've been paying attention since you came back…you aren't taking care of yourself." she said with concern as she sat down in chair next to him. As she handed him some chopsticks, a stern look in her eyes, as if she had taken it upon herself to prevent him a path of self destruction.

"…Fine…" he said as he smiled faintly, and proceeded to eat the meal she had prepared. Egg drop soup, egg rolls, steamed rice, an omelet, and some ramen, a meal with all intentions of making sure he ate well had been prepared while he showered.

As he ate, he began to reflect on the events as of late, he was the savior. But, who will save the savior? Perhaps the women who have forced their way into his darkened heart had done so in an effort to save him. If only he could understand why they wanted to save him it would be easier.

A short time later after he had finished his meal, he walked to the door and prepared to leave. "Thank you for Breakfast, Tenten…I think I'm going to go find something to do with this mandatory vacation…" he courteously said as he pulled his coat on and tied his headband around his forehead.

"...Naruto…" she began with some worry to her voice she held some apprehension about how he had been acting since his return. She clenched her fists and looked up as she continued, "Don't keep walking this road of self destruction…you have people who care about you, and love you…"

"…I do it so those who care about me will live…" he unemotionally responded as he walked out the door not wanting to allow his defenses to drop any further than they had.

'…You won't be weak if you let us in. You will be stronger you will have the will to fight again. You will have something worth fighting for like you use to.' she thought to herself as she watched him leave, feeling concerned for his well being.

As Naruto walked through the village, he encountered Sakura, who looked as if she were searching for him. He snidely remarked, "Oh joy…two encounters in one day. I must be doing something right."

"…Oh shut the hell up you ass. I came to find you only because Tsuchi Kin refuses to speak to anyone else. So come on." she sapped in response, she was instantly irritated with the callous remarks of the blond.

He looked at her coldly and sighed saying softly, "Fine…lead the way."

Shortly they arrived at the Medical Corp, he had been lead to Kin's room, and she needed to talk to him, alone. He hoped it was for a good reason.

He sat in a chair beside the bed, as he looked quietly at her. "…So why is it you need to talk to me…?" he quietly asked as rested his head against his hand which was clenched lightly into a fist.

The former Kunoichi of Otogakure blinked, as she looked at him. 'This can't be right. That can't be the same loud mouth that I saw at the Chuunin Exams. He acts like that bastard Uchiha Sasuke…' she quietly thought as she stared at him.

He narrowed his eyes and as calmly as possibly asked, "…Well?"

She snapped out of her daze and finally spoke up, "…Yeah…I wanted to tell you about Uchiha Sasuke. To be exact…the Jutsu he used to bring people like me back. He calls it Sharin Tensei (Copy Wheel Reincarnation). I was the first successful resurrection he performed, for it to succeed he needs three sacrifices…"

"Then why are you here? Shouldn't you be grateful for him bringing you back?" he asked without hesitation as he leaned back in the chair.

She gripped the sheets of the bed as she looked down sadly, as she weakly said, "…No…after he was finished he cast me aside like garbage. He said, 'You have no abilities that could be of use' and left…he had been using one of Orochimaru's old bases…when he brought me back. So…I don't know where he is…"

"And why are you telling me this…?" he dryly inquired as he looked at her.

"…To help you stop him from disgracing others I had known…because I won't be able to…" she trailed off as she reached for a knife that was on the food platter and moved to force the knife into her neck without hesitation of the pain that would ensue.

Before she could do such the knife was slapped from her hand, as he stared at her with an intense look in his eyes. "Stop being a coward! You would put a waste to the lives used to bring you back!? If you want to spite him…live!" he exclaimed as he looked at her angrily, he was tired of seeing people die.

"I want to die! I BELONG DEAD!!!" she screamed as she doubled over and began crying uncontrollably, she hated herself, she hated what she was, an abomination.

He frowned as he walked out of the room and shot a glance to Sakura, and coldly said, "Put her under a suicide watch…" as he slowly moved to walk to the entrance to leave the Medical Corp, as he was walking his arm was suddenly gripped by Sakura.

"What did she do and where are you going?" she asked, in concern for him, she saw what looked like a powerful look to his eyes. Something filled with determination, no filled with hatred.

He stopped and coldly said, "She tried to kill herself. I'm going to see what Ino found out from the foul mouthed prisoner. That's where.", he then jerked his arm free and walked out of the building. He rushed forward and sprung to the air traveling by roof to roof making his way quickly.

He made no wasted effort as he traveled as he reached ANBU and made his way to the Interrogation Wing. As he walked in he saw Ino exhausted and frustrated as she held her head in her hands.

"...I can't find out anything. Not even with my Clan's special Jutsu. When dad was trying to find out about Pein he encountered the same thing, some form of Genjutsu that suppresses certain memories." she explained as she looked up at him, knowing well why he had shown up.

He took off his coat and set it at her desk, "…Fine…which room are you holding her in? Sakura put me in a foul mood this morning anyway…" he responded as he cracked his knuckles.

"Room Three…maybe you will have some better luck…" she exhaustedly explained, as she pointed to the room in question.

He slowly walked to the room, as he walked in the dark eyed girl, looked at him with contempt as the door closed. He slowly walked past the security camera, and unplugged it, his lips curling into a sickening smirk as he did such. "Oops…clumsy me…" he casually remarked as he walked towards her, his eyes slowly transforming as he brought about Sage Mode by some means, his eyes becoming very draconic as the retained their blue shade.

"…What are you going to do…?" she said as she tensed up feeling uneasy with the blond suddenly, as if he were giving off an aura with an intense killing intent.

"...Sometimes to get to heaven, you have to go through hell…" he responded as he leaned forward bracing himself on the table as he lowered himself downward, coiling almost like a viper.

Meanwhile, at the Hokage Tower, there was a meeting was taking place, Gaara the Kazekage with his siblings present, and Karui, Samui, and Omoi on behalf of the Raikage.

"…We need to discuss what to do about Uchiha Sasuke…" Kakashi began as laced his fingers thoughtfully as he looked at those who had been sent to meet with him. It was obvious to Kakashi he couldn't allow Naruto to be left to take care of things on his own anymore. He was growing more emotionally unstable and was a threat more to himself than anyone else.

"Why can't you let Blondie handle it? He should be able to kill the bastard properly if he's motivated enough!" Karui quickly said, no hesitation no doubt whatsoever as she said it.

"…I agree…if Naruto feels those he cares about are in danger he should obviously have the strength to do what is necessary." Gaara unemotionally commented as he leaned back in the chair he was sitting in.

"I wish we could…but, Naruto has changed since any of you last saw him…" Kakashi began as he looked at the six ninja that were in his office, as he opened a Personal File and set the file photos down on the table.

"This is Uzumaki Naruto as of now…" he quietly explained as he pointed to photos of the long haired, scarred, and tattooed shinobi.

"…Tell me what changed him…that cold look in his eyes. I know it all too well…" Gaara responded as he coolly looked at the Hokage.

"…It a few months ago when he returned from his Journey…" Kakashi began as he kept his composure he would have to explain the events that have changed Naruto. He held some hope that Gaara could get through to Naruto and save him. It would be for the best if it could be done.

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