The scene changes to Carol on the phone in the kitchen Frank comes out of JT and Richs apartment and closes the door quietly

Frank walks over to the sink "Well he's asleep that cold medicine really knocked him out"

Carol hangs up the phone "Well you better wake him up"

Frank looks at her "What ?? He just fell asleep"

Carol looks at him "I just got of the phone with Doctor Paterson he'll see him at noon"

Frank looks at her and starts laughing "that's funny"

Carol looks at him confused "what do you mean ?"

Frank walks over to her "Carol JT has an irrational fear of the doctor"

Carol looks at him "Frank that's ridiculous"

Frank gives her a look "Carol last time he was sick it took me, Al and Brandon all three to get him in the car"

Carol gives him a look "Well he's sick and he's going to the doctor and that's it"

Frank grabs his lunch and heads for the door "Well good luck (under his breath) you'll need it"

The scene changes to the doctors office JT is wearing his packers jersey and sweat pants he's looking around nervously and then looks at Carol "Do I have to do this ?"

Carol looks at him "JT your sick"

JT looks at her " Can't I just keep taking the cold medicine"

Carol looks at him "You probley need proscription medicine to do anything for you"

JT looks at her "Can't I just keep taking the cold medicine and see where it gets me"

A nurses voice comes over the loud speaker "John Lambert please come back to room one"

JT starts to panic and gets up "I can't do this"

Carol grabs him "Sure you can come on" she ushers him out of view

The scene changes to JT sitting on the examination table his eyes widened with fear Carol is far from him in a chair

Carol looks at him "Would you calm down"

JT looks at her "I can't what if something goes wrong"

Carol gets up and walks over and starts to rub him on the back "Nothing is going to go wrong this is one of the best doctors in town"

All of a sudden the door opens and the doctor enters "good afternoon folks"

JT looks at him then at Carol "I'm getting out of here" he jumps off the table and starts to make a run for the door Carol runs over and grabs him " Come on JT"

JT looks at her as she walks him back over to the table "I was so close"

Carol gives him a look

The changes to a little while later the doctor grabs a tongue depressor and walks over to JT

JT looks at it "What are you going to do with that ?"

The Doctor looks at him "I'm going to check your throat"

JT looks at him "I don't know about this you already lied to me once"

The Doctor looks at carol then back at him "What do you mean ?"

JT looks at him "You said the step scope wasn't going to be cold but guess what it was and another thing" The doctor sticks the tongue depressor in his mouth "Owww..your tricky"

The Doctor looks down his throat "Oh no"

JT looks worried "Oh no what ?"

The Doctor looks at him "Your tonsils are swollen"

JT looks at him "Is that bad ?"

The Doctor looks up from his clipboard "Well your going to have to have them out Mrs. Foster I'll call the hospital and tell them ya'll are on your way"

Carol looks at him "thank you doctor"

He walks out the door as JT looks over at Carol "Carol"

Carol walks over to him "Yea"

JT nervously looks at her " You know when my dad told you I have a fear of doctors did he mention I'm terrified of hospitals"

Carol try's to comfort him as the scene fades