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AU for both. HP canon pretty much till the end of GoF except for one or two things then completely AU. For Twilight AU from the fight with James in the ballet studio. Don't get me wrong I love Alice's character but I kind of need her gone so please don't kill me.
PS. Ideas for Harry's animagus form? Something four legged and that would blend in at least relatively well in a forest even if not an American one.
I'm hesitating over the pairings. Harry/Jasper and Edward/Bella, Jasper/Bella and Harry/Edward or something really different for me Harry/Bella or even Harry/Bella/Jasper. Opinions please!!!!!

Chapter 1

Harry switched off the powerful engine and pulled his helmet off, looking around at the town he found himself in. He shook his head as he felt the rain begin to soak his shoulder length hair. Brilliant. Why did he have to stop in the rainiest town he'd seen since leaving Europe? He got off his bike and quickly moved inside the cafe he'd parked in front of. He found an empty table and shrugged out of his black leather jacket, hanging it on the back of the chair opposite to the one he sat down in. He ordered a coffee and then sat and simply watched the people around him. So far he didn't think much of Forks and who names a town after a piece of cutlery anyway? He had originally planned to stop in Seattle but perhaps a smaller town was better, especially one that was definitely not a tourist attraction. With only around three thousand people and with the highest rainfall he'd seen in America it could be the perfect place to hide. He smiled as he finished his coffee and stood to leave, looked like Forks now had one more resident.

Finding a place to live hadn't been too hard although his age had raised a few eyebrows, especially with the way he looked and the money he had easily parted with. Most eighteen year olds didn't have money to throw around the way he could but then again most eighteen year olds weren't wizarding war veterans trying to run from their memories.

Few people who knew him as a first year would recognise him now. He'd finally managed to reach a respectable height of five foot nine and his hair had lost the Potter wildness with the weight provided by the extra length. As he'd gotten older he'd started to resemble James less and Lily more in the face, his features now far more delicate looking and he had kept a seeker's slender build making him seem far weaker than he was, something he'd used to his advantage often during the war.

His glasses were long gone, replaced first with contacts and then his vision corrected by a rather illegal potion brewed by Severus himself. But glasses and even contacts had been too much of a liability in battle and had needed to go. As he'd begun to look more like Lily Snape's hatred had slowly tempered until he was almost another godfather to the young hero. It had been nice to have the older man not belittling him 24/7 since they had had to work closely together especially towards the end and Severus' death still made his chest tight when he thought about it. It was one of the many factors that had led to him packing a bag and vanishing into the night two months after the mop up operations had finally finished.

The final battles and following clean up operations had been hard on everyone as the lists of dead and missing had grown ever longer. So many people had died on both sides, most of his year mates among them. Of his dorm only Harry himself and Dean Thomas were left. Of the girls only Hermione though did it count when she had been driven mad by Draco? The day he'd finally found Ron's body in the dungeons of Malfoy Manor was the day Harry begun planning to leave England. He knew that despite their best efforts there were still at least some unmarked supporters out there, maybe even some who bore the mark although not in England since they had found a way to scan for it through anything. Between them, the continual hounding by the Ministry and the press, and the attitudes of those who had lost family to the war he had realised he would have no peace as long as he remained there. So one night he had slipped from Grimauld Place and caught the ferry across the channel to France. From there he had wandered most of Europe and into Asia before finally heading to America. He'd had the occasional run in with the magical world, especially in the first few months but since then he'd gotten rather good at hiding from them.

There was no real concentration of wizards in Washington State and he had subtly scanned Forks the day he rode in, happy to discover he was the only wizard although he had detected some magical beings. They didn't bother him, most sensed his power and stayed away, those that didn't were usually simply curious so he let them be. Since the local concentration of beings seemed to be on the local reservation he doubted he'd run into any especially since they had their own. The thought of school made him shudder but it couldn't be helped. The tutoring he'd received was well and good but he still needed to graduate if he wanted to go to college or get a good job. Despite his money he wanted to work. Idleness would drive him batty within months; he knew it from summers spent locked in the smallest bedroom of his relative's house. So he had no choice but to complete his final year of high school and it seemed that Forks High was the lucky school. He just didn't know whether or not he should pity them for his being there or not.

The house he'd bought was largish and rather open. While he wasn't claustrophobic or anything he did like to have space when he could. Sure it was big for one person but maybe he'd get lucky and make some new friends so he wouldn't always be the only one in it. It was also outside of the town itself so he had no really close neighbours. According to the real estate agent his closest neighbour was a Doctor Cullen and his family and they were several miles further from town than he was. But then she had said they had left the day he signed the final paperwork. The land backed onto the forest so he had plenty of room to roam when he felt like walking on four legs rather than two or when he simply wanted a less risky hike than the ones he used to take through the Forbidden Forest. He'd put some basic wards up around the borders of his property once he'd found them so he'd know as soon as someone stepped onto his land in case he was using magic or doing something muggles shouldn't really see. And they'd be good warning of anyone from home managed to track him down.

