The family is sitting around the Lambert - Fosters kitchen table everyone is there except for JT carol walks over and sit's a plate on the table "Dose anyone know were JT is ?"

Brandon looks at her "last time I saw him he was running for the bathroom"

Mark looks at them " Yea he's been in there for over an hour"

Carol looks at Frank "Oh I hope he's alright"

JT comes stumbling down the stairs they turn around

Frank walks over to him "Uhhh…son are you ok ?"

JT comes into the kitchen "Yea sure why would you ask something like that ?"

Mark looks at him " Maybe cause your as pale as a ghost"

JT starts to walk across the kitchen all of a sudden he losses his balance and starts to fall backwards Frank catch's him "Maybe you should sit down before you hurt yourself"

JT looks at him "That's a good idea dad" Frank helps him over to the table "I just got a little dizzy for a minute there" he puts his head down

Brandon looks at Carol "Mom can I have some eggs"

Carol looks at him "Oh honey I just cut the oven off"

Al looks up at her as she feels JT's head "No problem just throw them on JT's head they be done in no time"

Carol walks over and feels his head "Oh frank he's burning up I'll get the tormenter" She walks over to the drawer and pulls out a tormenter and comes back gets JT to sit up and sticks it in his mouth

JT looks up at her "I'm telling you I'm fine"

Carol pulls the tememoter out of his mouth "You've got a fever"

JT looks at her "But I have a big math quiz today"

Dana looks at him in disbelief "your concerned about school work you must be sick"

Carol looks at her then back at JT "Dose anything hurt ?"

JT looks at her "Yea my throat is killing me"

Carol looks at him "Well you better just forget about the quiz and get up to bed"

JT gets up "Yea I guess your right" he falls backwards into Marks arms

Mark looks at him "Want some help ?"

JT looks at him "Maybe a little"

Mark looks at him and starts to help him up the stairs