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I'm looking for a HPTwilight story I read on here a while ago. I know the original author gave it up for adoption but I haven't been able to find either version for ages. The war was over, Harry won but ended up half vampire and some guy from the DOM plus Dumbledore wanted him killed or imprisoned cause they wanted something. He ran to America and worked for the magical gov, he met Jasper on an assignment and learnt he could drink animal blood, he had one red and one green eye. I think he was the one to find Bella instead of Sam? Was with Bella and Charlie when Laurent reappeared and fought him, revealing what he was. Started teaching Jacob magic? Does anyone recognise it?

Chapter 7

Harry hung back when Jacob left to take Bella home to pack some things and leave a note for her Dad and Jasper let him, knowing Harry wanted to talk to him about something. Harry glanced over and saw Blackie's bed, smiling softly and Jasper chuckled in embarrassment.

"Crazy little fox followed me home." He admitted and Harry sighed.

"Yeah…..about that. Um, some wizards and witches have this…..ability…." Harry stammered and Jasper frowned.
"To become the animal their soul reflects." He whispered and Jasper stared in confusion before his eyes widened.

"You….Blackie?" He asked and Harry nodded.

"I saw you and you looked so sad, just wanted to cheer you up and then…..being here with you…it kept the nightmares away." Harry admitted softly.
"I'm sorry, I should have said something weeks ago, I knew from the moment I saw you that you were a vampire." Harry told him and Jasper nodded.

"Can you show me?" The vampire asked curiously and Harry blinked but nodded. Jasper watched in awe as one second Harry stood before him and the next Blackie was sitting in front of him, tail twitching in agitation.
"Incredible." Jasper breathed, kneeling down and holding out a hand. Blackie jumped into his hand and rubbed against it, making Jasper laugh.
"Thank you…..for trusting me." Jasper whispered and then adjusted his grip as he found himself with an armful of wizard.

"You're my friend Jasper, you and Bella…..you're the only friends I have anymore." Harry told him as Jasper let him go.

"The war?" Jasper asked and Harry nodded.

"Mostly." Harry admitted and Jasper indicated the couch, both sitting down and getting comfortable.

"I have lived through war Harry, I was the youngest Major in the Confederate Army and then…the vampire who changed me, her name was Maria. During that time there were vampire wars in the south as well." Jasper admitted and Harry nodded.

"Your scars?" He asked and Jasper looked at him in surprise.

"Most humans can't really see them." Jasper admitted and Harry shrugged.

"Youngest Seeker in a century. Compared to trying to see and catch a small golden ball while a couple of hundred feet in the air at speeds of up to 150 miles an hour your scars aren't that hard to see." Harry told him, laughing at the stunned look on his face.
"Yes, we do actually fly on brooms." Harry confirmed.
"And I used to be able to do it while wearing glasses. After mastering the animagus transformation I found I no longer needed glasses which is apparently odd."

"Incredible." Jasper told him and Harry shrugged.

Bella couldn't help stealing quick glances at Jake as he drove her truck back to Charlie's so she could pack up some things and leave a note.

"Bella?" Jacob asked and she sighed.

"How long have you been…" She trailed off and Jacob pulled over. He turned in the seat to look at her, feeling guilty.

"I wanted to tell you but I couldn't. He wouldn't let me. And it's not like you've been available much."

"Guess I haven't. You're gonna stay too though? Now I know." Bella asked and he nodded.

"Not leaving you alone with the leach." Jacob growled and she glared at him.

"Don't you dare call Jasper that! He'd never hurt me or anyone else Jacob. I can't believe you'd be so prejudiced!" She snapped and he slumped.


"No Jake. You don't…he saved my life. Do you know why I ended up in the hospital in Phoenix?"

"You didn't fall down the stairs?"

"No. I was attacked by a vampire. Three nomads came to Forks, one of them, James, fixated on me. Jasper and A…Alice ran with me to Forks while the others lay a false trail but he figured it out. Tricked me into thinking he had my Mom so I'd go alone." She held out her arm and Jacob's eyes went wide as he saw the scar.
"He bit me but Edward managed to suck the venom out before it was too late. All the blood I lost in the attack and not one of the Cullen's went for me Jake." She tried to make him see it and he sighed, pulling back out onto the road.

"For you Bella." He muttered and she smiled.

Harry collapsed into bed, exhausted from the rather…interesting day. Bella and Jacob were settled in finally and Harry knew Jasper was nearby hunting. He'd have to get to work warding the Swan's house tomorrow, he didn't know how long he could stand having the house invaded. A soft tap on his window made him look over and he waved his hand, the window opening on its own and Jasper slipped inside.

"Good hunt?" Harry asked and he nodded.
"The others are asleep. There's a library and entertainment stuff downstairs if you want."

"Will you be able to sleep okay?" Jasper asked and Harry froze as something hit him.

"The other night….that was you?" He asked and Jasper nodded.

"I could feel you from the house, I'm sorry. I was just trying to help." Jasper answered and Harry smiled.

"It's fine, now that I know what you can do." Harry told him and then sat up.
"Come on, movie or book?" He asked as he headed out, Jasper following him.

"You should be sleeping."

"Not tonight." Harry told him, collapsing on the couch and turning the TV on. Jasper sat nearby and wasn't surprised when an hour later he had a sleeping Blackie in his lap.