Harry claimed the largest upstairs bedroom for himself and turned the next largest across the hall into a library. The remaining bedroom was turned into a potions lab. Although he would never reach Severus' level he had become proficient at brewing the potions most commonly needed in the home or on the battlefield and he didn't like to buy them. He avoided all the house colours while decorating, using mainly creams and browns, except in his bedroom where he used mainly blue and green, with silver thrown in now and then. Gryffindor red and gold was still too painful but blue had been Ravenclaw and Green and Silver Slytherin. He'd long ago accepted his Slytherin side and blue always reminded him of Luna's uniform. She was the only living person he'd miss and he'd left Hedwig with her, oddly enough the two of them got on splendidly.

Downstairs he set up a home office in what was meant to be the formal dining room with all the muggle things he could need. He was keeping the ground floor completely un-magical as it was where any guest would be, no one would be allowed upstairs. The kitchen was very modern and he was looking forward to cooking what he wanted in it. He'd always enjoyed cooking and now he could do so in his very own kitchen. The living room was set up with numerous very comfortable couches and recliners, several grouped in front of an entertainment unit with a large TV. Artwork gathered from his family vault was displayed on the wall; apparently a Potter somewhere in the family tree had taken a liking to muggle art so it had saved him having to find some for himself and quite a few were originals now worth thousands, maybe millions. There were a few bookshelves along the walls as well, mainly filled with paperback novels but there were a few more academically minded ones as well. The large attached garage swamped his bike but he'd need to get a car for the winter, he didn't want to freeze on the ride to school and he was not going to rely on heating charms to get there without getting frostbitten.

All in all he was very happy with his new home. And thanks to a little bit of magic it hadn't taken very long at all to get set up. He'd need to set up a greenhouse at some point for potions ingredients but that could wait.

Someone was shouting her name. It was muted, muffled by the wet growth that surrounded her, but it was definitely her name. She didn't recognize the voice. She thought about answering, but she was dazed, and it took a long time to come to the conclusion that she should answer. By then, the calling had stopped.

Sometime later, the rain woke her up. She don't think she'd really fallen asleep; she was just lost in an unthinking stupor, holding with all her strength to the numbness that kept her from realizing what she didn't want to know. The rain bothered her a little. It was cold. She unwrapped her arms from around her legs to cover her face.

It was then that she heard the calling again. It was farther away this time, and sometimes it sounded like several voices were calling at once. She tried to breathe deeply. She remembered that she should answer, but she didn't think they would be able to hear her. Would she be able to shout loud enough?

Suddenly, there was another sound, startlingly close. The familiar sound of clothing settling as if it's owner had been moving extremely fast. She looked up, hope flashing through her for a second but it wasn't him. She wondered if she should feel afraid. She didn't–just numb. It didn't matter.

"Bella." A familiar tenor called out and the vampire knelt beside her.
"Are you hurt?" He asked despite the fact he would be able to smell any blood.

"Jasper." She gasped out, reaching blindly for him. They'd never been close, she hadn't even seen him since Phoenix and Edward had always said he was dangerous but right now he was familiar and that was all that mattered. Cold, hard arms wrapped around her and then they were moving fast.

"Chief Swan." Jasper called out but she didn't move to look.

"Bella!" She heard Charlie scream and then warm hands were on her.

"She's alright sir, just cold and wet." Jasper spoke over her head and she curled closer to him.

"How did you find her?"

"I was out walking, I only just arrived and wasn't ready to see my family yet. I heard the shouting and then I found her in a clearing." Jasper explained and Bella felt them moving again and then he was lowering her and trying to put her down. Bella whimpered and clung tighter.
"It's alright Bella, I'm just putting you on the couch so the doctor can look you over." Jasper whispered soothingly. He stepped away and an older man moved closer.

"Dr. Gerandy?" She asked and he nodded, smiling.

"That's right dear. Are you hurt Bella?"

"No." She whispered. He couldn't do anything for what had hurt her. She saw Jasper frown and then a wave of calm washed over her.

"What happened to you? Did you get lost in the woods?" Dr. Gerandy pressed.

"Yes, I got lost."

"Are you tired?" She nodded and the doctor stood.
"I don't think there's anything wrong with her," Bella heard the doctor mutter to Charlie after a moment.
"Just exhaustion. Let her sleep it off, and I'll come check on her tomorrow," he paused. He must have looked at his watch, because he added, "Well, later today actually." There was a creaking sound as they both pushed off from the couch to get to their feet.

"Is it true?" Charlie whispered. Their voices were farther away now. Bella strained to hear even as Jasper moved closer to her again.
"Did they leave?"

"Dr. Cullen asked us not to say anything," Dr. Gerandy answered. "The offer was very sudden; they had to choose immediately. Carlisle didn't want to make a big production out of leaving."

"A little warning might have been nice," Charlie grumbled.

Dr. Gerandy sounded uncomfortable when he replied. "Yes, well, in this situation, some warning might have been called for." Bella saw Jasper frown and look at her and she realised Jasper didn't know what had happened. They sat silently as the search parties broke up and went home until it was just Charlie and them left.

"If you just got back then I suppose you don't know what has been going on with your family?" Charlie asked and Jasper shook his head.

"I haven't had any contact since..." Jasper trailed off and Charlie nodded. Bella struggled to sit up and Jasper helped her automatically.

"Bella." She looked at Charlie.
"He left you alone in the woods?" She nodded slowly.

"How did you know where to find me?" She asked, moving slowly closer to Jasper, seeking comfort and she relaxed as another wave of calm hit her.

"Your note." Charlie handed a piece of paper over and she saw Jasper frown at it.
Going for a walk with Edward, up the path, it said. Back soon, B.
"When you didn't come back, I called the Cullen's, and no one answered," Charlie said in a low voice. "Then I called the hospital, and Dr. Gerandy told me that Carlisle was gone." Jasper's attention had gone back to Charlie.

"Where did they go?" Bella mumbled.

"Didn't Edward tell you?" Charlie asked, staring at her. She shook her head and gripped Jasper's arm as tight as she could trying to fight the pain.
"Carlisle took a job with a big hospital in Los Angeles. I guess they threw a lot of money at him." She exchanged a look with Jasper. Sunny LA was the last place they would have gone.
"I want to know if Edward left you alone out there in the middle of the woods," Charlie insisted.

"It was my fault. He left me right here on the trail, in sight of the house… but I tried to follow him." Charlie started to say something; childishly, she covered my ears. "I can't talk about this anymore, Dad. I want to go to my room. Jasper please." Before Charlie could answer, she scrambled up from the couch and lurched her way up the stairs, pulling Jasper along even though she knew he was coming of his own will. She could not move him if he didn't want her to.

Someone had been in the house to leave a note for Charlie, a note that would lead him to find her. From the minute that she'd realized that, a horrible suspicion began to grow in her head. Bella rushed to my room, shutting and locking the door behind Jasper before she ran to the CD player by her bed. Everything looked exactly the same as she'd left it. Bella pressed down on the top of the CD player.

The latch unhooked, and the lid slowly swung open.

It was empty.

The album Renee had given her sat on the floor beside the bed, just where she'd put it last. Bella lifted the cover with a shaking hand. She didn't have to flip any farther than the first page. The little metal corners no longer held a picture in place. The page was blank except for her own handwriting scrawled across the bottom: Edward Cullen, Charlie's kitchen, Sept. 13th. Bella stopped there, sure that he would have been very thorough.

It will be as if I'd never existed, he'd promised her. She collapsed, hugging the album to her chest as she sobbed. Cold arms wrapped around her even as a feeling of warm comfort enveloped her.

Bella half turned and buried her face in Jasper's chest. He was all she had left of the Cullen's now and he didn't even know what was going on. Fresh grief for Alice hit her, dear Alice would never have left her.

"Bella? Please talk to me. I need to know what happened." Jasper's smooth voice called to her and she slowly looked up into concerned butterscotch eyes.

"There...there was an accident. They threw me a party for my eighteenth and I cut myself. It was only a paper cut but...."

"Someone attacked?" He asked, obviously not surprised and she nodded.

"It wasn't his fault. I know that, Emmett would never hurt me. Only Carlisle was able to stay. E..." She gasped in pain at the thought of his name but took a deep breath and pressed on.
"Edward pushed me out of the way and I crashed into the table. The plates shattered and my arm was cut up." She showed him the bandage.
"They all had to leave while Carlisle stitched it up. After that Edward took me home and he was the only one I saw. He was...distant but I figured he was just trying to get over what had happened." She paused and Jasper sent another wave of calm which made her smile shakily.

"What happened today?" He asked softly.

"Edward wanted to talk to me. He said...he said the family was leaving and I asked where we were going but...but he didn't mean me. He said he didn't love me, that I was a distraction. And that the others were already gone. I tried to follow him but he was too fast." Jasper tightened his arms around her.

"I'm sorry Bella." He whispered and she nodded.

"Are you okay with this? I thought you, well..." She trailed off and he smiled slightly.

"It's alright, I've been working on my control since..." He trailed off uncomfortably and she hugged him again.
"I don't know if I could handle an open wound but this is fine. I fed earlier too." She nodded and relaxed against him.

"Will you be leaving soon?" She asked and he looked down at her.
"To find the others?"

"No. I will stay as long as you need me to Bella. Edward should never have left you like that. Victoria is still out there and may come for you."

"Thank you." She smiled and slowly she began to drift off to sleep.